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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

The subject of this article is from a previous version of No Man's Sky and is now considered obsolete.
The information from this article is kept for historical purposes and should not be further categorised.

The Euclid Glyph Path

NHO Euclid Glyph Path is a collection of systems with documented Travellers.

MISSION[edit | edit source]

NOTE: This page is no longer helpful in the current version of the game. This is only for historic purposes.

To gain all Glyphs for the players in the Euclid galaxy.

The Great First Glyph[edit | edit source]

  • To start the Path find the first Glyph 0
  • Assumption the First Glyph will have to be found randomly. I have also heard of reports of players gaining the first Glyph thru the Artemis questline.

NEW INFO: TOG 14 Glyph Path[edit | edit source]

wiki contact: Top of the Galaxy Hub
Created by the TOG (Top of the Galaxy) group in Euclid, these geniuses found 14 glyphs on one planet. They worked together and created a brilliant map which makes much of the NHO Euclid Glyph Path obsolete. However, you will need two glyphs to get to the TOG location so looking at the next section of this guide can help.

  • LOOK HERE FOR A GREAT METHOD OF FINDING 14 Glyphs on a single planet (I have not done this but reports are this is the way to go). You will need at least two glyphs to get here. Follow the 2nd Glyph Path outlined below.


Time for Glpyh #2[edit | edit source]

Artemis' Grave, the first you meet

The Hunt for 1

The First Glyph Hub[edit | edit source]

Reddit group NMS_FirstGlyph_Hub is active in these regions at the Center of Euclid. Their research has discovered a great number of Travellers and their glyphs in this area. Each system requires a full Base Portal Jump (outlined below), and will get you approx 5500LY away from the Center of the Euclid Galaxy. All players are encouraged to go to the Reddit Hub for assistance or to just say hello.

Full Portal Travel[edit | edit source]

The documenting of these systems is to specifically to construct a Path or Map for players to obtain glyphs from start to finish.

PORTAL ERROR[edit | edit source]

This is how you get to the Center
  • Inputting the first Glyph only will 'error-out' a Portal. The Portal then corrects itself by selecting a nearby system. Know that more than likely you will have to try the glyph sequence several times before you find the particular system you are looking for.
  • Each time you try, you must reenter the entire glyph sequence


Complete Base Transfer[edit | edit source]

  • To complete this mission you must portal transfer your base. You are essentially moving to the Core. This is a mission to obtain all the glyphs not settle down.
  • Turn Base Sharing off in game options. I would also suggest using a portal that is not in your current Home System.
  • Portal in and claim the nearby base, return to the portal and travel back thru. When you are in your original location jump in your ship and travel to the local Space Station. In the Space station go to the Terminus and choose to travel to your newly claimed base.
  • Portal Base Transfer Complete.

First Glyph Locations[edit | edit source]

Each Portal Error will require a full base portal transfer. Systems marked as DEAD END do not have a Habitable Base to Transfer to.

First Glyph Systems System Name Star Color Portal Brief
No Man's Sky 20180105042018.png Detadfal Red TARGET System
First Glyph Hub
Distance from
The Core: ??? ly
Notes: 'Destination 1: H1G1 - Portals in to planet Yewagesta Edvard, discovered by PS4 player nutz1235, Region: Eaputzi Instibility, Coordinates: 07F7:0087:07F7:0001, Closest Habitable base: 5 minute walk or a little over a minute drive. Picts from the H1G (https://imgur.com/a/T5N48)
No Man's Sky 20180101040101.png Yaring Blue, BOp Beautiful Lush System
First Glyph Hub
Distance from
The Core: 5562 ly
Notes: Destination 2: H1G2 - Yaring - Portal in to Planet: Lutieneralat, discovered by PS4 player siteri42, Region: Huilli, Coordinates: 07F7:0087:0807:0001. Several Bases around to choose from, not that far of a Drive. Picts from H1G (https://imgur.com/a/RRw5B)
No Man's Sky 20180105021444.png Imurag Red, K3f WARNING
Distance from
The Core: ??? ly
Notes: Destination 3: H1G3 - Imurag -Portal in to Planet: Ujundoll Sesua, discovered by PS4 player MikeyPezz329. Region: Ulpurzil Expanse, Coordinates: 07F7:0077:0807:0001. Picts from H1G (https://imgur.com/a/ROZoU)
No Man's Sky 20180105034045.png Limasamcom X Green 2 Moons, 4 Planets
Distance from
The Core: 5535 ly
Notes: Destination 4: H1G4 - Limasamcom X, Portal in to Planet: Kudamagano Towa, Region: The Arm of Nanhanors, Coordinates: 07F7:0077:07F7:0001. 8:47 walk / 2:24 drive to closest Habitable base. Picts from H1G (https://imgur.com/a/9raN5), Discovered by PS4 player Joergnr1.
No Man's Sky 20180115181454.png Tumise-Rekv Red 5 Planet Vy'keen System
Long Distance
away from Base
Notes: Destination 5: (Exotic Gears Planet) H1G5 - Tumise-Rekv - Portal in to planet Sagayamatsuy-5, discovered by PS4 player momolicius. Region: ???, Coordinates: 0807:0077:0807:0001. Habitable bases are available, but I only found one and it was a 10 hour walk. Great place for Marrow Bulb
No Man's Sky 20180105035058.png Roykhae Green DEAD END no base
DEAD END Notes: Destination 7: (Barren planet): H1G7 - Roykhae, Portal in to Planet: Nealeksenos, Region ???, Coordinates: 0807:0087:07F7:0001. No Base.
No Man's Sky 20180105040551.png Baraoch Blue DEAD END No Base.
DEAD END Notes: Destination 8: (Barren planet) H1G8 - Baraoch, Portal in to Planet: Lienesc-Liner 1X954, Region ???, Coordinates: 0807:0077:07F7:0001. No Base.
No Man's Sky 20180115170453.png Kuresh Green DEAD END
Fine weathered, great for resource gathering.
DEAD END Notes: Destination 9: (Barren planet): H1G9 - Kuresh, Portal in to Planet: Uvudbotnoy Uzia, Region: ???, Coordinates: 0807:0087:0807:0001. No Base. Great resources gathering potential. Iron, Marrow Bulb
n/a n/a n/a
UNKNOWN Notes: Destination 6: (Exotic) H1G6: ???

