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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.

The Mercenaries Guild is one of six quest givers in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Mercenaries Guild is one of three quest-giving guilds released in the Atlas Rises update. Its basic information can be accessed in the user's menu under the Journey tab:

A loose collective of mercenary organisations across the galaxy. The guild hosts a range of competing factions, many of whom would fight each other given the chance. Pirates, vigilantes, undercover law enforcement, cults, rogues and crusaders - The Mercenaries Guild keeps galactic peace by ensuring the right jobs are given to the right groups of armed opportunists.

Standing Ranks[edit | edit source]

Standing ranks for the Mercenaries Guild are as follows:

0: Unknown (0 standing)

1: Initiate (3)

  • Player can now obtain gifts from Guild Envoys representing the Mercenaries Guild

2: Apprentice (8)

  • Player can now obtain Guild Missions from Guild Envoys representing the Mercenaries Guild

3: Journeyman (14)

4: Associate (21)

5: Senior (30)

6: Master (40)

7: Elder (60)

8: Exalted (100)

Guild actions/quests[edit | edit source]

Once the player has reached Apprentice rank with the Mercenaries Guild, Guild Envoys which represent this guild will begin to offer special Guild Missions to the player. Guild Missions have objectives and rewards which normally only generate in high-rank Mission Board missions, and successful completion of a Guild Mission raises the player's standing with that guild by 5 points.

While standing with the guild can only be improved by completing its missions, other actions associated with the Mercenaries Guild include:

  • Destroying sentinels
  • Killing pirates

Clients[edit | edit source]

While united on the surface, each client of a guild has its own agenda and their own area of expertise. Some even seem to fight each other.

A reluctant vigilante[edit | edit source]

These entrepeneurs act innocent, but through their contacts admit that they do cut corners in their economical endeavours, mostly enviromental standards. While they often need emergency repairs for their equipment, it is questionable if the reason is truly the weather or wildlife and not the Seekers of Justice. They also repeatedly lie to their investors and hide sabotage and failure.
Lowest Mission: Rank 3-8
Known Mission: Repair Item (Gek, Vy'keen)

A 'Trading' Agency[edit | edit source]

While it is unclear which companies they are supposed to represent, the fact they send contractors to fight armed insurgents or maybe police to repair their equipments leaves a questionable aftertaste. They are also known to brutally dispose of those that would threaten them, including wildlife. They are not willing to back down, even at the cost of innocent lives during threats or extortion. They might be smugglers.
Lowest Known Mission: Rank 3-8
Known Missions: Eliminate Predators (Vy'keen), Repair (Korvax, Vy'keen), Pirate Hunt/Assassination (Gek)

Anonymous Contract[edit | edit source]

As they are anonymous, it is unclear if this is one or an amalgam of clients. Nonetheless, some of them plan to incite chaos through contracts to make people crave order and security. They might be part of governmental secret services.
Lowest Known Mission: Rank 5
Known Missions: Raid Depot (Korvax)

Asteroid Reavers[edit | edit source]

They offer contracts to destroy pirates and act as bounty hunters. Their contracts aren't always legal, but honest mercenary work. They disregard the law and value discretion. They don't shy away from dangerous sentinels.
Lowest Mission: Rank 6-8
Known Missions: Pirate Hunt (Korvax), Locate Person (Vy'keen), Raid Harvester (Gek), Eliminate Sentinels (Gek)

Champions of Atlas[edit | edit source]

While their name might imply an unwavering loyalty to the Atlas, these Korvax only recognize their god, but not its messengers. They do see the sentinels as a blight.
Lowest Mission: Rank 5
Known Missions: Eliminate Sentinel (Korvax)

Farmers With Lasers[edit | edit source]

Unlike the name implies, this client is a wealthy Vy'keen group that has established a legal form of gambling. They are often seen arranging space battles to bet on the victor and they don't care if the pirate or the contractor dies.
Lowest Mission: Rank 5?
Known Missions: "Pirate Hunt" (Vy'keen)

Guardians of the Horizon[edit | edit source]

They are one of the major clients united under the banner of the Mercenaries Guild. The guardians are known protectors of the galaxy and fight the sentinels in open war. They also engage as pirate hunters and support the acquisition of bounties for pirates. While they don't offer protection for all systems, they pay well in those they do. As pirates are a problem everywhere, they do offer even newcomers a chance to help the galaxy. They also act as bounty hunters for escaped fugitives and secure lost 'friends' before the law gets them first. Courts can be too slow for some clients.
Lowest Mission: Rank 1-8
Known Missions: Pirate Hunt (Korvax, Vy'keen), Locate Person (Vy'keen), Eliminate Sentinels (Korvax)

Ion Warriors[edit | edit source]

Like their main corpus, the Vy'keen, they are warriors and mercenaries. They do as they are told and will prevail. They are known to serve any kind of aristocracy and avenge them and to resolve 'ethical' issues with the needed show of force. They are willing to kill innocents.
Lowest Mission: Rank 5
Known Missions: Pirate Hunt/Assassination (Gek, Vy'keen)

Looters of Integrity[edit | edit source]

