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There are multiple game-release versions of the Multitool Catalogue - Pistol page.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This page is a list of various Pistol multi-tools discovered during the Beyond through current eras.

Pistols have a medium scanner bonus and a low mining bonus (the mining bonus is usually about 50% of the scanner bonus). They are the cheapest and most common specialisation, but also the specialisation with the fewest slots.

NOTE: The starting Multi-tool, the Waveform Focuser N56-P, is a C-class Pistol.

Class S[edit | edit source]

This is the best class of multi-tool (and most expensive). They typically have bonuses of 40% or above.

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Euclid Mass Engine Mark XVIII 10 Crossplay
Euclid Silhouette of Gravity V-LS1/S 10 ExoMech

Class A[edit | edit source]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Budullangr Ancestral Nidalmat Atomizer Crystal 16 Living Ship
Euclid Doyshe's Angle Clarifyer 10 Synthesis
Euclid Ohmic Spacetime Generator 10 ExoMech
Euclid Otprazre's Impulse Engine 10 ExoMech
Euclid Pillar of Shkinoku-IV 16 ExoMech
Euclid Prayer of Clarity YA3/54Y 10 Beyond
Euclid Theoretical Mass Probe 10 Living Ship
Hilbert Dimension Prayer of the Night 10 Synthesis

Class B[edit | edit source]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Euclid Aspect of Yebinkarm-VII 9 Living Ship
Euclid Datousov's Loop Generator Compact 10 Desolation
Euclid Defiance of the Sky 19C-JY7-30A 9 ExoMech
Euclid Gift of Infinity 7 Beyond
Euclid Gift of Rokhoviti-IV 9 ExoMech
Euclid Herald of the Nexus 8 Crossplay
Euclid Obedience of Peace 9 ExoMech
Euclid Oxide Analyser F-46P 15 ExoMech
Euclid Polygon Focuser Mark XVIII 10 ExoMech
Euclid Theory of Peace 15 ExoMech
Euclid Touch of Kopinov-V Compact 9 Desolation
Euclid Voltage Irradiator Mark VII 9 Crossplay
Euclid Zahbyatryo's Vector Elevator Compact 10 Synthesis
Hilbert Dimension Imperfect Dream Tuber 9 Living Ship

Class C[edit | edit source]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Raycast Silencer 48L-2 Compact 6 Beyond
Euclid Conceptual Ozone Translator 7 Crossplay
Euclid Dazzling Oxide Harmoniser Compact 6 Synthesis
Euclid Defiance of Silence GH9/MC2 5 ExoMech
Euclid Defiance of the Stars (C5) 5 Desolation
Euclid Defiance of the Stars (C7) 7 Desolation
Euclid Force Driver RQ9/Z58-1 8 Crossplay
Euclid Gleaming Oxide Silencer 5 Crossplay
Euclid Hand-made Voltage Probe Compact 5 Synthesis
Euclid Improved Relex Hunter 11 ExoMech
Euclid Improvised Onovo Reflector 5 Desolation
Euclid Impulse Scoop Mark XVI Compact 8 ExoMech
Euclid Loop of Izovatel-XI 7 ExoMech
Euclid Molecule Puncher G-IW6/20A Compact 7 ExoMech
Euclid Onakimr's Shock Hunter 5 ExoMech
Euclid Prayer of the Stars Compact 6 ExoMech
Euclid Stasis Reflector 26P/9 7 Desolation
Euclid Theory of Clarity 5 ExoMech
Euclid Volcanic Hensk Capacitor 12 Synthesis

Specialisations[edit | edit source]

The four specialisations of multi-tool are:

Each specialisation can be subdivided into four classes, with S being the most powerful (and the most expensive), followed by A, B, and C.

(For a list of all multitool types, refer to the Multi-tool Catalogue)