First Glyph Travellers[edit | edit source]

Travellers Near Detadfal[edit | edit source]

Video For finding Systems near Detadfal, made by IgottwormmS

Found Near Detadfal System Name Star Type System Brief
pict FrostificuS System 1 Planet
Target System
177 ly from Detedfal
Notes: Antimatter sold in the Space Station. Traveller marked at a Trading Outpost on the Planet name: FrostificuS PrimE; Region Name: Eaputzi Instability; 177 ly from Detedfal. Distance from the Core: 5418 Ly. Info Post on Reddit
pict (EoH) Smokes with Aliens System xxx
35 ly from Detadfal Notes:System Name: [EoH] Smokes with Aliens (in station). Coordinates: 07F7:0087:07F6:0076. 35 ly from Detadfal.
pict AlieN on BoarD Xi System xxx
63 ly above and away (from the core) from Detadfal Notes: Coordinates: 07F6:0087:07F6:001D. 363 ly above and away (from the core) from Detadfal
pict Alien & Nipnip in station System xxx
106 ly from Detadfal Notes :System Name: Alien & Nipnip in station =). Coordinates: 07F7:0087:07F6:0134. 106 ly from Detadfal
pict (EoU) Alienip Station System xxx
Distance ? Notes:Traveller located on Space Station. Region Name: Eaputzi Instibility; Planet Name: (EoU) Electrolyte Base; Tau warp drive upgrade required. Info Post on Reddit Coordinates: 07F7:0087:07F7:013E
pict DoS AlienS EnstatioN System xxx
244 ly from Detadfal Notes:Aliens x2. Coordinates: 07F7:0087:07F7:018C. 244 ly from Detadfal
pict AlieN in Station System xxx
257 ly from Detadfal Notes: Coordinates: 07F7:0087:07F6:0106. 257 ly from Detadfal.
pict IgottGammaGoO System xxx
260 ly from Detedfal Notes: Traveller in Space Station. Region Name: Eaputzi Instability; Planet Name: GammaGoO IV; 260ly from Detedfall; Tau warp drive upgrade required. Info Post on Reddit. Distance from the Core: 5416 Ly

coords:07F7:0087:07F7:01A3 11A308FF8FF8

pict AlieN on BoarD EnstatioN System xxx
297 ly from Detadfal Notes: Traveller located on Space Station, Planet Name: CactEyE Corner - (grave found). Coordinates: 07F7:0087:07F7:013C. 297 ly from Detadfal
pict AlieN on BoarD X System xxx
407 ly from Detadfal Notes: Coordinates: 07F7:0087:07F6:00B2. 407 ly from Detadfal, not far from AlieN on BoarD XI
pict AlieN on BoarD System xxx
approx. 400 ly from Detadfal Notes: Coordinates: 07F7:0087:07F6:0090. I forgot to get the distance from Detadfall for this one too. It's not far from AlieN on BoarD X approx. 400 ly from Detadfal.
pict Alien on BoarD V System xxx
approx 420 ly from Detadfal Notes: Coordinates: 07F7:0086:07F8:0001. I forgot to get the distance to Detadfal for this one. It's not far from FrostificuS and Dos AlienS Enstation but little further away so I'd say 420 ly from Detadfal?
pict AlieN on BoarD & MemorieS System xxx
446 ly from Detadfal Notes: Coordinates: 07F7:0086:07F8:0059. 446 ly from Detadfal.
pict AlieN on BoarD - Geknip & Effigies System xxx
470 ly above Detadfal Notes:System Name: AlieN on BoarD - Geknip & Effigies too =). Coordinates: 07F6:0088:07F6:004F. 470 ly above Detadfal
pict Grave Found System xxx
476 ly from Detadfal Notes:System Name: Grave found. Coordinates: 07F6:0086:07F7:0047. 476 ly from Detadfal
pict New Traveller System System xxx
Distance from
the Core: Ly

