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There are multiple game-release versions of the Multitool Catalogue - Rifle page.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This page is a list of various Rifle multi-tools discovered during the Beyond through current eras.

Rifles have a low damage bonus and a low scanner bonus (the two bonuses are usually equal in magnitude). They are a common specialisation to find, but are usually more expensive than Pistols; in exchange, they are able to generate with up to 24 slots, the maximum number of slots which any Multi-tool can possess.

Class S[edit | edit source]

This is the best class of multi-tool (and most expensive). They typically have bonuses of 40% or above.

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Budullangr Inertial Scoop Mark X Compact 16 Crossplay
Budullangr Poem of Olkhov-II 24 Crossplay
Calypso Isotope Irradiator Mark IX Compact 16 Living Ship
Calypso Song of the Dance Compact 16 Living Ship
Euclid Ancestral Neutron Compressor 24 ExoMech
Euclid Art of the Night 24 ExoMech
Euclid Aspect of Thought 24 ExoMech
Euclid Defiance of Lightning HF9-27B-78T 24 Desolation
Euclid Destroyer of Storms 24 Living Ship
Euclid Imperfect Gravity Analyser 24 Synthesis
Euclid Imperfect Kirymsky Auditor 24 Desolation
Euclid Infinite Bulakor Reflector 24 ExoMech
Euclid Iridiscent Hunya Balancer 24 Synthesis
Euclid Loop of Hiduto-XIX 24 ExoMech
Euclid Memories of Thought 24 Synthesis
Euclid Neutron Focuser 31N-C-U86 24 Synthesis
Euclid Retuned Quantum Atomiser 24 ExoMech
Euclid Silhouette of Storms 8-G 24 Synthesis
Euclid Silhouette of Storms 24 ExoMech
Euclid Volcanic Quantum Entangler 24 ExoMech
Gaiteseling Memories of Uryuk-XI Compact 16 Synthesis
Hapirajua Return of Ralsky-VII 24 Synthesis
Hilbert Dimension Destroyer of Popas-XIX 24 Living Ship
Luleukous Hand-made Iesial Absorber 24 Synthesis
Sugiuniam Negative Raycast Focuser 24 Synthesis
Ubredhatk Unprotected Mass Balancer 24 Synthesis
Wayndohalou Destroyer of Iutski-IV 24 Beyond

Class A[edit | edit source]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Euclid Ancestral Spacetime Probe 24 ExoMech
Euclid Ancestral Waveform Obstructor 24 Desolation
Euclid Dreams of Uboev-XVI 23 Living Ship
Euclid Geometric Raycast Stabiliser 24 Living Ship
Euclid Geometric Vector Analyser 24 Crossplay
Euclid Gleaming Launch Beam 24 Living Ship
Euclid Hand-made Angle Tuner 16 Beyond
Euclid Harbinger of Kostomutn-IV 24 ExoMech
Euclid Herald of Ovdorov-XIV 24 Desolation
Euclid Improved Arc Auditor 23 Synthesis
Euclid Kiss of Adpisma-XVI 24 Desolation
Euclid Loop Engine Mark XVI 22 Synthesis
Euclid Molecular Engine AS/W-9 24 Living Ship
Euclid Ohmic Ozone Capacitor Angle Muzzle 15 ExoMech
Euclid Overload of Soobsh-XVI Circle Blaze 24 Beyond
Euclid Overload of Storms 6-49X-871 24 ExoMech
Euclid Prayer of Lightning 70C/2-KG3 24 Synthesis
Euclid Shock Charger Mark IV 24 ExoMech
Euclid Silent Spacetime Compressor 16 ExoMech
Euclid Song of the Horizon 16 Crossplay
Euclid Structural Voltage Puncher 24 Beyond
Euclid Surge of Atskyvi-XV Hose Muzzle 24 ExoMech
Euclid Surge of Perfection (AGT Jogumi) 24 Desolation
Euclid The Hand of Fire 79K/67O/M24 (A23) 23 Desolation
Euclid The Hand of Fire 79K/67O/M24 (A24) 24 Desolation
Sudzerbal Mathematical Loop Charger Railgun 24 ExoMech

