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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

NHO Farming and Harvesting is a Guide For Harvesting.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Crafting in the Freighter

For High End Products and the Beginnings of a Great Harvest Based Income, this page is for you.

Make Money Harvesting[edit | edit source]

Here at the Core we prefer to have money in the Billions, not the Millions (https://redd.it/7a5r46). Crafting high-end items like Stasis Devices and Fusion Ignitors can make large profits, but you need to set up the process so it doesn't consume up too much time. Once you are set up it comes pretty easy over time.

You're in the Hub now; the grind is over, the resources you need are everywhere you are, start out slow and build up your process. Keep it in perspective, if you create just 5 Stasis Devices or Fusion Ignitors, it still profits Units.png 90 million (18milUnits.png x 5).

  • When starting out use your own farm to build the things you need. If available, visit a Circuit Board Farm, Living Glass Farm, and Liquid Explosive Farm. These resources support your higher craft item one to one (ie. 5 Fusion Ignitors will need 5 Circuit Boards and 5 Liquid Explosives).

Harvesting Flow Chart by AngiBuddhist[edit | edit source]

Farm Set-Up[edit | edit source]

Harvesting some Sulphurine
  • Set up small stations for Harvesting gases, and find the right balance of effort versus reward; use the planet you are already on, and two others (or many many more) that are easy to get to. You will need three gas types (Refer to gas index below) and you always need twice as many gas products as the final crafted product. (ex. in crafting 5 Ignitors you would need 10 of each Gas-related item)
  • We have tested and confirmed that you can place your own Atmosphere Harvesters on other Traveler's planets for convenience, but as always, keep a safe distance from their base.
  • Minerals are minimal effort... scan a planet and find the resource you need. Optimize the process by having a plan, use the places you are already at, and only mine what you need. The process is quick; I wouldn't worry about AMUs.
  • Last but not least Carbon, you need more than you think. I suggest setting up several standing planters within your base for access.

Inspirational System[edit | edit source]

System: Hub Harvest Central is a dedicated inspiration for crafting. It is located directly next to Valhalla.

Portal 'Method' to Harvesting[edit | edit source]

See The Galactic Consortium & Galactic Consortium - Budullangr

With a Portal at your disposal, what is stopping you from knowing a couple planet addresses? Maybe these planets have the gasses or minerals that you need at your finger-tips? With the right knowledge (a little up front portal set-up work), a trip to an active portal can easily turn into a Harvest fest! Some travelers have been known to portal into systems for the sole purpose of getting the resources they need only to return home with containers full of their haul.

Gas Guide[edit | edit source]

Nitrogen = Lush or Fungal Planet (Star Bulb or Fungal Mould), Crafts Ammonium Salt
Sulphurine - Hot or Dry Planets (Cactus Flesh or Solanium), Crafts Thermic Condensate
Radon - Frozen or Radiated Planets (Frost Crystal or Gamma Root), Crafts Enriched Carbon

Manufacturing and Operations[edit | edit source]

Not having all these Blueprints is a pain; start kicking down doors as long as you need to until you obtain all of them. This will be time well spent; the reward will pay off.

Additional Info[edit | edit source]

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