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A Portal address is a coordinate system used by a Portal.

Summary[edit | edit source]

A Portal address is a coordinate system used by a Portal to determine the position of a target gate in the Portal Network. They are composed of a series of glyphs, which when entered in the correct order using the terminal allow the Portal to establish a wormhole with another portal at the destination.

Address format[edit | edit source]

3D Galaxy chart with Portal coordinate system (the Y axis has a different scale)

A Portal address consists of three distinct parts: the Voxel[1] position, the Solar System Index, and the Planet Index.

Decoding portal address[edit | edit source]

12-character portal address 40ECF8FFEFFF can be decoded like:

# glyph#1 glyphs#2-4 glyphs#5-6 glyphs#7-9 glyphs#10-12
glyphs 4 0EC F8 FFE FFF
hex numerals 4 0EC F8 FFE FFF
var name Planet Index Solar System Index Portal Y Portal Z Portal X

Portal XYZ position can be converted into Signal Booster XYZ values using bitwise operations[2].

Valid Address Values[edit | edit source]

Atlas transport error message

A 12-character portal addresses are used to dial within a galaxy, probably more will be required for greater distances in future game update.

Size of variables in Portal address
var name Portal X Portal Y Portal Z Solar System Index Planet Index
Storage in bytes 3 2 3 3 1
(theoretically possible range,
for unsigned integer type)
0..FFF16 0..FF16 0..FFF16 0..FFF16 0..F16
range for game values [3][4][5] 0..FFF16 0..FF16 0..FFF16 0..2FF16 0..6

The galactic center ( XXXX00000000 ) and a oblate spheroid [6] region around with semiaxes a=~7 voxels, c=~3 voxels are unavailable for a portal's teleportation (possibly due to the presence of a supermassive black hole [7], like in real-world galaxies).

Assuming the dialing portal has been charged and neither is obstructed in any way, the wormhole will then form, allowing passage.

Portal bug[edit | edit source]

Planetary order

Some Portal Addresses DO NOT WORK [8]. The last planet/moon in any star system is unreachable when traveling through portal's wormhole!

Let's use the AGT Vytralaw 51 star system as an example. It has six planets, with the following portal coordinates for the sixth planet Vytralaw Burnity X: 603DFD6ACF8C

If this address is used, the Atlas Interface warns about an error and sends you to the first - Vytralaw Boilireg with PlanetIndex=1 (see comment below)

  • If we arrange celestial bodies (planets and moons) in one row according to their aphelion, the planet closest to the star will have PlanetIndex=1
  • Moons always have a `PlanetIndex` that is higher than their planet

This bug appears to happen with every "final" planet or moon in the system and there is no way of accessing these portals.

References[edit | edit source]

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