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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
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Sochkal-Kafi is currently under the control of the Nibiran Federation, later reformed into the Nibiran Oligarchy the NF Sochkal-Kafi system (or commonly abbreviated to just the Kafi System) is where the last recorded remnants of the Banner Corps. were found. many Vy'keen allied themselves with the Banner Corps. before the organization that screwed over Nibiru was obliterated. many Vy'keen here still believe in the cause and attacked the first commercial cargo-trade star destroyer class vessel when it first arrived in the system due to a misunderstanding of alliances. NF Sochkal-Kafi to this day has been subject to Nibiran rule but have been allowed to keep the original name of the system. NF Sochkal-Kafi is the only system in Nibiran Space that has all of its planets be completely and totally useless. so its unclear what the Vy'keen citizens were defending.

Radioactive Quarantine 1 (RQ1)

Radioactive Quarantine 2 (RQ2)

Heat Quarantine 1 (HQ1)

nothing of value has been reported here, but the system is still held as a symbolic gesture to any and all possible remaining Banner Corps. employees.