Class B[edit | edit source]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Eissentam Ancestral Inertial Atomiser Railgun 22 ExoMech
Euclid Comforting Mass Generator 22 Desolation
Euclid Conceptual Stasis Beam 21 Crossplay
Euclid Defiance of Supplication 21 Synthesis
Euclid Dream Silencer Mark V Circle Blaze 22 ExoMech
Euclid Dreams of Mezensk-XIX 22 Desolation
Euclid Dushvals Impulse Entangler 21 Desolation
Euclid Geometric Shock Compressor 22 Desolation
Euclid Geometric Voltage Probe 23 Synthesis
Euclid Gravity Puncher 98X/R96 22 Crossplay
Euclid Hearld of Solemnity 21 ExoMech
Euclid Improved Force Irradiator Hose muzzle 23 Synthesis
Euclid Iridescent Adrino Obstructor Circle Blaze 22 Desolation
Euclid Mathematical Bryazan Analyser 13 Beyond
Euclid Oxide Inverter M\18Z 21 Desolation
Euclid Raycast Irradiator Mark XIV 21 Living Ship
Euclid Shadow of Matter 6-D31-H09 19 Living Ship
Euclid Shadow of the Dance B/35U/A Compact 15-16 ExoMech
Euclid Sleep of Utskazhe-XVII 23 ExoMech
Euclid Structural Force Beam Rail Gun 21 Desolation
Euclid The Hand of Bones 20 Living Ship
Euclid The Hand of Fire 79K/67O/M24 23 Desolation
Euclid Zanetsk's Isotope Reflector Railgun 24 ExoMech

Class C[edit | edit source]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Euclid Comforting Vector Engine Angle Muzzle 14 ExoMech
Euclid Conceptual Snezhen Reflector 20 Crossplay
Euclid Defiance of the Ancients 17 Desolation
Euclid Destroyer of Certainty 19 Living Ship
Euclid Geometric Angle Beam Railgun 17-18 ExoMech
Euclid Geometric M-Field Stabiliser Hose Muzzle 19 ExoMech
Euclid Geometric Ozone Entangler 20 ExoMech
Euclid Gravity Probe C43-4/60V 19 Crossplay
Euclid Gryezhann's Shock Capacitor 17 Synthesis
Euclid Hand-made Raycast Beam 18 Living Ship
Euclid Imperfect Neutron Capacitor 20 Crossplay
Euclid Improved Molecule Elevator 18 Living Ship
Euclid Infinite Rouralsk Charger 19 Desolation
Euclid Iridescent Datousov Absorber 20 ExoMech
Euclid Iridescent Sevoyeni Atomiser 20 Desolation
Euclid Mass Probe H/YQ1 20 Living Ship
Euclid Ohmnic Gravity Scoop 19 Living Ship
Euclid Poem of Perfection 18 Crossplay
Euclid Raycast Scoop Mark X Compact 11 Synthesis
Euclid Shadow of Kemerly-XIX 20 Living Ship
Euclid Shlis's Isotope Engine Angle Muzzle 12 ExoMech
Euclid Silhouette of the Abyss 20 ExoMech
Euclid The Hand of War 60N-B92 Angle Muzzle 11-12 Living Ship
Euclid Theoretical Oxide Reflector 18 ExoMech
Euclid Trans's Light Puncher 21 Living Ship
Euclid Unitog's Impulse silencer 18 Living Ship
Euclid Unusual Vector Focusser Compact 11 Desolation
Euclid Waveform Engine Mark VIII Compact 12 ExoMech
Euclid Waveform Entanglerr Y-V7-U18 Compact 5 Desolation
Euclid Whispers of the Sky Angle Muzzle 11 ExoMech

Specialisations[edit | edit source]

The four specialisations of multi-tool are:

Each specialisation can be subdivided into four classes, with S being the most powerful (and the most expensive), followed by A, B, and C.

(For a list of all multitool types, refer to the Multi-tool Catalogue)