Limbavans-Uglun Weinac

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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.

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Limbavans-Uglun Weinac
Limbavans-Uglun Weinac
Galaxy Euclid
Region Rentocniijik Expanse
Star system HUB-G-8D Zushunamin-Hutze
Biome Tropical Planet - {{{description}}}
Weather Drizzle
Resources Aluminium, Copper, Heridium
Sentinels Low Security
Flora Medium
Fauna Deficient
Discovered by edgarsoft (PC)
Updated Pathfinder

Limbavans-Uglun Weinac is a planet in the HUB-G-8D Zushunamin-Hutze system.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The crowned jewel of the system HUB-G-8D Zushunamin-Hutze. If there are any planet that invites for exploration, this is one of them.

Brimming with generous flora and no fauna to taint the scenery, this is a paradise for the fellow space photographer. From the highest mountain, to the flat grass filled plains, and to the deepest ocean, one will find beautiful places to explore. Even some of the undersea caverns are only half filled, allowing the explorer to breath and refill its oxygen tanks.

And if your goal is to stock up in resources, you will find plenty on this tropical paradise, which you can mine without worries of aggressive animals and with low patrol of Sentinels Drones. Most important is its Rigogen-filled ocean.

Atmosphere and climate[edit | edit source]

Although maybe a little cold for a tropical planet, the weather in general is pleasant. Only during the sporadic rainstorm the temperature drops to -36 °C, so is recommended to have protection or shelter for those times.

The skies show some white clouds, with a light pink hue in the day and as every other planet on this system, dark orange on nights.

0.0 Rad/0.0 Tox, -26 °C (Night), -14 °C (Day); Rain Storms with temperatures of -36 °C

Waypoints[edit | edit source]

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

The only drawback of Limbavans-Uglun Weinac is that there is no habitable base here, so we can not make a home of it. This paradise planet is just for space tourism and mining.

For the bold explorer, this planet have several underwater locations, waiting to be discovered.

Life[edit | edit source]

Fauna[edit | edit source]

This planet doesn't have any kind of animal lifeforms, and the only thing aggressive we can found is the always-present tentacle type plant.

But what it lacks in fauna, is compensated with its great flora.

Flora[edit | edit source]

As with any other Tropical or lush planet, Limbavans-Uglun Weinac has one of the most beautiful flora we can find. Tall trees, green grass, several flower plants and fern. Every place can be a beautiful spot to take some photo.

The resource rich flora is composed of plants of the following resources: Platinum, Thamium9, Antrium and in most of its water mass, Rigogen.

The oceans and lakes are full of any kind of aquatic plants: Algae, Sponges and Coral Reefs.

Resources[edit | edit source]

The special resources that we can find here are: Rigogen (although it doesn't show in the planetary scan), Aluminium, Copper, Heridium

Gallery[edit | edit source]