A self-proclaimed police force that traces and shuts down illegal activities, by themselves or hired contracts. It is believed A 'Trading' Agency is their main antagonist as their targets are the same as those requested for repair. They also try to curb the numbers of the elite sentinel forces by offering contracts for their destruction and hunt down pirates.
Lowest Mission: Rank 5-6
Known Missions: Raid Harvester (Korvax), Eliminate Sentinels (Korvax), Hunt Pirates (Vy'keen)

NanoPirates[edit | edit source]

They offer contracts to destroy other pirates. Most likely to remove competition. They also dislike sentinels hampering their plans and raid planetary settlements. They are pirates...
Lowest Mission: Rank 5-8
Known Missions: Pirate Hunt (Gek, Korvax), Eliminate Sentinels (Gek), Raid Harvester (Korvax)

Ordinary Decent Mercenaries[edit | edit source]

Currently known as bounty hunters. Their field of expertise is debt-collection by force and they seek targets that know too much... most likely to have them eliminated. They are evil!
Lowest Mission: Rank 4-7
Known Missions: Locate Person (Gek)

Pulse Dogs[edit | edit source]

They offer contracts to destroy other pirates in any fashion, even slowly and cruel. Unlike other clients with questionable pirate hunts, these seem less secretive about their intent. They might be another syndicate with extreme lack of ethics.
Lowest Mission: Rank 7
Known Missions: Pirate Hunt (Vy'keen)

Radnox Reservists[edit | edit source]

They defend interests against sentinels and retrieve stolen goods from pirates and thieves. They seem to be ordinary mercenaries and care little about morals.
Lowest Mission: Rank 5-7
Known Missions: Pirate Hunt (Korvax), Eliminate Sentinels (Korvax), Locate Person (Korvax)

Red Squadron[edit | edit source]

An aggressive mercenary 'company', in business and military. They openly attack and intimidate their competitors.
Lowest Mission: Rank 5
Known Missions: Raid Depot (Gek)

Seekers of Justice[edit | edit source]

This group of like minded individuals comes off as an enviromentalist group with a tendency for green terrorism. While anyone can draw their anger like mining sites and depots above archeological sites, the exploitation of planets by the sentinels in their own depots is also hypocrisy in their eyes. However, their Gek members also support the assassination of other vigilantes and their Vy'keen have an odd idea of biological purity through elimination of DNA research material for bioweapons (extinction). They are also know to support enforced darwinism to breed hyper-predators to defend planets.
Lowest Mission: Rank 3-8
Known Missions: Hunt Predators (Korvax, Vy'keen), Repair (Korvax), Raid Depot (Korvax, Vy'keen), Pirate Hunt/Assassination (Gek)

The Emeril Vanguard[edit | edit source]

They are mercenaries, but their methods aren't entirely legal. They value discretion during heists.
Lowest Mission: Rank 8
Known Missions: Raid Harvester (Korvax)

The Gravity Knights[edit | edit source]

The Gravity Knights are honorable mercenaries. They do as they are told and will see 'justice' prevail. They are known to serve any kind of aristocracy to avenge them and protect infrastructure. They don't care for nature and hunt without question.
Lowest Mission: Rank 3-8
Known Missions: Exterminate Creatures (Korvax), Repair (Korvax), Pirate Hunt (Gek)

The Lost Privateers[edit | edit source]

Unlike the guardians, these privateers believe less in strategic removal of dangerous elements but total war. They do not shy away from eradicating an entire syndicate... or pay others to do so. No matter how insignificant the pirate might be, it has to die. A short peace is better than none. This extended brutality is also given to the sentinels, futile as it might be.
Lowest Mission: Rank 7?
Known Missions: Pirate Hunt, Sentinel Hunt (Gek)

The Private Sentinels[edit | edit source]

They are bodyguards and protect rich clients that have attracted too much trouble. They don't shy away from the really tough jobs. They also support a green agenda and attack companies guilty of aggressive exploitation. When tasked with repair, they also value the recovery of lost personal. They seem to carry high morals.
Lowest Mission: Rank 5-8
Known Missions: Repair (Korvax), Raid Depot (Korvax), Pirate Hunt (Vy'keen)

The Revengers[edit | edit source]

They are bounty hunters.
Lowest Mission: Rank 4
Known Missions: Locate Person (Korvax, Vy'keen)

The Undreadful Pirates[edit | edit source]

They are fanatic equalitarian and focused on enviromental rights. They even attribute rights to rocks. Some call them insane, others call them a nuisance. They still pay for freeing 'rocks' from slavery.
Lowest Mission: Rank 5
Known Missions: Raid Depot (Korvax)

Trade Defense Force[edit | edit source]

As their name implies, they handle problems for traders; from sentinels over pirates... to sabotage and theft of competition.
Lowest Mission: Rank 5-6
Known Missions: Eliminate Sentinels (Vy'keen), Raid Harvester (Korvax)

Vector Rats[edit | edit source]

They offer jobs for thieves, break and enter. They don't hide their personal and highly illegal motives.
Lowest Mission: Rank 8
Known Missions: Raid Harvester (Gek)