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The subject of this article is from the Living Ship update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 6 April, 2020.

Melody of the Egg is a mission page.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Melody of the Egg is a mission which is started by purchasing a Void Egg from the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion for a price of 3,200 QUICKSILVER.png.

Once a void egg is purchased, the player will begin to receive random messages on the communicator after warping. Each message will include a number, and the name for a glyph. Once all twelve have been received, the player can use that address to portal to a world where they receive further directions.

Note: This mission is not required for the Living Ship quest, Starbirth. It was only active between the time the Void Egg was available in the Quicksilver store, and when the Living Ship update was released.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Transmissions[edit | edit source]

The transmissions seem to arrive randomly after a warp, and take a few seconds to occur. The incoming transmission: "Please listen traveler."

A strange force is projecting itself into my starship systems. Its consciousness occupies my communicator, and it sings a short message...

and then one of these transmissions, in a random order:

  • The Key: Euclid
  • One: The Ascending Orb
  • Two: The Star Over Water
  • Three: The Ocean King
  • Four: The Obscured Companion
  • Five: The Star Over Water
  • Six: The Reflection
  • Seven: The Vessel To Beyond
  • Eight: The Ocean King
  • Nine: The Anomaly
  • Ten: The Spiral of Reality
  • Eleven: The Ascending Orb
  • Twelve: The Ancient Giant

Planet address[edit | edit source]

These lead to the address "0152:0081:05B9:00B4" 50B402DBA953, star system Runanch-Gisa, planet Erpetrith Raya.

Once the player reaches the planet, another message is received giving a clue to the destination:

// FIND US //
// FIND US //

If the egg says something more akin to: The Hunter // The Reflection // The Hunter // The Spiral of Reality // The Star Over Water // The Ascending Orb // The Obscured Companion // The Hunter // The Lowly Insect // The Anomaly // The Sailor // The Ocean King // EUCLID EUCLID EUCLID

Then proceed to the address: "026A:0084:0C16:0219".

Abandoned building[edit | edit source]

This leads to an Abandoned Building near the North Pole, at planetary coordinates +88.88, +13.70

At the destination, a terminal will give lore:

You have found our echo...
You are wise, or you are lucky. Perhaps you are one, perhaps you are many.
Our echo grows in strength, as we ourselves grow.
We will be with you soon. We will travel together.
We are your friends in the dark. Watch for us in the stars!

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Melody of the Egg was a teaser of the release of the Living Ship update. After the update it was replaced by the Starbirth mission.

There are some players who say they've done this from other galaxies besides Euclid, but it's probably safest to do it from Euclid.