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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.

This is the help for the Pilgrim Star Path Project. You can collaborate here, answering questions that will appear on the page. Please keep the format as it is, and be polite while writing the answers.

QuestionTag: whatsthis QuestionTitle: What's this? QuestionText: """This is a project to help travellers to go to any part of the galaxy. You only need to grab your coordinates from the game and place it in the user location section."""

QuestionTag: howtocoords QuestionTitle: How do I get the coordinates? QuestionText: """Use the build menu in game and place a signal scanner booster. You need to grab the 4 packs of alphanum symbols in format: AAAA:BBBB:CCCC:DDDD that appear."""

QuestionTag: whatsbhring QuestionTitle: What's the BlackHole ring? QuestionText: """It is a representation of all possible values of the output from a BlackHole jump from your current position."""

QuestionTag: whatsbhroulette QuestionTitle: What's the BlackHole Roulette method? QuestionText: """It is a method of saving in a BlackHole space station and reload your save if your destination is not good. It allows you to go around the Black Hole ring until you are near your destination."""

QuestionTag: whatsbelowabove QuestionTitle: What does 'above' or 'below' warning mean? QuestionText: """Coordinates for regions are in 3D! Even if the map plots you over or near the region you want to go, that's just like going to the street address in real life. You need to take the elevator to go to floor N!. That means... use PS4 L2 / R2 (and/or PC equivalent) in galaxy map to control and adjust your height for the next jump(s)."""

QuestionTag: whatslocalmode QuestionTitle: What is Local Mode? QuestionText: """Since the map is scaled to fit into the screen, you will be drawn overlapping the region when you are close but not yet at your destination. So it is kind of a zoomed map that shows where you are when you are so close. Configure your NxN grid on settings and use it when you are N/2 jumps close to your destination!"""

QuestionTag: whatsthebhhint QuestionTitle: What is the blackhole hint panel? QuestionText: """As we, game players have been testing things, we have seen that the distance shown after jump is the lineal distance between your position and the blackhole output. As redditor /u/NMS_Survival_Guru tested, you could save time doing blackhole roulette if that distance is smaller than a target and not landing. The website draws another ellipse over the blackhole ring with your destination, and you are in one of the crossing spots. If they are far, dont bother landing to check coordinates; reload your save."""