Pisyotto WA610

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Pisyotto WA610
Pisyotto WA610
Galaxy Euclid
Region Siersit Conflux
Star system Griasa-Sims XIII
Moon(s) Ninomiyaz Gosor
Atmosphere White/Blue
Biome Flourishing Planet
Weather Drizzle
Resources Not Frequent
Sentinels Passive
Flora Absent
Fauna Intermittent
Discovered by DonFerrando1
Platform PC
Updated Atlas Rises

Pisyotto WA610 is a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Pisyotto WA610 is one of four planets in the star system Griasa-Sims XIII on the PC version of No Man's Sky universe.

This is another lovely planet within this system. Light purple hills form a great contrast to the green and yellow plains. It is by far the planet with the lowest toxicity value (at days) I found by now. It is said to have no flora at all, which is obviously not true as one can see from the pictures - I only investigate carbon-based vegetation as a general rule. This world is host to 10 animal species which are hard to find. Another important fact is the absence of any plutonium on the surface. Maybe there is some in the caves, I didn't pursue that.

Alias names[edit | edit source]

PC Current: Pisyotto WA610

Atmosphere & Climate[edit | edit source]

  °C Rad Tox
Day 26.8 1.9 0.2
Night 19.0 1.7 18.0
Underwater 34.0 1.8 0.9
Underground 29.0 2.0 16.2

Moons[edit | edit source]

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

Life[edit | edit source]

Fauna[edit | edit source]

7 of 10 species discovered.

Name Environment Temperament Diet Height Weight Frequency Gender Image
Uimpilicoea Suisatr Land Passive Oxide elements 4.80 221.35 Rare None 20180304195553 1.jpg
Mazomeriae Iquiv Land Calm Herbivore 1.93 78.59 Uncommon Asymptotic 20180307232430 1.jpg
Outuusis Noka Land Timid Oxide elements 0.80 68.51 Common Alpha 20180304204236 1.jpg
Fenniae Noka Land Anxious Absorbed Nutrients 0.53 40.49 Common None 20180307234026 1.jpg
Haixoea Errag Water Predator Carnivore 2.50 103.46 Rare Asymptotic 20180307224655 1.jpg
Shummusosae Kehed Water Anxious Vegetation 0.59 58.26 Common Asymptotic 20180304212421 1.jpg
Adragloea Kehed Water Anxious Vegetation 0.52 30.68 Common Symmetrical 20180304212809 1.jpg

Flora[edit | edit source]

Name Root structure Nutrient Source Notes Image
Suthmangea Taymbirera Narrow Mushroom Recovery Suffocating Smell 20180304202945 1.jpg
Rubatae Nebernii Concealed Atmospheric Humidity Host to Parasites 20180304203442 1.jpg
Caumanemus Gavehemmima Symbiotic Confused Insects Nonperishable 20180307225352 1.jpg
Omodea Avivensosa Extensive Downfall High Internal Pressure 20180307230211 1.jpg
Loqus Mochium Underdeveloped Infrared Radiation Shadow Sprouts 20180307230844 1.jpg

Sentinels[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]

Indicate which elements can be found, and their relative frequency

Name Type Note
Carbon Isotope
Plutonium Isotope
Thamium9 Isotope
Copper Neutral
Emeril Neutral
Heridium Silicate
Platinum Silicate
Iron Oxide
Zinc Oxide
Titanium Oxide

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