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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
Galaxy Euclid
Region Eotokes Cloud
Star system Toigay
Terrain Incredibly mountainous, lots of low valley/canyons spread out between mountains and ridges
Biome Frozen - Icebound
Weather Infrequent Blizzards
Resources Frost Crystal, Pure Ferrite, Dioxite, Copper
Sentinels Typical
Flora Frequent
Fauna Frequent
Discovered by LaDestitute
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Updated NEXT

Kekeyak is an Icebound planet.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Kekeyak is a planet in the Toigay star system (a Korvax system) on the PC version of No Man's Sky and is a planet with occasional blizzards. Kekeyak's Economy is Minerals // Developing and the Conflict level is Gentle.

Alias names[edit | edit source]

PC Original: Kekeyak

Discovered Date[edit | edit source]

8/11/2018 (10:48) on PC by LaDestitute.

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Fauna rating is Frequent and animals can be occasionally either found roaming alone or in small herds. No aggressive species.

Image Name Rarity Environment Genus Gender Behaviour Diet Weight Height Discovered by Notes Thoughts
A. Falconayaseus.png A. Falconayaseus Uncommon Subterranean Bos Orthogonal Cautious Sinew 53.6kg / 118.2lbs 1m / 3.3ft LaDestitute Sense organs in feet *Incredibly rare, explored over +20 caves and only saw one
B. Rhinoaylae.png B. Rhinoaylae Rare Terrestrial Anastomus Alpha Submissive Petals 146.2kg / 322.3lbs 3.7m / 12.1ft LaDestitute Good pollinator *More common than the game claims, almost as common as I. Grainafium
I. Grainafium.png I. Grainafium Rare Terrestrial Mogara (Megafauna) Alpha / Asymmetric Wise Frostwort 336.9kg / 742.7lbs 8.1m / 26.6ft LaDestitute Tongue parasites *The rarity the game claims is inaccurate, they are everywhere on Kekeyak
J. Cobufia.png J. Cobufia Uncommon Terrestrial Reococcyx Radical Anxious Pollen 72.6kg / 160lbs 0.8m / 2.6ft LaDestitute Bioluminescent teeth *Likely may rely on B. Rhinoaylae for food
K. Potasoroe.png K. Potasoroe Uncommon Terrestrial Felidae Non-uniform / Female Does not fear death Scavenged remains 68.1kg / 150.1lbs 1.5m / 4.9ft LaDestitute Dislikes bright colours *N/A
S. Huntteteum.png S. Huntteteum Common Terrestrial Felidae Vectorised Reckless Meat chunks 56.5kg / 124.6lbs 0.8m / 2.6ft LaDestitute Skin parasites *Rarer, only seen three or four through the whole total area charted
U. Terralaymae.png U. Terralaymae Uncommon Terrestrial Theroma None Cheerful Digs for tubers 67.9kg / 149.7lbs 1.7m / 5.6ft LaDestitute Many hidden toes *Very rare, only saw one and it was at night, meaning U. Terralaymae may be nocturnal
Z. Larvaejunoe.png Z. Larvaejunoe Uncommon Terrestrial Theroma Alpha Highly observant Nibbles at shoots 71.5kg / 157.6lbs 1.4m / 4.6ft LaDestitute Does not age *N/A
Z. Quintonnum.png Z. Quintonnum Common Aerial Agnelis Orthogonal Long-sighted NipNip buds 49kg / 108lbs 1.1m / 3.6ft LaDestitute Translucent teeth *N/A

Flora[edit | edit source]

Flora rating is Frequent. There is a sparse variety of flora on this planet, so if one does not count the obligatory hazardous Oxygen-providing flora, there are only four known species of flora.

Image Name Root Structure Nutrient Source Notes Primary Element Secondary Element
D. Moonclunea.png D. Moonclunea Widespread Buried Nitrogen Mouldy Bulbs Oxygen N/A
G. Rottmeia.png G. Rottmeia Symbiotic Membrane Compression Ericaceous Carbon N/A
H. Higogslebussii.png H. Higogslebussii Grasping Fermented Corpses Cloud Generator Carbon N/A
L. Hangletarea.png L. Hangletarea Swamped Liquid Ammonia Water Laden Carbon Frost Crystal
M. Trumehabium.png M. Trumehabium Inorganic Ultraviolet Radiation Pheromone Sacs Carbon Oxygen

Minerals[edit | edit source]

Kekeyak has a wide variety of minerals, with Salt being a common Secondary Element. The majority of minerals here break fast, making Ferrite Dust farming easy.

