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GalacticGeographic journal entry for January 7, 2018
Subject: Massive Shungka Colonization Effort (MSCE) - Final Procedure Outline


Location: Shungka Void


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The Massive Shungka Colonization Effort (MSCE) is a proposed multi-person mission within the Galactic Hub to build player bases within as many Shungka Void star systems as possible. The goal is to fill the entire region with player-generated content, making it a particularly unique location to visit.

The MSCE officially launched on January 7th, meaning any Galactic Hub players should feel free to participate in the construction.


  • Locate a star system within the Shungka Void.
  • Perform a space scan / visual check for Beacons to make sure there are no already-existing bases within the star system.
  • If there is a base already, warp to another system and check again. Start at the bottom of the region and work your way up. Antimatter for Warp Cells may be purchased in the HUB10-$-160 Fermi system - directions here.
  • If there are no bases, find a base location where you would like to construct a new base.
  • Use the Constructing Multiple Bases technique/exploit to create multiple bases.
  • Repeat.

You may create basically any type of base, but please don't create "low effort" bases - ie, just some cuboid rooms or a few "Structure" buildings. If the base isn't going to be a "functional" location (such as a farm), try to make it an interesting location to visit - make it aesthetically appealing and/or give it an interesting backstory.

This doesn't mean you need to use 100% complexity for every base either, however. Small monuments can be very interesting, just give it some thought first!

Document as many of your created bases as possible on this Wiki - base pages are relatively short and easy to create, and you may include the Location info (coordinates, Portal Address, etc) on the Base page if you don't want to create a Star System page.

FAQ / Concerns

In the initial discussion of the MSCE, while the response was generally positive and interested, some players expressed concerns or questions regarding the MSCE. As many players shared similar thoughts, they are answered in this section.

  • Should we be constructing bases with an update incoming? Isn't it possible they will be deleted / wiped? Yes, it is a possibility, and anyone contributing to the MSCE should know that disappearing bases is a possible outcome after the update. However, bases from previous updates have "survived" into Atlas Rises era, even though the main inhabitant abandoned the base. Thus, past evidence suggests the bases will remain through updates, but only time will tell for sure. We can't put everything on hold every time an update is (probably) incoming!
  • Isn't it possible HG will fix this exploit? Again, yes, it is a possibility. In the past, HG has mostly focused on fixing "beneficial" exploits only if they allow players to cheat (ie cloning items), and don't tend to fix universally-beloved glitches (such as the "bash boost" method of movement). Nonetheless, any players contributing to the MSCE should be aware that the exploit could be fixed.
  • Won't this prevent new players from moving into the Shungka Void? Yes, but the Galactic Hub also encompasses 10 other regions, and it will be a while before the MSCE is completed anyway (particularly if the new update comes in the middle of it).
  • Can other civilizations build bases within the Shungka Void? Yes, if your civilization is formally allied with the Galactic Hub.