Traveller Near Yaring[edit | edit source]

No Man's Sky 20180101231215.png

  • Get into Space, the System is very close, 35 ly
Found Near Yaring System Name Star Type System Brief
No Man's Sky 20180101225736.png Iyeoje-Bir IV Yellow, G7f 1 Lush Planet, Rushanenmidda-4
Distance from
the Core: 5568 Ly
Notes: A Gek system located only 35 LY away, Yellow Star. Traveller found in the Space Station

Portal Glyph Jumping #2[edit | edit source]

Two Glyph Adventure[edit | edit source]

Portal Travel

No Man's Sky 20180104235046.png Itscuha IV Planet n/a n/a
Resources Zoology: n/a Notes: Traveller is in a shelter just over 2 minutes away via Nomad. There is also a Habitable Base next door. If you look at the top of your HUD screen you'll see a compass. The Traveller was located roughly South of the Portal. I found the Grave Site just about a minute away East of the portal.

No Man's Sky 20180105001250.png

  • Grave about a minute from the Portal on Itscuha IV

Glyphs Near Itscuha IV[edit | edit source]

Near Itscuha IV System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20180227132051.png PXL.Aregath Yellow, G9f 4 Planets; Dead, Frozen, Desert, Tropical
Distance from
Itscuha IV: 49Ly
Notes: Two Graves marked with coms; planet Xang and Ozlo. coords: 0910:007F:0800:017c
No Man's Sky 20180228001733.png PXL.Nagga Yellow, G8pf 1 Moon;
2 Planets;
Distance from
Itscuha IV: 97Ly
Notes: Traveller found in the Space station. The Grave is found and marked on Planet Lomu. Coords 0910:007F:0800:018B

Portal Glyph Jump #3[edit | edit source]

Unification Day Systems![edit | edit source]

  • This will require a complete Portal Base Transfer as done before, however, Unification Day is a direct portal jump and a highly exciting place to visit. Nomad supplies will be beneficial.
  • Recommend Base Sharing Off


No Man's Sky 20171218224232.png Unification Planet Large Overgrown Planet Hot Rainstorms Regular Sentinels
Sb Em Cu Hr 100% Zoology Bonus: 225,000 PS4 Units.png Notes: The site of Unification Day 2017. Your ticket to two more glyphs.

Glyphs Near Unification Day[edit | edit source]

Near Unification Day System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20171206030341.png Spirit Yellow G2p 3 Moons, Hot, Cactus, Gamma
3 Planets, Dead, Hot, Fungal
Distance from
Unification: 22 ly.
Notes: Traveller found in the Space station, the Grave is marked on planet Iywan.
No Man's Sky 20171212234512.png Kully IV Yellow G9f 1 Moon, Frozen
3 Planets, Dead, Hot, Lush
Distance from
Unification: 37 ly.
Notes: Traveller found in the Space Station of this system. Manufacturing Facility marked on the Riasa Moon.
No Man's Sky 20180223015218.png PXL.Privoi Yellow, G4p 2 Moons; Gamma, Desolate
4 Planet; dead, hot, fungal, forsaken,
Distance from
Unification: 147Ly.
Notes: Gek Relics for sale at the Space Station. Grave marked on planet Ibus.

Final Stop: The Galactic Hub[edit | edit source]

Hunting for Glyph #15 E & #16 F

Traveller Near the Galactic Hub[edit | edit source]

Reddit Resuts: Post info for GHub Glyphs: However you need the 14th Glyph D to reach GHub space. Considering for the end of the Path.
GHub INFO: Travellers and Glyphs in the Galactic Hub

Ghub Travellers System Name Star Color System Brief
pict GHUB SYSTEM xxx xxx
Distance from
The Core: ly
pict GHUB SYSTEM xxx xxx
Distance from
The Core: ly
pict GHUB SYSTEM xxx xxx
Distance from
The Core: ly

Artemis[edit | edit source]

The Location of Artemis (GenBra Euclid Unification)



Things Discovered on the Way[edit | edit source]

  • Experimental Multi Tool; thank you Igottwormms
    • Note: That portal is in a moon of the planet Hull Finance. The Multitool is on the planet. Portal to hab distance is a little lengthy but fun with a Nomad (lots of water around). It's about 9:38 to get to the closest ab. Once you teleport back to your base there, go to the planet Hull Finance. There are a bunch of comms around where a base location was. The nearest single comm to that location should be the location to pick up the 24 slot A class experimental. One comm shows the location of a portal. -Igottwormms

More Travellers Discovered[edit | edit source]

Found this guy along the way - needs to be re-checked (Dino Glyphs)

AGT House of IX

0590:0082:0E90:0159 PS4

Digging through old reddit posts:

  • Reddit user: Alex_y4
04B6:0077:0052:008C PS4
  • Reddit user: Greylegion
046B:0081:0D6D:0152 PS4

Provided by Reddit user: snoopdougg_

  • 03EA:007F:0DA2:00FE PS4
  • System: Ruveggn-Ugt, Planet: Higashi GM417
  • 00FE005A3BEB

First Glyph Portal Gallery[edit | edit source]

Credits[edit | edit source]

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