NHO-GenBra MARC (Brutal Red Cloud)

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
NHO-GenBra MARC (Brutal Red Cloud)
NHO-GenBra MARC (Brutal Red Cloud)
Galaxy Budullangr
Region Xukarsav Boundary
Color Yellow
Distance to centre 3458 light‑years
Planet(s) 5
Moon(s) 1
Faction Vy'keen
Economy Engineering
Wealth Adequate
Conflict level Belligerent
Claimed by New Hub Order
Discovered by intothedoor
Game Mode Normal
Platform PS4
Updated Atlas Rises

NHO-GenBra MARC (Brutal Red Cloud) is a star system in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

NHO-GenBra MARC (Brutal Red Cloud) is a star system in the No Man's Sky universe.

This is a part of GenBra Space Corp and The New Hub Order. Feel free to add to this page as you explore this system further.

Alias names[edit | edit source]

PS4 Current: NHO-GenBra MARC (Brutal Red Cloud)

Discovered Date[edit | edit source]

October 2017 by PS4 explorer {[reddit|intothedoor}}

Planets & Moons[edit | edit source]

Planet Name Type Weather Sentinels
No Man's Sky 20180102232739.png BaronMan Devoid Planet Clear Low Security
Aluminum, Copper No Zoology Notes: this is a heartless souls journey... it continues, it circles, it ends .
No Man's Sky 20180102224440.png Saddo Nuclear Planet Energetic Storms Average
Gamma Root, Emeril, Nickel No Zoology Notes:where all your dreams are meant to fail...
No Man's Sky 20180102222002.png Messo Moon Fiery Moon EXTREME
Self-Igniting Storms
Solanium, Emeril, Iridium No Zoology Notes: Moon of Saddo: the air burns the life out...
No Man's Sky 20180102234637.png Becher Frozen Planet Wintry Low Security
Frost Crystal, Aluminium, Nickel Zoology: 0/5 Units.png Notes: We learn a frozen soul can only do so much. We wish to do it all again.
No Man's Sky 20180102233013.png MiniBal Temperate Planet Blistering Damp Relaxed
Aluminium, Star Bulb, Iridium Zoology: 4/12 Units.png Notes:Hope is all that is Left. Portal is marked on this planet.
No Man's Sky 20180103000131.png Ugg Acidic Planet Lethal Atmosphere EXTREME
Fungal Mould, Gold, Iridium Zoology: 7/11 Units.png Notes: The system offers you its best... a small pink Multitool, it's your life saying; thank you.
Gravitino Balls found on this planet.
Note: the original comm station was replaced.
Found - B-Class Hauler was discovered crashed and has been marked.

Location Information[edit | edit source]

No Man's Sky 20180102232952.png

Coordinates[edit | edit source]


Space station[edit | edit source]

Technology Price (Nanites)
Boltcaster Clip Tau 230
Scatter Blaster Accuracy Sigma 140
Rangeboost Sigma 150
Pulse Spitter Accuracy Tau 200
Reload Accelerant Tau 210
Blaze Javelin Coolant Sigma 180
Combat Amplifier Tau 160
Damage Radius 150
Recoil Stabilizer Sigma 90
Plasma Launcher 200

Additional Info[edit | edit source]

  • Crashed ship is marked

The Story of MARC[edit | edit source]

This feature will hopefully be expanded in the future, if not it would be yet another thing to add to the list of sad things.

  • This is the Saddest System, and it tries to tell the Sad Story of Marc. You must yell at him: MARC!!
  • It is Dark and Red and Brutal, devoid. Even the multi-tool was a pink 5 slot pistol, sad.

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System Beauty[edit | edit source]

MiniBal[edit | edit source]

Messo Moon[edit | edit source]

BaronMan and Ugg[edit | edit source]

Travel Logs[edit | edit source]

Organization[edit source]

New Hub Order

This page provides documentation for the New Hub Order, a proud member of the United Federation of Travelers.

The NHO umbrella group includes the following:

Created by PS4 explorer intothedoor (Wiki Contact)

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