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Nesdori Spur

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Stars of Oxalis
Stars of Oxalis
Galaxy Euclid
Civilized space Oxalis
Release Synthesis

Nesdori Spur is a region.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Nesdori Spur is a region in the Euclid galaxy of No Man's Sky. This region was named Nesdorinux in the Pathfinder era.

Discovered systems[edit | edit source]

    Position     Atlas Rises Abyss Visions
α Laydopp (Atlas) Laydopp (Abyss) Laydopp
β Jekono-Yue (Atlas) Jekono-Yue (Abyss) Jekono-Yue
γ Giokit IV (Atlas) Giokit IV (Abyss) Giokit IV
δ Deningo-Hungz (Atlas) Deningo-Hungz (Abyss) Deningo-Hungz
ε Noinin (Atlas) Noinin (Abyss) Noinin
ζ Afnalm (Atlas) Afnalm (Abyss) Afnalm
η Kuivars XVI (Atlas) Kuivars XVI (Abyss) Kuivars XVI
θ Kajoldema (Atlas) Kajoldema (Abyss) Kajoldema
ι Sofnun (Atlas) Sofnun (Abyss) Sofnun
κ Lianke (Atlas) Lianke (Abyss) Lianke

Civilized Space[edit | edit source]

This region is home to Oxalis.

Navigator[edit | edit source]