Lamb's Classification Method

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Lamb's Classification Method[edit | edit source]

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Summary[edit | edit source]

This method of species classification depends on the creature's physical appearance and not on the randomized name given by the game. This method has potential to create creatures that have similar classification. This naming comvention must be used for the family name, resulting in every creature that exists with the same body parts will have the same family name, the same genus, and then different specific species names. This is much closer to Earth taxonomy. A real life example would be the lion and the cheetah. Both lion and cheetah have the same family, but have a different genus and species name.

Fauna that have all the same body parts may still have different skin textures and colors,. Color and texture is not accounted for in this method so it does not affect family name. Ears are not currently used with this method, however may be considered accessories.

Rules of Lamb's Method[edit | edit source]

  1. Use the family, genus, then species ordering.
  2. Family must be named using Lamb's Method.
  3. Genus must be named using the games pre-made genera.
  4. Species may be any unique word, name, or phrase.
  5. To get the family name, use the specified letters given to various body parts of that genus. These can be found on the page of the genus.
  6. To get the family name, use the order: Body - Head - Arms&Legs - Tails - Accessories.
  7. If an animal has different back and front legs, use the letter for the front legs first and then the letter for the back legs.
  8. If an animal has more than one accessory, place the letters for those accessories in alphabetical order within the name.

Genera currently available for lamb's method[edit | edit source]

Examples[edit | edit source]