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Afwings journal entry for Euclid.236hrs
Subject: iVc Navigator's Guide >> Chapter V (Post-Flight)


Location: IVC:GovtCenter:043 >>> Officer's Lounge
Galaxy: Euclid
Region(s): Oefergiadan Fringe, Eapustafiges Adjunct
Star system(s): iVc:BostonGreen, iVc:BostonBlue
Planet(s): CoAlNiHr.28



Joining a Hub

The list of NMS Hubs seems to be growing by the day as more and more players experience the benefit of community play and branch off an established hub to form their own.

There are so many of the Hubs or clustered discoveries forming that a group has collectively decided to form the Alliance of Galactic Travellers

Becoming an iVc Interloper Commander

Participating in the iVc Project is as easy as reading this guide. Take the next step and help guide the future of the project by learning more about becoming an iVc Interloper Commander.

Choosing your own path

No Man's Sky is, at least for the time being, a solo play game. We may find ways to connect outside of the game, but when warping from system to system and navigating from galaxy to galaxy you are still on your own path. Celebrate that. Start your own hub, create a mod or web app, contribute to online forums and this wiki. It's a game, play it the way you want.


Favorite biome

Worst Discoveries

Most interesting NMS Hub

How could NMS Improve

Base you like the most

External Links


Lonely Galaxy Travel Guide

Galactic Hub Project subreddit

Sharing your Co-ordinates

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