Image Name Metal Content Formation Process Notes Primary Element Secondary Element Thoughts
Iaveldfite.png Iaveldfite 61% Magnetic Attraction Contains Organic Matter Cobalt No *N/A
Nedrocite.png Nedrocite 43% Soil Amalgamation Hydrophobic Ferrite Dust Dioxite *Rare, only found in terrain where hills generate with hundreds of small pebble-like rocks
Olberite.png Olberite 73% Living Stone Extrusive Ferrite Dust Dioxite *N/A
Raralaite.png Raralaite 53% Calcified Fauna Artificial Ferrite Dust Salt *Rare, only found in terrain where hills generate with hundreds of small pebble-like rocks
Rotraaite.png Rotraaite 77% Metal Vapour Contains Water Ferrite Dust Salt *N/A
Skvilite.png Skvilite 46% High-Pressure Liquid Centre Ferrite Dust Salt *N/A
Kekeyak Yukovskite.png Yukovskite 66% Magnetic Attraction Melts Easily Ferrite Dust / Pure Ferrite Dioxite *Comes in four varieties, two that has Ferrite Dust as it's Primary Element and two with Pure Ferrite as it's primary element, the latter two are rarer

Atmosphere & Climate[edit | edit source]

Kekeyak's atmosphere is fairly clear though blizzards occur pretty much occur between days, with a day or two of calm albeit cold weather in between blizzards.

During the day, Kekeyak's sky has a very light blue color frequent with clouds. At night, Kekeyak's skies take on a light neonish-green color with very transparent looking reflective gasoline puddle-like effects in the sky in some parts of the sky, with clouds and stars still majorly visible.

  • Day Temperature: -51.7ºC / -61.4ºF
  • Dawn/Dusk Temperature: -53.1ºC / -63.6ºF
  • Night Temperature: -54.4ºC / -65.9ºF
  • Caves Temperature: -22.2ºC / -8ºF
  • Blizzard Temperature: -94.3ºC / -137.8ºF

Resources[edit | edit source]

The following resources can be found on this planet:

Waypoints[edit | edit source]

0.01 in any X/Y direction is approximately 12 units, so the distance of from 0 Y to 1.00 Y or 0 X to 1.00 X is approximately 1200 units of distance. The total planetary area charted is an area of 68280 units by 19464 units. All coordinates are approximate locations of Waypoints.

Name Coordinates Main Point of Interest Other Point of Interest(s)
Camp Skitim -37.25, +15.96 Local Trade Centre *N/A
Diyurb V -52.96, -4.06 Manufacturing Facility *N/A
Frozen Plains of Kedro -56.27, -4.59 Shelter *N/A
Frozen Plains of Okromeng -49.48, -10.48 Shelter *Monolith south of the shelter
Hekovk Grasslands -49.63, -1.31 Manufacturing Facility *N/A
Ice Station Itogo -53.57, -0.00 Galactic Trade Terminal *N/A
Iken's Groove 25.73, +51.96 Operations Centre *N/A
Kalas Floodplain -48.62, -6.97 Abandoned Building *N/A
Maetsk Post -52.40, -4.69 Observatory *N/A
Monovsky Woodland -49.39, -4.22 Operations Centre *N/A
Nechennoe Floodplain -52.41, -4.35 Local Trade Centre *N/A
Nieme's Weald -53.14, -4.08 Holographic Comms Tower *N/A
Noarekswor Snowplain -54.14, -8.89 Manufacturing Facility *N/A
Nudzhinsk Ice Field -48.80, -7.00 Nothing *N/A
Ovyilkino Encampment -49.54, -9.82 Holographic Comms Tower *N/A
Plains of Esvet -37.40, +16.22 Shelter *N/A
Plains of Ninsk -44.99, -5.58 Shelter *N/A
Point Ektrov -49.35, -10.08 Observatory N/A
Point Sacoweym -54.21, -7.73 Observatory *N/A
Poslo Post -53.48, -7.90 Local Trade Centre *N/A
Regari Flats X -55.28, -5.23 Abandoned Building *N/A
Rybins Basin -53.31, -7.87 Drop Pod *N/A
Senti Plateau -54.28, -11.6 Manufacturing Facility *N/A
Shlovs Post -55.44, -6.06 Holographic Comms Tower *N/A
The Bogor Ranges -48.72, -5.39 Holographic Comms Tower *N/A
The Neobkh -55.73, -3.68 Manufacturing Facility *Monolith west and then slightly north-west of the facility
*Located on a very steep mountain, one that is almost shaped like a butte
The Ovgors Expanse -54.99, -3.58 Galactic Trade Terminal *N/A
The Razov Levels -47.49, -4.87 Shelter *N/A
The Rikutay Drifts -53.19, +0.37 Abandoned Building *N/A
The Sluza Ranges -54.84, -6.73 Manufacturing Facility *N/A
The Vale of Ruymsk -48.96, -6.73 Shelter *N/A
The Yabrasky Ranges -56.90, -3.42 Galactic Trade Terminal *Two large flat valleys side by side, seperated by mountains and ridges
*Unknown Grave south and then somewhat south-east of the Waypoint
Umen's Ice Crust -49.77, -8.92 Abandoned Building *N/A
Uzdal Sector IV -53.20, +1.49 Resource Depot *Contains Aronium, Enriched Carbon, Herox and Sulphurine
*Ancient Ruins west of this Waypoint
Voyer Crossing -44.91, -8.92 Shelter *N/A

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Weald is an English word meaning a heavily wooded area or forest and since Hello Games are English, this usage makes sense as they are English. With the fact the word originated from South East England,a term for a wooded area between the North and South Downs.
  • Buttes are geological features of mountains or steep hills that have an unnatural cylindrical shape and a flat summit.

Gallery[edit | edit source]