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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Galaxy Euclid
Region Yemaik Conflux
Star system P0.A-5
Moon(s) Krewoc-Leeani
Biome Caustic
Sentinels Regular
Flora Moderate
Fauna Frequent
Discovered by P0nestream
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Updated Atlas Rises

Kavalio-Vinelas is a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]


Kavalio-Vinelas is a planet in the star system P0.A-5 on the PC version of the No Man's Sky universe.

Checking DATA
Status check : Fine..
Weather : Noxious Gas Storms
Extreme weather : Warning! / 104.1 Tox
Extreme sentinels : No
Gallery access : Enabled
Fauna : 15 Species
Portal code : Unknown
Player base(s) : None

Alias names[edit | edit source]

PC Current: Kavalio-Vinelas

Known Waypoints[edit | edit source]

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Name Discovered by   Brief description
Comet.Base P0nestream Shelter
MTB.Base P0nestream Shelter
Slangbella.Base P0nestream Observatory, Transmission Tower
Neyros.Base P0nestream Drop Pod
Shaft-9B.Base P0nestream Holo-Terminus
Reddove.Base P0nestream Holo-Terminus
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Life[edit | edit source]

Flora primary providing Carbon[edit | edit source]

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Name Sec. Element Discovered by   Notes
Ducellias None P0nestream Stinging Hairs
Martmida None P0nestream Fireproof Nuts
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Flora providing Thamium9, Zinc, or Platinum[edit | edit source]

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Name Primary Element Discovered by   Notes
Vero-7g Thamium9 P0nestream Inedible Petals
Nusoldin Zinc P0nestream Haunted Nests
Oalispom Platinum P0nestream Biologically Inert

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Fauna[edit | edit source]

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Name Gender Temperament Weight Height Discovered by   Brief description
Amor-Na6 Alpha Bold 87.91kg 1.06m P0nestream Sky, Common
Orqbisa Prime Fearful 83.93kg 1.42m P0nestream Land, Uncommon
Lifmanard Asymmetric Timid 65.58kg 0.78m P0nestream Land, Uncommon
Argoguma Female Shy 123.02kg 1.58m P0nestream Land, Uncommon
Fathkalid Alpha Skittish 66.12kg 1.06m P0nestream Land, Uncommon
Compidoca Orthogonal Unpredictable 80.82kg 1.32m P0nestream Land, Uncommon
Requand-007 Exotic Skittish 72.94kg 0.89m P0nestream Land, Common
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Special resources[edit | edit source]

Resource Deposits[edit | edit source]

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Plants[edit | edit source]

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Other[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Navigator[edit | edit source]