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The subject of this article is from the Desolation update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 22 September, 2020.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

NMS Galactic Empire
NMS Galactic Empire
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Alpha
Region Kurmotas
Capital system NeuKis ‘Rai Province
Capital planet Malachor
Coordinates 018B:0078:03A8:018D
Portal Glyphs 118DF9BA998C
Size 42
Type RP, Star Wars canon, Collaborative, Community
Founded by Arexius12
Federation member No
Platform PS4 (Currently no XBOX or PC members but are welcomed)
Release Desolation
Disambig.png This article is about the current version of the NMS Galactic Empire. For the Visions version, see NMS Galactic Empire (Visions).

The NMS Galactic Empire is a civilized space community.


NMS Galactic Empire is a Civilized space community.

It is based in the Kurmotas region of the Euclid galaxy with outposts in multiple other galaxies.


The NMS Galactic Empire is dedicated to the community first, Star Wars Role play second. The base of the civ itself is one of collaborative work, with multiple areas of interest within its walls. For instance, we have our own agriculture, naval unit, Imperial soldiers, and Intelligence sectors among many others. You can hold most positions you may desire easily, some others with time and trust - but all are welcome and we are glad to have you amongst the community.


The civilization first started due to the constant recurring homages to the Star Wars franchise by Hello Games found in the game itself as well as the love of Star Wars by the leaders of this civ. Star Wars has been a hobby and a passion for much of childhood and even now still.

The NMS Galactic Empire uses the industrial side of the Empire for its building projects whether the build is a large scale, near planet crashing bases to multi-member, multi-base collaborative as part of establishing the Imperial presence in a new Sector.

The NMS Galactic Empire is also one of several founding Civs for the Unity1 Project, a hub for all players. The Empire extends an invitation to all players regardless of platform.

Naming Guidelines

Please keep all names within the naming convention (see Imperial Amino for info) using the “(GE)” at end.


If you want to join, you should...

Join our Amino community! Amino ID: NMSGalacticEmpire


Emperor Palpatine PS4 Malachor
Commodore Blue PS4 Confidential
Kylo Reee PS4 IInoich-Agdur XIII
Gov. Willhuff Tarkin PS4 Eriadu
Gov. Biggs PS4 Confidential
Captain Pellaeon PS4 Confidential
Lt. Commander Helius PS4 Nyebe Research Facility
Viceroy aMandy PS4 Terra 1
Lt. Hunter PS4 Scariff

Systems Discovered

System Region Color Distance Faction Planets Moons Platform
Lijalje-Hech XV Usiscry Sector 1,149,822 Korvax 1 0 PS4
Noottu Usiscry Sector 1,149,800 Vy'keen 3 1 PS4
Pandin V Usiscry Sector 1,149,982 Korvax 2 0 PS4
Rothana Zone (GE) Usiscry Sector Yellow 1,149,689 Vykeen 4 0 PS4
Sanctus of the 42nd Sith Order Usiscry Sector 1,149,904 Gek 5 1 PS4
Sigranise Usiscry Sector 1,149,910 Gek 5 0 PS4

The following systems have been discovered:

  • System: NeuKis ‘Rai Province//G4f//Water
    • Malachor- Tropical Planet
    • Orn Kios- Temperate Planet
    • Rinn Waste- Pillared Planet
    • Notholian- Abandoned Planet
    • Odona- Contaminated Planet
    • Taris- Irradiated Planet
  • System: Er’Kit//G5//Water
    • Ord Mandrel- Rotting Planet
  • System: Ord Radama//K0f//Water
    • Crucival [Imperial Academy]- Sharded Planet
    • Lokori- Scalding Planet
    • Orish- Lost Red Planet
    • Kupoh- Arid Planet
    • Teralov- Petrified Moon
  • System: Greater Seswenna Sector//G6//Water
    • Eriadu- Paradise
    • Outland Regions Training Facility- Hyperborean
    • Hugarak Zone- Shell-Strewn Planet
    • Erukai II- Scalding Planet
    • Ebenjar Dok- Frostbound Planet
    • Erukai V- Toxic Planet
  • System: Ildkomi//M5pf
    • Doly Beta - wine dark
    • Ceythiak A47 -lifeless
  • System: Ukning//F0p
    • Tipance - rain
  • System: Cederi XIV//F0
    • Bootechs Sigma - low atmosphere
    • Aple- radioactive
    • Iffaloc D30 - charred
    • Coyllir Lyosh- rainy
  • System: Nakette//M0
    • Dought V- doomed
    • Jackwa XVII- gamma intensive
    • Ligard- acidic
    • Uckfast- empty
  • System: Olheltj//M3pf
    • Peori XVIII- acidic
  • System: Kimeder//E0
    • Twitnes XI -heimal
    • Rinaxo Sigma -supercritical


  • Rupportal
  • Diumon-Niv
  • Lupprogr XIX
  • Uaalikaa
  • Thorine
  • Duceri
  • Hyperk-Lai XII
  • Logills
  • Vayreyrent
  • Satalond
  • Avsleta
  • Verforf
  • Nodterfo
  • Glujuda
  • Fent-li XIII
  • Foerag
  • Nodgerd
  • Orcher
  • Enanta
  • Oitelo
  • Rujford XIV
  • Mappara XII
  • Sipert-Emb XV
  • Inulta



Rules for this civilization include:

  • Please join the Galactic Empire Amino for more details.