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NmsMultiTool Experimental.jpg
Close up of the M-Field Engine 9/X57-B13

There are multiple game-release versions of the Multitool Catalogue - Experimental page.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This page is a list of various Experimental multi-tools discovered during the Beyond through current eras.

Experimental Multi-tools start off with good damage and scanner bonuses. They are a rare and expensive specialization, but they can have up to 24 slots.

Class S[edit | edit source]

This is the best class of multi-tool (and most expensive).

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Budullangr Destroyer of the Nexus Compact 10 Living Ship
Budullangr Imperfect Waveform Elevator 24 ExoMech
Budullangr Improvised Shock Tuner 24 Synthesis
Budullangr Memories of the Stars 24 Synthesis
Budullangr Sleep of Hadoimadi-XII 24 Beyond
Budullangr The Hand Of Certainty Horned 24 ExoMech
Calypso Silhouette of Tinevoz-II 24 Living Ship
Euclid Backup Ryung Atomizer (PS4) Crystal 24 Synthesis
Euclid Harbinger of Syego-IV Crystals 24 Crossplay
Euclid Iridescent Vector Blaster 24 Desolation
Euclid Legacy of the Abyss 24 Desolation
Euclid M-Field Engine 9/X57-B13 Crystal 24 Synthesis
Euclid M-Field Needler 59D-J-D44 Scrimshaw 24 ExoMech
Euclid Poem of Runits-VII Compact 10 Desolation
Euclid Silent Spacetime Atomizer 24 Desolation
Euclid Sleep of Risog-XVI 24 Desolation
Euclid Touch of the Dance 24 Desolation
Euclid Tovikin's Voltage Stabiliser (S) 24 Crossplay
Euclid Trace of Certainty YY1-70I Compact 10 Desolation
Euclid Trace of Itvaler-III Crystal 24 Beyond
Iousongola Sleep of the Night Compact 10 ExoMech
Isdoraijung Kiss of Peace Compact 10 Beyond

Class A[edit | edit source]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Brogoweldian Backup M-Field Scoop Scrimshaw 24 ExoMech
Budullangr Burning Tolym Driver 24 Living Ship
Budullangr Dazzling Mass Generator Compact 10 ExoMech
Euclid Kiss of Romans-VII Scrimshaw 24 Synthesis
Euclid Shadow of Silence N2-YZ1-J Compact 9 ExoMech
Euclid Stasis Analyser Mark II Compact 9 Synthesis
Euclid Theory of Infinity Scrimshaw 24 Synthesis
Euclid Tovikin's Voltage Stabiliser (A) 23 Crossplay
Euclid Veylkinog's Voltage Entangler Scrimshaw 24 ExoMech
Hilbert Dimension Aspect of Vaiutsia-V Compact 10 Beyond
Leckandmeram Improved Sivil Beam Compact 10 Beyond
Nasmilete The Hand of the Horizon Compact 10 Beyond

Class B[edit | edit source]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Euclid Geometric M-Field Inverter 22 Synthesis
Euclid Loop Focuser K-B73-96Y 21 Living Ship
Euclid The End of Solemnity 1/MK3 Scrimshaw 20 Beyond
Gaybakuaria Surge of Perfection Compact 8 Synthesis
Isdoraijung M-Field Scoop Q-CR6 20 Beyond
Litzmantufa Gift of Perfection Compact 8 Synthesis

Class C[edit | edit source]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Sugueziume The End of Ulaksk-IX Crystal 19 ExoMech
Torweierf Harbinger of Sight Scrimshaw 18 Synthesis

Specialisations[edit | edit source]

The four specialisations of multi-tool are:

Each specialisation can be subdivided into four classes, with S being the most powerful (and the most expensive), followed by A, B, and C.

(For a list of all multi-tool types, refer to the Multi-tool Catalogue)