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The subject of this article is from the Synthesis update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 18 February, 2020.
Disambig.png This article is about the current version of the Portal Catalogue. For the Pathfinder version, see Portal Catalogue (Pathfinder).
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Portals are a method of intra-galactic transportation from one planet to another using a version of teleportation.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Portals are a feature in No Man's Sky and can be found on select planets. The following is a list of discovered locations.

Known locations[edit | edit source]

Players are encouraged to enter their findings to the list below. Remember to mark portals with a comm station so other players can locate it, too. Save Beacons are not visible by other players! (unless they are built within your base)

All portals are in the Euclid galaxy unless indicated otherwise.

Portal Address Information (PC)[edit | edit source]

Euclid[edit | edit source]

Planet System Portal Address Coords Data Faction Comments
New Rugan 108A029942CF Vy'keen Manufacturing, Toxic, Many Structures/ POIs, only 5 Fauna, no water.
Udanymitat Josefer Futtsusa 2001010E66F8 Vy'keen Irradiated winds.
Planet F Vykiss 41A8FF2D19BB
Kalkesha Futuris Maximus portal data needed 0EC2:007D:09CB:01AA
Mydanuriona Oyabust-Frust 3056F702A6C8 Chuck
Ilsewalphoco-Iham Iskiti IV 1168046F2F69 0768:0083:0EF1:0168 Boiling Planet, plenty of resources and buildings. Asonju Cluster Add by TimSC1
Icangsa Aogour (Planet 1 Raging Snowstorms) Donkers Planet 1 010C046F0F68 0767:0083:0EEF:010C added by TimSC1
Kostelmarkiv-Adi (planet 2) Donkers Planet 2 210C046F0F68 0767:0083:0EEF:010C Gek Planet 2: Decaying radioactive planet. Many resources.

Esarte region. added by TimSC1

Eyagaio Aeguror Wuganna-Tuneve 20B0046F1F68 0767:0083:0EF0:00B0 Vy'keen Lush planet with High security sentinels. Gaedungai Cloud
Miharakata Sett
(seed name)
Crontbij-Oli XVI 11D5046F2F68
(Address was checked on PS4 6-21-2018)
0767:0083:0EF1:01D5 POSSIBLE DEATH
Portal is partially under water, You Spawn under water! be prepared to swim! Weather is EXTREME Boiling Monsoons.
Region Oyajie Adjunct, added by TimSC1
Kasayamagu Ehri Egezhe-Utur 010101010101 0900:0080:080F:0101 Many communication stations around the portal.
Yumacain Livit Urqenze 406201979D65 Gek MajorMarcin base.
Bagyarasanhe Yablun-Odr XII 107A01979D65 Frequent Toxic storms, Atlas Add by MajorMarcin
Higarabir Rytah Gezheji 302701979D65 Korvax High security. Added by MajorMarcin
Levettani Atkalo Ronhoven-Yarj 405001F22917 Gek Add by MajorMarcin
Descent1 Orxungni 2193FA5F4CAC Hot. Base nearby.
Dunkelza's Vacation Paradise 2A Decent: Underground 2Alpha 21BBF95FACA9 Mild, Typ-Sent, Base nearby. System Sci_Sust, Trivial
Asukhov Uennin 4171FA5F3CAD UIQU:04AC:0079:0DF2:0171 Mild (Lt Tox Rain), 3-4 Bases nearby. Opulent economy. Albumen pearls.
Zeme Penkiolikta 206CF9D799A4 ARMI:01A3:0078:0578:006C Vy'keen Lush Type, Calm Weather.

Local Elements: Star bulb, Gold, Iridium, Heridium

Tolichinsky Odet 2079010FF98B Extreme radioactive weather with frequent storms, many predators. Standard sentinels. Exocraft recommended. Add by TimSC1
Namogliedep 20940165814A Icy planet, fairly safe with passive sentinels, plenty of buildings. Added by TimSC1
Ilmanni-Habe Cabop Ormani XII 11B602658149 Extreme cold planet with blizzards. Lifeless, minimal buildings. Source of Radnox, Aluminium, Sulphurine. Add by TimSC1
Lonaryaze Shkalskope Makar 2003FC125922 0121:007B:0924:0003 Irradiated.
Aguchirish Utrios Aertei-Unkh 30270396916D Lots of Space Goats (High security sentinels)
Kushep B36 Ahdzan-Tinio 1079FF495555
Nois IV Martamys 10830767E1E7 LEYGO:09E6:0086:0E7D:0083 Korvax. Nuclidic Atmosphere. Resources: Gamma Root, Salt, Uranium, Copper.
Kuts 19/02 Akutsk 20B500A0F352 GUPA:0B51:007F:020E:00B5 Gek Temperate Manufacturing/Wealthy,

Albumen Pearl, Star Bulb, Silver, Paraffinium, Copper

Vegae Yasuket 3021F9C1F5A0 0D9F:0078:041E:0021 Korvax Albumen Pearl, Star Bulb, Salt, Paraffinium, Copper
Yarmand Xangqia-Guxo XIX 502E059F0C9D 049C:0084:01EF:002E Gek Econ: Research//Fledgling - Conflict Level: Dangerous. (Irradiated/Passive Sents/High Flora/Typical Fauna - Gamma Root, Silver, Uranium, and Copper.)
Esotaplef Buyam 210121021021 OEHN:0820:00A0:0820:0101 Moon covered in huge stone rings - good for aerial acrobatics. Uncharted system - no station. Weather - Angered Clouds (occasional hot storms).
FR3 0015-01 FR3 0015 101F01BCEA98 Korvax Humid Planet - Albumen Pearl, Star Bulb, Silver, Paraffinium, Copper

Found by FormlessOne.

