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Disambig.png This article is about the NEXT version of Otohime. For the Atlas Rises version, see Otohime (Atlas).
Galaxy Euclid
Region Yuhymunosh Anomaly
Color Yellow
Spectral class G7
Distance to centre 751459 light‑years
Planet(s) 4
Moon(s) 1
Faction Korvax
Economy Research
Wealth Advanced (3)
Conflict level Relaxed (1)
Claimed by Forgotten Colonies
Discovered by Thamalandis
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Updated NEXT

Otohime is an inhabited star system.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Otohime is a prosperous scientific star system on the outer rim of the Delta Quadrant in the Euclid galaxy and was the local base of The Traveller's Guild in the past. The guild still retains an embassy under Traveller Dashanne of the Synergy, but the system lost its status as capital to the institution.

Past the turmoil of the temporal anomaly, the beacon of science that is Otohime has endured. Without the direct guidance of the Travellers, the Korvax took it upon themselves to honor their guilds legacy. Today's leading consciousness is Scholar Entity Adr, supported by Code Entity Luy. The duo represents the Korvax' Science Cooperative. Both value science above all and it remains the system's main income. Knowledge sells! Sadly the equalitarian views of the former guild do not anymore. The security is HIGH!

Aboard the space station the Korvax are happy to share their legendary workshop and its supplies for repairs.

History[edit | edit source]

This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

Otohime - Where all races work(ed) together!
PC Original: Hajina-Dad

The system was under supervision of Traveller Soenissen and a true beacon for the ideals of the guild. Members of all races had representatives in Otohime and many trade convoys entered the system to gain insight into their research. Otohime was autark and as the region's silent capital well defended by friends and partners alike.
With the collapse of the old reality and the loss of contact between the guild's leaders at The Fade and in Otohime there was little they could do to intervene in the cold war in the region going hot. Even though the Euclidian Restoration restored contact, the old fame of Otohime has long faded. The Korvax Cooperative still honors its legacy as a system of research and open access to information, however the many representatives left long ago. It still prospers under its intellectual advancements alongside the guild.

Planets & Moons[edit | edit source]

  • Etouchi is the closest planet to the sun and recently became a ringworld. In the past the daily radiation was barely 5.3 Rad and offered visitors a chance to enjoy the view without much protection. While this radiation has decayed, it still remains a scorched world best visited with a lot of sunscreen.
  • Otohime Prime was a marvelous and mysterious planet. Despite its scorching heat, many lifeforms had flourished here. Majestic flying creatures littered the sky above the portal despite being rare. With 72°C at night and 65.8°C during the day, this planet was a rarity for most hot climates. Life actually prefered to enjoy the cooler days. Today this weather has culminated in a slow change in its biome. The fauna still circles the portal like in the past, but the planet has come to life as a mediocre desert world.
  • Takayu was a desert world. Despite that life continued to advance here, in flora and fauna. With the last of its heat dissipated, it turned to a cold giant. Today Takayu is a frozen world.
    • Takayu Gudasu was the opposite of Takayu and was cold, but just as its mother hosted life far beyond expectations. The life still remains, but their attitude to hot and cold changed. Today Gudasu has become a toxic world with storms reaching up to 109.9 Hammett.
  • Inule was a toxic world. An average of 64.7 Hammett and a rather bland flora and fauna made it unattractive for tourism and its redundant resources rather unimportant in trade. The fact it now is a far off desert world, while Otohime Prime allures visitors much closer to home, didn't bolster its value for the system.

Otohime has NO dangerous planets!

Lifeforms[edit | edit source]


Starships[edit | edit source]

  • Overall: 7 Shuttles, 3 Fighter, 7 Explorer, 3 Hauler, 1 Exotic

Space Station


Trade[edit | edit source]

General: Sell 41.6% / Buy -23.9%

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