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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
Isakov I
Isakov I
Galaxy Euclid
Region Uugusteur Adjunct
Star system HUB10-V-201 Isakov
Biome Frozen - {{{description}}}
Weather Snowfall
Resources Co Ru Ir Hr
Sentinels Minimal
Flora Lacking
Fauna Generous
Claimed by Galactic Hub Project
Discovered by Inphyx
Updated Pathfinder

Isakov I is a planet.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Isakov I is a planet in the HUB10-V-201 Isakov system.

Isakov I is the only habitable planet in the HUB10-V-201 Isakov system, and only marginally so. The Vy'keen military has installed a handful of observatories and listening posts here of little strategic significance.

Its craggy sandstone hills and valleys are blanketed in densely packed carbon dioxide-snow and dry ice. A network of massive sandstone menhirs resembling railroad spikes march across the surface. Their clearly artificial nature and linear alignment suggests intelligent habitation in the distant past. The menhirs may have been support pillars for raised highways or aqueducts, or used for some religious or ceremonial purpose. No other ruins are present, having surely been buried and ground to dust by the world's thick glacial cover.

Atmosphere and climate[edit | edit source]

Isakov I's glacial blue skies and fluffy white cirrus clouds belie its frigid climate, which reaches a daytime high of -39.9c and a low below -119c at night during its occasional snowstorms. Basic thermal protection is sufficient for brief stints of daytime travel, as long as one keeps near shelter in case of storms. Exposure during storms or at night should be avoided at all costs.

Waypoints[edit | edit source]

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

Life[edit | edit source]

Isakov I's hardy terrestrial food chain relies on direct consumption of oxide elements and the scant vegetation found in its numerous small surface caves. It may be that the oxidivores shelter in the caves during the night, depositing manure which feed the plants and in turn the herbivores. The sole predatory species, Keianimi Biculati, preferentially preys on the Yophophr Rexcel mantis-beetle but hunts and kills other species for sport.

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Fauna Completion %[edit | edit source]

PS4: 100%


Fauna Temperament Gender Diet Height Genus
Bustulare Vulphal Unintelligent Male Grazing 1.31m Agnelis Nms 20170321064327.jpg
Duquinarei Oubinionep Fearful Orthogonal/Radical Vegetation 1.43m/1.37m Hexungulatis Nms 20170321062500.jpg
Excrusda Vulphal Migratory Male Herbivore 0.88m Agnelis Nms 20170321061517.jpg
Hosecurium Thsecolag Calm Orthogonal/Asymptotic Oxide elements 5.84m/5.96m Procavya Nms 20170321060109.jpg
Aemonom Thsecolag Unconcerned Indeterminate/Non-uniform Oxide elements 6.15m/6.07m Anastomus Nms 20170321060119.jpg
Efresia Rexcel skittish male Herbivore 1.06m Procavya Nms 20170321055938.jpg
Keianimi Biculati Volatile Radical Insect-eater 1.44m Tetraceris]] Nms 20170321060339.jpg
Budiaschar Oubinionep Skittish None/Female Herbivore 1.46m/1.57m Procavya Nms 20170321060829.jpg
Aesomeidae Rexcel Defensive Rational Herbivore 0.81m Ungulatis]] Nms 20170321061623.jpg
Yophophr Rexcel Shy Unknown Oxide elements 0.84m Conokinis]] Nms 20170321055913.jpg

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