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Galaxy Euclid
Region Vezdarupp Expanse
Star system Jabberwocky Calidus
Moon(s) 0
Biome Scorched
Weather Dehydrated
Resources Salvageable Scrap So P Fe+ Cu
Sentinels Low Security
Flora Full
Fauna Average
Water world No
Discovered by nafulton1
Platform PS4
Updated Origins

Mojave is a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Mojave is a planet in the Jabberwocky Calidus star system on the PS4 version of No Man's Sky universe.

It is one of two planets in the system and is a rugged, scorched planet with daytime temperature reaching over 130 degree F. It may have had a moon in the distant past, but now is surrounded by ringlets of rocky debris.

Alias names[edit | edit source]

All Original: Cecrisy Gamma
PS4 Current: Mojave

Planetary biome[edit | edit source]

The Mojave terrain is very rough and unforgiving, if the blistering heat wasn't enough

Biome - Scorched

Moons[edit | edit source]


Notable locations[edit | edit source]

Mojave Archive
  • Bazon's Graveyard
  • Busuki Crater XI has a manufacturing factory
  • Camp Oharao, location of a holocomm tower at +0.64, +128.69
  • Futt's Drift a small settlement at-2.87, +42.92 and location of the Comforting Chrono Needler
  • Gifuncat Outpost, site of a holocomm tower
  • Lost Plains of Sesakato
  • Muriosh Flats X
  • Naritaaki Enclave, home of a small settlement at +1.34, +128.70
  • Nazert Dale, location of a manufacturing factory at -6.65, +46.43
  • Omiha Lowlands, site of a small settlement at +21.25, -44.87
  • Point Peyora
  • Point Zukayas
  • Rulinog Wastes
  • Rumasa Encampment, another holocomm site at -2.91, +48.06
  • Rumato Basin
  • Ruoka Plateau, location of a small settlement at -13.25, +45.56
  • The Apred
  • The Akyotom Expanse has a drop pod at +23.11, -46.57
  • The Nemuror Levels, a supply depot with silver, radon, nitrogen salt, platinum, and lemmium at +1.09, +128.68
  • The Tamburle Trade Post can be found at +71.03, +130.37.
  • Windswept Plains of Sonada has a drop at +23.18, -46.28

Life[edit | edit source]

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Image Name Environment Genus Gender Bait Height Weight Discovered   Brief description
A. Sweepretmolia 2.jpg A. Sweepretmolia Terrestrial Hexungulatis Alpha Fermented Fruit 1.4m 58.6kg Jabberwocky2008 Limited sentience
A. Xenosmerium 2.jpg A. Xenosmerium Terrestrial Bos Radical Bloody Organ 2.2m 110.3kg Jabberwocky2008 Laden with nectar
J. Ambyemolemima 2.jpg J. Ambyemolemima Terrestrial Lok Exotic Enzyme Fluid 2.1m 94.2kg Jabberwocky2008 Regrows teeth each day
L. Horsiatus exotic.jpg L. Horsiatus Terrestrial Lok Exotic Sweetened Compost 1.2m 84.9kg Jabberwocky2008 Two livers
M. Ranamerii 2.jpg M. Ranamerii Flying Agnelis Female Sweetened Compost 0.8m 46.1kg Jabberwocky2008 Monstrous tongue
T. Wingrigtonia 2.jpg T. Wingrigtonia Terrestrial Ungulatis Female Scented Herbs 0.5m 54.1kg Jabberwocky2008 Tiny organs
X. Jacknosyis 2.jpg X. Jacknosyis Terrestrial Tetraceris Female Enzyme Fluid 0.9m 72.9kg Jabberwocky2008 Superheated stomach
Z. Platiruptae 2.jpg Z. Platiruptae Terrestrial Mogara Radical Fermented Fruit 4.2m 190.4kg Jabberwocky2008 Genetically unstable
Z. Spelljactyii 2.jpg Z. Spelljactyii Flying Agnelis Indeterminate Sweetened Compost 0.9m 72.2kg Jabberwocky2008 Can feel love

Resources[edit | edit source]

The following resources can be found on this planet.

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