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The multi-tool is the hand-held multipurpose tool / gun that the player is given in No Man's Sky.

Modes[edit | edit source]

Various Multi-Tools' operating panels

As of the Atlas Rises update, the multi-tool now has three modes: laser, projectile, and terrain modification. An indicator on the back of the multi-tool indicates which of the three modes is currently activated. The green indicator on the left or top is for the laser, while the white-blue gun indicator is for the projectile.

  • For PlayStation 4 players, the mode can be switched with the triangle button.
  • For PC players, the default button to switch modes is the G key, while the Boltcaster is the center mouse.

Pre-release builds of the game showed the modes as LAZEUS and REZOSU.

Components[edit | edit source]

Experiment C6/4 with 5 slots

The starting multi-tool, the Experiment C6/4, has five inventory slots and comes pre-equipped with the following components:

  • Mining Beam - Activated by pressing R2 (PS4) or left mouse (PC).
  • Scanner - Activated by pressing the left stick (PS4) or C (PC).
  • Analysis Visor - Activated by pressing L2 (PS4) or F (PC).

Weapon technologies can be built, adding varying fire modes to your multi-tool:

In the Atlas Rises update, the new Terrain Manipulator technology was added, which allows you to use your multi-tool to edit the terrain once built.

Upgrades to the multi-tool will provide additional bonuses if similar technologies are grouped together on an inventory page.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Like the player's starship and exosuit, the multi-tool can be upgraded with technology.

On the Multi-tool upgrade panel, each of these four icons is surrounded by several circles which are gradually filled in as that technology is upgraded.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

The player's initial multi-tool can be upgraded along the journey. It can range from mere five slots you start with at the beginning up to a maximum of 24. There are a variety of ways to upgrade:

  • find an NPC that may offer an upgrade
  • purchase upgrade blueprints from an NPC on a space station using Nanite Clusters (requires standing with NPC faction proportionate to blueprint value).
  • find an outpost that has one mounted on the wall (in other words you exchange it just like you would exchange a ship).
  • find blueprint upgrades inside alien buildings and interact with them.

Multi-tools offered by an NPC can come with several slots which are damaged. These are indicated by being colored red, and must be repaired with Units before they can be used. The repair cost for each slot will increase with each slot repaired.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Destroy the items in your previous multi-tool to rebuild your new ones.
  • NPC characters will offer you better multi-tools if you keep upgrading.
  • Space anomalies always have one on the right wall.
  • Be sure to build related upgrades next to each other to create a combined boost effect.
  • On planets look for bases (a waypoint) with a Landing Pad as these will always have a wall-mounted multi-tool. These bases are labeled as Outposts and display: "Advanced Life Form Detected" when the location is provided by a Beacon.

Multi-tool classes[edit | edit source]

Multi-tool classes were added with Update 1.2. Class S is the most powerful, followed by classes A, B, and C.

Specialisations and types[edit | edit source]

Multi-tool categories

Every multi-tool has a different specialisation category - select a link for a catalog of that specific specialization.

Beginning with the Atlas Rises update, multi-tools will be indexed using the Specialisation types. As this categories were only introduced with the Pathfinder update, all multi-tools documented before that time were grouped categories based on the general appearance of the weapon. To review these multi-tools prior to Atlas Rises, refer to Multi-tool (Pathfinder).

Multi-tools have many identifying names and model numbers, but certain names appear more often than others, with Experiment being recorded more than 25 times in the tools documented here. Other common prefixes include Aspect, Fading, Fleeting, Mercurial, Riposte, and Strange. Tools owned by the player can be renamed, but should be recorded in the wiki using their original name.

Lore[edit | edit source]

According to the Armourer, some Vy'keen believe that their faction should be the only sentient race allowed to use multi-tools.

Historical Information[edit | edit source]

In earlier pre-release versions of the game, it was referred to as a weapon.

Sean Murray said in an interview with GamesRadar, "In a lot of sci-fi games, all their weapons are basically AK-47s with some red stripes down the side. We don't like that; we want something that feels advanced and cool. So you have this multitool, which is a little bit like a tricorder." [1]

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