Tipto IV Aggnilo-Zigon COOP:0188:007E:053D:0030 Korvax 4 Planet system, 1 moon.
FR3 0024-03 FR3 0024
Gek Humid Planet - Fungal Mould, Sodium, Ammonia, Copper

Found by FormlessOne.

FR3 0039-01 FR3 0039 11B3FE95B132
Vy'keen Icy Planet - Frost Crystal, Sodium, Dioxite, Copper

Found by FormlessOne.

Thdadolfn Ieda Roborga OWTY:0188:007E:053D:0052 Cold planet, five planet system
Rukingdone Esend Orkhor III 018EF736A5CA ESGU:0DC9:0076:0B69:018E Gek green System, Trade, 5 Planet
Sebasdus Prime Efremi XV 2086FCC185C9 0DC8:007B:0417:0086 Gek Prosperous/At war. Copper. Extreme Sentinel planet. Gravitino balls everywhere. found by pinheadbrigade
Ninok Layana-Ping 11A8F825A9A5 Gek Extreme Weather planet, abundant Storm Crystals, Hostile drones
Moon of Irkbymo VI Osineui 30C309646266 Extreme Cold with blizzards; frost crystals, activated cadmium, dioxite, silver

Hesperius Dimension[edit | edit source]

Planet System Portal Address Coords Data Faction Comments
Akyotaw Kolyub Avuoda-Teba 3663050C1663 0E62:0081:08C0:1663
Nucischaftinche-Nepon Avuoda-Teba 1663050C1663 0E62:0081:08C0:1663
Lucutiiqilag Diyzhen XIII 2131F70EB95D 015C:0076:08EA:0131 friendly water planet. (UPDATE - This is not a water planet)
Amniu VI Yanisop-Agbai 30D4040E5915 PC, *Game Mode: Normal, +Biome: Lush, Base, Farm, Galactic Terminal, Group E, Language: German, Racetrack, Tourism, Version: Visions

Calypso[edit | edit source]

Planet System Portal Address Coords Data Faction Comments
Igeravironi-Arh Zuokaiwa-Tuy 307903DD854F RUMAN:0D4E:0082:05D7:0079 High toxicity moon. Lots of Calium , Closed system NO Teleport or Base Build.
FR4 0051-02 FR4 0051 207BFD539FE1
Korvax Gamma Root, Cobalt, Uranium, Copper

Found by FormlessOne.

Eissentam[edit | edit source]

Planet System Portal Address Coords Data Faction Comments
Nugkaxusanta-Ejjar Amuras 604207EEB946 Gene R's base.
Jensso IV Dazakirishi 11ABFFB1EB07 HAMIA:0306:007E:031D:01AB Local resources: Star Bulb, Aluminium, Nickel, Heridium. S-Class ships spawn at trading posts. Warp Reactor Tau and Theta in Space Station.
New Rurin Ilhund-Syego 403B016C2E7E AJAU:067D:0080:0EC1:003B Korvax 3 Planets; 1 Moon | Beautiful Weather | Abundant Flora | Occasional Fauna | Low Sentinel | Mining Economy |


Henniel VI Umxukoheq XIV 103A016C2E7E RALA:067D:0080:0EC1:003A Korvax 6 Planets | Light Showers | Standard Sentinels | High Flora | Moderate Fauna | Sustainable Ore Processing |

BASE ON TOP OF NEARBY PLATEAU (10 peaks left of portal)

Anjo 80/B1 Oobaimanu Ganesh 114703C49AE3 02E2:0082:0448:0147 Korvax 3 Planets | Toxic Outbreaks | Regular Sentinels | Frequent Flora | Abundant Fauna | Prosperous Mercantile


Vega Uwamadoo Flamorp 2095016BCE80 067F:0080:0eBB:0095 Vy'keen 6 Planets | Scalding Rainstorms | Typical Sentinels | Abundant Flora | Generous Fauna | Sustainable Math.

