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Ddfairchild journal entry for January 24, 2018
Subject: AA Mega Farm


Location: Uveangbon Cloud



A GenBra Euclid Unification Branch Journal entry.


Unclassified - January 2018 Reddit Post


With the Announcment of the new Aesir Farm Circuit Alpha, and release of the Aesir Megafarm, I just wanted to post a Thank you for the help you gave me in Euclid during Unification Day 2017. If not for the Megafarm I would not have had the supplies I needed in that short of time, and you even allowed me to buy a fancy Experimental Multi-tool!

Big Diplos!

The Adventure was amazing, beautiful planet, Genius Farm and your Diplos are the biggest I have ever seen. I drove my Exocroft through their legs... it was so unreal. I made the visit several times and I am certain I will go back. Such a great place.

The Sentinels were fun too! hahaha I think I shot about 30 each time I went.

Portal Cave Safety

Next to the planet portal I located and marked a cave; it provides safety and a great garage for my Nomad.


Additional Info

  • Coords 0916:0081:0138:01B2
  • Planet Index: 3