Perechatchai 2-CIRC

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Perechatchai 2-CIRC
Perechatchai 2-CIRC
Star system CF8Afg6G-085 Vorirril
Region Hiigarme Anomaly
Galaxy Euclid
Biome Blighted
Weather Pouring Toxic Rain
Resources Ordinary
Sentinels Low
Flora Copious
Fauna Full
Discovered by Metagon
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Release Atlas Rises

Perechatchai 2-CIRC is a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Shot of the planetary surface

Perechatchai 2-CIRC is a large planet in the star system of CF8Afg6G-085 Vorirril with extreme surface conditions on the PC version of No Man's Sky universe.

Its distance to the system's station is about 402 ks.

Environmental data[edit | edit source]

39.6 °C 0.6 Rad 110.8 Tox
9.2 °C 0.9 Rad 95.1 Tox
18.5 °C 2.0 Rad 109.6 Tox
26.9 °C 1.6 Rad 22.0 Tox

Notable Resources[edit | edit source]

Perechatchai 2-CIRC features Calium, Fungal Mould, Emeril and Nickel.

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Perechatchai 2-CIRC houses 11 fauna variations. A full zoology scan awards a 275,000 Unit bonus.

Name Image Rarity Gender Temperament Diet Weight Height
Skhariia Usdat CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fa01.jpg Rare Rational Ambulatory Oxide elements 260.39 kg 5.84 m
Tusweeumii Usdat CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fa08.jpg Rare Male Submissive Absorbed nutrients 252.70 kg 5.82 m
Ocorviia Mayl CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fa06.jpg Uncommon Alpha Stalking Scavenger 111.38 kg 1.45 m
Ozopolistimae Nucius CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fa02.jpg Uncommmon Rational Shy Oxide elements 90.78 kg 1.49 m
Niagilisea Nucius CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fa04.jpg Uncommon Non-uniform Prey Vegetation 97.05 kg 1.38 m
Quireagimosae Paion CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fa07.jpg Common Asymptotic Skittish Absorbed nutrients 62.75 kg 1.11 m
Rorioeum Paion CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fa05.jpg Common Male Defensive Oxide elements 50.78 kg 0.80 m
Sachiarimae Paion CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fa03.jpg Common Asymmetric Prey Oxide elements 64.18 kg 0.63 m
Exustiumium Onsuefa CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fa09.jpg Common Exotic Unpredictable Vegetation 77.42 kg 0.97 m
Bigiteiaeum Kiosu CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fa10.jpg Uncommon Orthogonal Ambulatory Absorbed nutrients 94.65 kg 1.40 m
Nodoceumeus Epumi CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fa11.jpg Uncommon Female Hunter Meat-eater 77.13 kg 1.00 m

Flora[edit | edit source]

At least 19 flora variations exist on Perechatchai 2-CIRC.

Name Image Root structure Nutrient source Notes
Mushrooms (large)
Livarae Oaulaium CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl03.jpg Restricted Lost Insects Covered in Tiny Eggs
Outamosa Yusopolae CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl19.jpg Extendable Fungal Harvest High Metal Content
Zaethium Exempeum CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl02.jpg Balanced Infrared Radiation Photosensitive Tendrils
Oecemosa Ulfus CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl01.jpg Global Gamma Rays All Colours
Stikae Abgozoteus CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl14.jpg Swamped Anaerobic Digestion Delicious
Sniarium Ookia CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl06.jpg Limited Natural Carbon Bi-Seasonal
Ronrum Bellis CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl13.jpg Extendable Buried Nitrogen Flowers Once
Mushrooms (small)
Abselus Idmiscae CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl05.jpg Simple Membrane Compression Retractable Fronds
Sepheae Urcae CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl10.jpg Grasping Atmospheric Moisture Carbon Dense
Geurracera Disanteum CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl16.jpg Global Fermented Corpses Water Resistant
Diquium Nitrepoe CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl17.jpg Voluminous Fungal Reclamation Invisible Bristles
Epycanopii Kusansus CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl04.jpg Transferrable Entrapment Iridescent Seed Pods
Tisofae Gwiteum CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl08.jpg Many-Limbed Fermented Corpses Cloned
Carnivorous flora
Toacus Lacrum CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl11.jpg Grasping Buried Treasure Toxic Thorns
Marrow bulb
Imergus Piygmargum CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl12.jpg Extendable Photosynthesis Neurotoxic Pollen
Soposia Piycersum CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl18.jpg Extendable Photosynthesis Annual Spore Clouds
Resource flowers
Toacus Lacrum CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl15.jpg Capacious Carnivorous Hibernating
Nubirae Ekanoe CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl09.jpg Circular Theft Blight Resistant
Tolisthus Idmirea CF8Afg6G-085-2-Fl07.jpg Extendable Membrane Compression Nanite Sap

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