BUILD MODE items in system: Planet Linlala Banala: Electric Cube Planet Binarizorp Tizarp: Terbium Growth

Bixelblam Arpoo Kormazerp Zermaploo 201D016BDE80 067F:0080:0eBC:001D Gek 5 Planets | Temperate | Limited Sentinels | Copious Flora | Occasional Fauna | Medium Metal Processing

BUILD MODE items in system: Planet Oomot Zandor: Bubble Cluster

Enbayo Meeigwo-Opi 114DFE6B1E82 0681:007D:0EB0:014D Korvax 5 Planets | Freezing Night Winds | Frenzied Sentinels | Abundant Fauna | Full Fauna | Medium Shipping

BUILD MODE items in system: Planet Staripidae Major: Ossified Star

Mefonterp Sendaroo Ermaplex Gizamplox 218F016BCE7F 067E:0080:0EBB:018F Korvax 6 Planets | Humid | Low Sentinels | High Flora | Occasional Fauna | Mathematical

BUILD MODE items in system: Planet Catorzex Zamploid: Light Fissure

Uroto 18/Q6 Yilgaglorb Yamow 303C016C2E7E 067D:0080:0EC1:003C Korvax 3 Planets | 1 Moon | Mostly Calm | Threatening Sentinels |Bountiful Flora | Abundant Fauna | Dec. Alchemical

BUILD MODE items in system: Planet Xercibex: Glitching Separator

Hidaglorn Biznerple Yilgamor Splendazipan 2133006E1E7E 067D:007F:0EE0:013 Vy'keen 6 Planets | Boiling Puddles | Reg Sentinels | High Flora | Bountiful Fauna | Booming Fuel Generation

BUILD MODE items in system: Planet Bamazoip Gardvik: Calcishroom & Ersonfloop Mindaevin: Ossified Star

Zawalarpu Arpos Funzari Banzibus Pluram 3045006B9E80 067F:007F:0EB8:0045 Gek 6 Planets | Wandering Hot Spots | Typical Sentinels | Freqent Flora | Rich Fauna | Developing Alchemical

BUILD MODE items in System: Planet Ootari Canthor: Cable Pod

Cindark Glarpopl Ersibo Flamorf 208D03C41ADC 02DB:0082:0440:008D Vy'keen 5 Planets | Beautiful Weather | Limited Sentinels | Abundant Flora | Common Fauna | High Ore Processing

BUILD MODE items in System: Planet: Skarnazle Dizmark: Hexplate Bush

Vexibalor Verblomp Ottoriy-Vonok 212402CB0B6F 036E:0081:04AF:0124 Vy'keen 3 Planets | Refreshing Breeze | Low Security | Abundant Flora | Typical Fauna | Booming Ore Processing

BUILD MODE items in System: Planet Mupenuvania: Capilliary Shell & Kulinumae Flernarpin: Calcishroom

Calimagoo Sherper Malomaloo Vaz 11B802C4F2F6 0AF5:0081:044E:01B8 Korvax 2 Planets | 3 Moons | Temperate | Regular Sentinel | Generous Flora | High Fauna | Prosperous Mercantile

BUILD MODE items in System: Moon Flammel Magu: Cable Pod

Geni Sigma Ootari Ruze 109D02C5C2EC 0AEB:0081:045B:009D Korvax 5 Planets | 1 Moon | Dust Storms | Regular Sentinel | High Flora | Rich Fauna | Booming Nano-Construction

BUILD MODE items in System: S-Class Explorer (38/12 slot) | Planet Fizzarp Glampow: Bubble Cluster

Fiznam Limlala Rutisha 211B02C6C2E1 0AE0:0081:046B:011B Korvax 2 Planets | Radiation Outbursts | Passive Sentinel | Frequent Flora | Abundant Fauna | Flourishing Construct,

BUILD MODE items in System: Planet Pugadoo Splinerp: Glitching Separator

Lela Kinens 501FFFA81461 0C60:007E:0280:001F Korvax 5 Planets | 1 Moon | Anomalous | Hostile | Ample Flora | Full Fauna

Budullangr[edit | edit source]

Planet System Portal Address Coords Data Faction Comments
Deimos Maximus Sobek L 31D700F48931 ||0130:007F:0747:01D7 Normal mode base. Capital of the Sobek Colonial Confederation

Portal Address Information (PS4)[edit | edit source]

Planet System Portal Address Coords Data Comments
Oz:2 Dodewog-Koto V 10E305693DCD
Zebuhrmannage Urdijkerl | 602B05693DCD
Gavievinsky 40E305693DCD
Qewaynagiume Laganga II 119B039331B7 Mining // Comfortable Economy. High Conflict.

1-planet (Wintery) system. Vy'keen-controlled.

Moony Meadows [HUB8-!-1F4] N1MMERS4TT Rises  21F403556C4C 044B:0082:0D55:01F4 Small farm (faraway).

High security sentinels.

Mimatotang Tinsuga Ozavil 104300B234F9 712349 LY from Galaxy Centre.
Perfect Cultural Diversity Ratio United

Humanoid Supremacist's

307AFBC625AB 0DAA:007A:0461:007A Portal found 12/21/17 by PSN user FatCam1
Yokhvalas-Flhe Kiyeri Nuhetsf 3229FCA271D1 Found by PapiiGascoigne

29 December 2017

Smuliary Nagber Sialno-Niy 2080FE21B6AE 0EAD:007D:0A1A:0080
Tiang Omega Meyama V 2015009E3379 0B78:007F:01E2:0015 Added By SuikodenGrey 7/9/18

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