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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
Disambig.png This article is about the Pathfinder version of Multi-tool Catalogue. For the current version, see Multi-tool Catalogue.

The multi-tool is the hand-held multipurpose tool / gun that the player is given in No Man's Sky.

Visual categorization[edit | edit source]

Prior to the Atlas Rises release, multi-tools were not assigned class or specialisation categories. As a result, all multi-tools documented before that time were grouped into seven sub-categories, based on the general appearance of the weapon. It is these subcategories that form the catalog basis below. Beginning with Atlas Rises, multi-tools will be grouped on individual pages by their class/specialisation.

Catalog[edit | edit source]

The seven appearance categories are as follows:

Alien Rail Gun Compact
Vy'keen weapon - Fetirlitsre Mark XIX
Rail gun - The Vivid Lusonhistr
Compact multitool - E-3 Fleeting Concept
Weapons list: Multi-tools - Alien (Pathfinder) Weapons list: Multi-tools - Rail Gun (Pathfinder) Weapons list: Multi-tools - Compact (Pathfinder)
One of the distinguishing features of alien multi-tools are the claw-like protrusions that sprout from the weapon. The claw may be part of Vy'keen heritage, as one of the passages in the Saga of the Vy'keen refers to "the claws of time".
Most Alien multitools fall into four sub-categories, all based on the appearance of the muzzle.
One of the distinguishing features of this type of multi-tool is the inverted T-shape of the barrel, which appears similar to a train rail mounted on a flat base. This type of multi-tool often has at least one cylindrical extension on the barrel. These usually fall in the Rifle category. The most distinguishing feature of this type of multi-tools is size, as they are noticeably smaller than most other weapons. Many of the Vy'keen multi-tools fall into this category, as their warlike leanings tend to produce more exotic and efficient weapons. One of the more unusual multi-tools is the globular R/0 Strange Riposte. These usually fall into either the Pistol or Experimental category.
Circle Blaze Angle Muzzle Hose Muzzle
Circle blaze - The Ijonanko-Uiet U100
Angle muzzle - Experiment RA1 KG8
Hose muzzle - Singular Angle XVII
Weapons list: Multi-tools - Circle Blaze (Pathfinder) Weapons list: Multi-tools - Angle Muzzle (Pathfinder) Weapons list: Multi-tools - Hose Muzzle (Pathfinder)
The distinguishing features of this model of multi-tool is the large circular blaze on the side, either near the front or by the trigger area. This may be simply decorative, or actually be part of the tool mechanics. These usually fall in the Rifle category. The primary distinguishing feature of this type of multi-tool is the sharp angle of the extended muzzle. This appears to be a decorative feature, as the base extends out past the business end of the multi-tool. These usually fall in the Rifle category. One of the distinguishing features of this model of multi-tool is the hose-like extension of the muzzle, giving the tool the appearance of a Pinocchio-like nose. Most of these tools also carry the circular blaze pattern. These usually fall in the Rifle category.
Scrimshaw Other
Scrimshaw - Omsomosa-oniu v4.25
NmsMisc BlankPanel.jpg
Weapons list: Multi-tools - Scrimshaw (Pathfinder) Weapons list: Multi-tools - Other (Pathfinder)
The primary distinguishing feature of this type of multi-tool is the decorative engravings and fanciful patterns on the body of the tool. Many of these tools were found in the Hilbert Dimension galaxy. These usually fall in the Experimental category. The weapons in this category either have no dedicated page, or no picture to help with categorization. If further information is found on these tools, they can be moved to the proper dedicated page.

Full Catalogue[edit | edit source]

The following multi-tools use the Multi-tool infobox and include a blank class. If tools appear on this list from versions Atlas Rises and forward, the page should be updated to include a class.

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Game release
Template:Multitool preload Desolation
Euclid 1-3P Reflex Concept Vy'keen 23 Foundation
4-4 Unusual Return 12 Foundation
57M C70 Comforting Theory 21 Foundation
Hilbert Dimension 6/LA1 Rising Surge 23 Foundation
Euclid 7/4 Intrepid Path Rail gun 24 Foundation
Euclid 77M-F83 Elevated Inspiration Angle muzzle 23 Foundation
Euclid 8-G Imperfect Loop Vy'keen 23 Foundation
Arc of Aataschlos-Oxos Crack Nose 24 Foundation
Ardierenp Mark XIV Multi-tool Foundation
Aspect of Nithiburn Weapons Foundation
F/T Hidden Prayer Claw nose Foundation
Hunter of Scrimshaw 24 Foundation
Maquaoardoss-Ishe Mark II Rail gun 24 Foundation
Neyamats-Navea Mark XVIII Weapons 22 Foundation
Riposte of Gujohnso Crystal nose 23 Foundation
Riposte of Gujohnso 1 Crystal nose 23 Foundation
T1/40W Reflex Form Crown Nose 16 Foundation
Euclid The Axonolase v7.11 Circle Blaze 24 Foundation
Euclid The Rossiisk-Yopar P100 Angle muzzle 24 Foundation
The Rozawajim v2.10 Crown Nose 17 Foundation
Euclid The Ulosthatti-Baga J700 Foundation
Urboudev Mark XV 13 Foundation
Vibrant Hunter X Circle Blaze 14 Foundation
Euclid Experiment 39F-8 23 Pathfinder
Impulse of Stmerrhaef Multi-tool 23 Pathfinder
Strange Hakonawa Circle Blaze 13 Pathfinder
Euclid Valiant Loop S31/42A 23 Pathfinder
35Q-8 Reflex Path Compact 7 Release
8-B Hidden Intuition Compact 24 Release
Aspect of Mamalsto Compact 23 Release
Concept of Yakeshan Blaze 22 Release
E-3 Fleeting Concept Compact 16 Release
Ickjamatew Experiment S6-V Release
Fading Musbethem Crown Nose 15 Release
Hyades Final Concept XIII Circle Blaze Release
Final Shadow XIV Release
Ickjamatew Gift of Aiointhand-Yaen Compact Release
H3-4 Rising Arc 9 Release
Ickjamatew Obedient Urovskyv Rail gun Release
Euclid Rambaans version XIV 16 Release

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