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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
Disambig.png This article is about the Pathfinder version of the Portal Catalogue. For the Visions version, see Portal Catalogue.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Bedisologii Portal.jpeg

Portals are a feature in No Man's Sky and can be found on select planets. The following is a list of discovered locations.

Known locations[edit | edit source]

Players are encouraged to enter their findings to the list below. Remember to mark portals with a comm station so other players can locate it, too. Save Beacons are not visible by other players!

Marked with comm station[edit | edit source]

Planet System Coords Image Comments
Aequitas HOV Hub Relay Arc (Ocopadica) Portal marked with comm stations (PS4 normal)
Ahibahcal Anai V-1 Onsen IV 3 portals, one is marked with comm station (PS4)
Algodoijia XZ584 K-26 Aowun Comm station on PS4
Alvier HUB-V-3D Helvetia Marked with comm station
Azlich JL856 G-83 Cuomingbud Marked with comm station (PS4)
Braatunutl YX896 G-1C Ison Comm station on PS4
Chandrian HUB-V-55 Rothfuss Marked with comm station (PS4)
Drogradur NO425 HUB-G-211 Lennon Marked with comm station (PS4)
Elysium HUB8-G-134 Two Edens Marked with comm station (PS4 & PC)
FoundPortal "[" Marked with comm station (PS4) (Directly below HUB-V-15D_TopOfTheTree)
Ganju Jin Coords: DOMM:01FD:007E:0598:0055 , marked with comm station (PS4).
Gawasebondenha HUB11-K-84 Krabs Marked with comm station (PC)
Glitnir Hub2-V- Near Tarl's Borg base, portal is marked with a comm station naming it Forsetti's Gate
Heilingqen Lokerl 3/3 6 known portals, each marked with a comm station on (PS4)
Ikinohashi Ifterb Lemoniaz Demoniaj Marked with comm station (PC)
Jausluettampof HUB8-V Gionovodylu-Alsbar Euclid Galaxy, 3 known Portals, 1 marked with comm station (PC & PS4)
Kesendais Erlan K-75 Helo Comm station on PS4
Kisov HUB11-G-06 Tupinol Coords: HORR:0469:0082:0D6D:0206 , Uahakplatopo Adjunct , marked with comm station (PS4)
Nabuilmat Aionem Riglazovouze VII Euclid Galaxy, marked with comm station (PS4)
Land o Lakes Local Serenity AH (Ocopadica) Portal marked with comm stations (PS4 normal)
Lumination Lumination Base Portal marked with comm stations (PS4 normal)
NMS Cafe Java Jawa's AH.KT Nuguaichta region next to Ocopadica marked with comm station (PS4) Normal
Nojikov ZN767 HUB-K-1FA Jubei Euclid Galaxy, marked with comm station (PC & PS4)
ODF1 Ocopadica Defense Force HQ - AH Top of Ocopadica tree below Treetop, marked with comm station (PS4 Normal)
Oh Yeah Mr Krabs Portal Oh Yeah Mr Krabs Portal Euclid Galaxy, Auvivithe region, marked with a comm station (PC)
Riqian Tanimont HUB-G-C Wanukihara Marked with comm station (PC)
Sasyetaccancun V-47 Batanglinxi Comm station on PS4
Shobin 8D Ward 8D Euclid Galaxy, Woforssonsi region, marked with comm station (PC)
Synn Amino Prime Located at the Amino Hub Capital above Treetop Marked with comm stations (PS4 Normal)
Takaian Lamarch G-18 Gala 2 locations marked with comm stations (PS4)
Tottori HUB-V-18 Anisa Euclid Galaxy, marked with comm station (PS4)
The Forge of the Vy'keen - AH The Dark Side of the Atlas - AH Euclid Galaxy, marked with comm station (PS4)
Upinslonvi Faddors Starfall Marked with comm stations(PS4)
Valafar The Sinister Minister Euclid Galaxy, Ocopadica region, marked with comm station (PS4)
Walley World Prime HUB-G-70 Walley World! Euclid Galaxy, marked with comm station (PS4)
Talovs Bukyung Memnestellin Euclid Galaxy, marked with comm station (PS4)
Nieuw Toigashima-chm Heniiakhtyo-lugre Marked with comm station (PC) I coords: COTES:0136:0085:06DD:0053

Other[edit | edit source]

Planet Systems Coords Image Comments
Bedisologii Kusovskyvius Near a mountain on a planet with no life, regular sentinels, arid climate.
Cavex Vizke Lumen Euclid Galaxy, at least two portals on this planet
Coeverfla Ateyag Koshunatokon
Cylon Anya Near nothing, it's on a larger island in the middle of nowhere. Inactive (?)
Dawg Rebel Rebel
Dizhenskyvinu Etrinkanne Visible from a large monolith and small shelter
Ediliz DTJ Makat DT 0018
Emerild Islands Egheldonks-Bebar
Ewtonevskia-Leysk Gusevoyenkoma Euclid Galaxy, moon
Eyugoicangye-Eyr Every
Floderbast Fekundus Euclid Galaxy, moon
Gacungmai Nicol "Shanks" "Shanks system 190" Calypso Galaxy
Girrupau Interfaz Atlas IV moon
GodIsGood Itaitungsuh-Rila V Near Ouhottk Badlands
Gorogohl links to Yaasrij (pre-release)
Hasdrubal Nova Hispania
Ipiazzas Likara Veldders 29
Isolation Atlas2 Near Ovgor Wastes (PS4)
Land of the Much-Adored Portal I Beat Ruskie!
LatShiriinar Ruwingasted-Imbre Exit to ?? (??)
Lumi Lucia III On a hill. There's 3 monoliths that form a triangle around each of these portals.
Many Monoliths PORTAL Marked in Many Monoliths Planet Coords DWRI:05F6:007C:0191:0054 marked with two beacons. Leave message.
MilkMeHarderDaddy Loyartyomo-Amnya XVIII
Nearest of station Ajimizuof-Uriss Near Claro of Yosal and Yuhymipie
New Phaeton Lyman V
Newton Prime Newton System
Orkhorind Liwendr Sastrovomayk
Plethora Azure Located near water.
PORTAL Udoimaindoneyu
Portal & Beacon Portal & Beacon Coords ARTI:068B:0081:0915:000E
Portal Here look_u_wont_find_it located near Korvax building
Portal Here Zohigunluennin Near 'The Salawitt' Area
Portal Planet Portal System Near a trading post, low atmosphere planet (E Class System)
Portales Gateway Exit to ?? (PS4)
Portalia V Aardwolf
Porto Lafossiperh
Renature Apeture Near Rainbows Hillside
Riselandendr Ateringesbes near the Zohdan Badlands
Rockjaw Antakawata-Inj PS4
SacLan A Tribe Called Quest
Sahikaw FL632 Vopavlovoro-Hos system in Hilbert Dimension
Seismicity Antakawata-Inj Near alien monolith (PS4)
The Devils Planet Wallace-14
Trenticus Trentarius
Ufeng Pidine Zeniykhalins Near Manufacturing Facility
Visthepelili-Wikit Arcussappar Moon, Euclid Galaxy
Xaphistle Ardappenbosbra XV Between Gek trading post scanned from space, monolith and plaque.
Yekkilad Yisangr Hegorskyvi-Uia
Yushikasho [GNS] Kunoshea, A.O.E
Zahlec ZO556 Nugeroredslu
HUB-V-16 Amakusa
Rumosatadak-Ofl Toonho KQ750 Near Ranwark Badlands