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The subject of this article is from the Synthesis update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 18 February, 2020.

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O. Allipaagae
O. Allipaagae
Galaxy Euclid
Region Widraik
Star system HUB7-50 Penelope
Planet Clarry
Bait Fermented Fruit
Gender Indeterminate
Behaviour Submissive
Diet Grass
Height 8.0 m
Weight 364.4 kg
Genus Theroma
Notes Telepathic
Platform PS4
Mode Normal
Territory Galactic Hub Project
Discovered by Swampcastlenms
Release Synthesis

O. Allipaagae is a creature.

Summary[edit | edit source]

O. Allipaagae is a creature in the No Man's Sky universe. This member of the Theroma genus is the largest and most dominate lifeform on its native moon. The enormous size of the creature likely deters the few predators in its habitat from attacking unless a wounded or sick specimen is located. Possibly due to this lack of hunting pressure, this species has become submissive and docile. Adult specimens rarely run from player characters, though the young will scurry away in a ground-shaking display of speed.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

O. Allipaagae towers above the toxic plains of the moon Clarry at 8 meters tall. The largest specimens are easily visible from hundreds of meters away. The shape of the main body, behind the neck, is that of an arch-backed Rangifae though this species has no known connection to diplos. Specimens of both genders displayed similar coloration, appearing white behind the forelegs, blue over the entirety of the forelegs, neck, and head except for white patches that extend from the ears partially down the jawline.

The hind legs of this species are extremely long, measuring almost twice the length of the forelegs.

Gender Dimorphism[edit | edit source]

The Indeterminate gender is the largest gender of this species measuring in at 0.1m taller than it's None gendered counterpart. The most striking and immediately noticeable difference between the genders is on the dorsal area of the body.

The Indeterminate gender features a large, spined, dorsal fin that extends from the base of the neck, down the midline of the back to the superior base of the tail. This fin is at least twice as tall as a player character. The back fin may be used for either cooling or as a courtship display aid. As mating was not observed, the actual use is unknown at this time.

The None gender has 5 pairs of plates positioned laterally to the midline of the spine. These plates are similar to an earth stegosaurus though the use of these features is, similarly, unknown. As there was no other fauna observed that could harm this massive beast, their presence remains a mystery.

Alias Names[edit | edit source]

All Original: O. Allipaagae
PS4 Current: O. Allipaagae

Discovery Menu[edit | edit source]

Additional Observations: Telepathic

Location[edit | edit source]

It can be found on the moon Clarry in the HUB7-50 Penelope star system.



Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Featured in the GHEC 8m+ Fauna Album

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