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The subject of this article is from the Beyond update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 27 November, 2019.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Qaluja Empire
Qaluja Empire
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Delta
Founded by Darga_Jaarth
Federation member No
Release Beyond

The Qaluja Empire is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Qaluja Empire is a civilized space community located in the Delta quadrant of the Euclid galaxy.

Brief history of the Qalujans[edit | edit source]

Qaluja Empire and year 0[edit | edit source]

For thousands of years, the Qalujas lived in peace on their world. Far from any doubt that there was life elsewhere in the universe, the Qalujans spent most of their time on agriculture and the construction of temples to their gods. This lifestyle lasted for over 200 000 years. In year 0 of the Qalujan calendar, the Sentinels appeared on their planet and they decimated almost all the specie. Believing that the gods were punishing them for a fault they would have committed, the most fanatics indulged themselves in Sentinels in search of redemption. In one year, more than half of the population had disappeared.

From Year 1 to year 83[edit | edit source]

Rise of the warriors[edit | edit source]

The survivors of this continual purge were the most septic of gods. If before they were judged harshly for their lack of faith towards the gods, they were now those who were most apt to fight the Sentinels since they feared no divine wrath.

At the beginning of year 1 until the year 26, shamans who were indirectly tribal leaders were gradually replaced by the best warriors in their village. These same warriors showed the young men and young women how to overcome Sentinels. Some southern tribes, such as the Walaarys, created a muddy material that prevented the Sentinels from flying while the famous tribe of Qalujas simply attacked with ferocity and without fear of death. Until the year 83, the tribes fought alone in their world area.

From Year 83 to year 100[edit | edit source]

The Walaarys[edit | edit source]

The tribes that had survived the Purge of 82 years now knew how to use the guns taken on carcasses of Sentinels. Military powers rose for the first time in history. The two main tribes that had survived and evolved technologically for over 82 years were the Walaarys and the Qaluja. The two tribes had, over time, built completely different societies.

In the Walaarys, decisions were mads by the men elected by the male people of society. They formed a small government of five individuals and each one managed a field (technology, health, education, trade and culture). This people had a very elitist vision of social relations. To be successful, it was necessary to match the trait of the perfect being according to the standards (physical traits, origins, wealth and family).

The Walaary had devoted the majority of their time to the study of the sentinel technology in order to have a better understanding of their enemy. They were peaceful with other groups of the planet and sought to create a coalition grouping the majority of the nations of the planet.

The Qalujas[edit | edit source]

After all these years of fierce fighting, the Qaluja had become master in the art of war. Unlike their main rival, the society was led by the Darga (Grand Chief). To be the Darga, he had to win battles and be a strategist master. Once recognized by the people, he maintained the position of Darga until he was replaced by a more competent individual. The sovereign chose his own government to reign over his subjects.

Unlike the Walaarys, individuals were not judged on things they considered superficial like physical traits or the family reputation. In addition, men and women had the same rights and duties in society and each was judged on their courage and intelligence.

Being a militaristic and totalitarian society, the Qalujas tended to be aggressive towards other nations on the planet. They conquered territories on which there were the resources they coveted without any warning and at a surprising speed. In the year 100, they had already conquered half the planet.

From year 100 to year 1100[edit | edit source]

Total War[edit | edit source]

Seeing the Qaluja menace grow, the Walaarys grouped the nations of their coalition and attacked the Qalujas by surprise. This act triggered a tragic war known as the 1000 Years War. For hundreds of years, the planet was divided in a constant front of bloody battles, destroyed cities, and natural regions forever lost. In 1098, the Qalujas succeeded after immense losses in capturing the capital of the Walaarys (the biggest city on the planet) and thus guaranteed the agonisassions of war. Two years later, the Pact of “Sùra Curaghju” formalized the end of the war and the Qalujas finally reigned over the entire planet.

From year 1100 to 3500[edit | edit source]

The Eternal Reign of the Darga[edit | edit source]

The Qalujas had integrated all conquered nations within his society without any reluctance. He used faithful Walaarys for technological research, Kasams for agriculture, and Holovis for human development.

The centuries passed, and the planet Qaluja now only formed one people. In all areas of society, there was tremendous and incessant progress. This golden age lasted until the year 3500.

The year 3602[edit | edit source]

The Vy'keen invasion[edit | edit source]

While the Qalujas were just discovering how to travel in space, a fleet of Vy'keen appeared in the sky of the capital and in a day, Sùra Curaghju had fallen. The Invaders fought the Qalujas all over the planet for more than a week which was abnormally long for the Vy'keens.

They had never seen an adversary adapt as quickly in a context of tragic devastation as was the genocide of Qalujas. The fighting and fanatical spirit of Qalujas had finally inspired the respect of Vy'keen who also had the same kind of spirit.

The Truce of 3602[edit | edit source]

Seeing a potential allied in his eternal fight against the Sentinels, the Vy'keens sold their military technologies to the Qalujas and taught them how to navigate in hyperspace. This partnership lasted 100 years.

The year 3702[edit | edit source]

From a lost planet to an eternal empire[edit | edit source]

During their many trips to the galaxy, the Qalujas brutally colonized hundreds of planets, integrating them to their empire. One day, they met the United Federation of Travellers, which, for them, was an obstacle to their total conquest of the galaxy. Knowing that they could not defeat this enemy alone, they began to contact other powers of the galaxy to prepare their ultimate achievement, conquer the entire Euclid galaxy. To do this, the Qajulas formed a powerful alliance of totalitarians empires with the same ambitions, to create an opposition bloc powerful enough to counter the corrupt and vicious system of the Federation.

Religion[edit | edit source]

The ancestor of the Qalujans were animist. They believed that every organism on the planet had a soul and they had to respect every living thing. Before the hunt, they had to question the gods as to whether they had the right to kill.

Their main god was known as “Haske Farko” (First Light). Once a month, the different clans would gather around big lakes, install tents, and feast for two days straight. This event was called “Girma Haske” (honoring the light).

Nowadays, even if 98% of the Qalujans are atheists, a certain remnant of these old tradition exists. When they build cities, this people always conceal with the environment. They always have beautiful green cities which contrast with their aggressive invasions and conquests. If they must take a certain resource, the Qalujans will never hesitate to butcher lands, too.

Different branches[edit | edit source]

Pirates[edit | edit source]

If your organisation is a criminal one and you want to join the coalition by sharing your plundered treasures and be assisted in your raids, you can join the Pirate branch of the coalition. The pirates will be sent a rogue entity in time of conflict and for sabotage operations.

Government[edit | edit source]

You can be in the government of the empire if you want to negotiate treaties, participate in the creation of new laws, and recruit new empires to the cause. Politics will be important since it will shape the structure of the organization and bring consistency to our actions. Having a strong government allows us to legitimate our position in the galaxy as a sovereign nation.

Army[edit | edit source]

Members who want to join the military branch of the coalition will have to always be on the edge for operations. If a member power wants to contribute to the army, he must agree to join is fleet whenever the coalition needs it.

Enemies of the Empire[edit | edit source]

How to join?[edit | edit source]

To join the Empire, just contact me. You decide what kind of actions you want to do in the organisation by choosing one of the three branches. Tell a little bit about how you want to play. You don't need to be very specific, just do a little summary on what kind of entity you are representing within the Empire.

You can send your submission in private message to the mod of the subreddit of the coaliton; r/NMS_EmpiresCoaliton

Organization[edit | edit source]

The Qaluja Empire was a member of the Empires Coalition. Since it didn't succeed and cost a lot to the Qalujan, the Darga decided to pull out of the organisation and focus on expanding the Qalujan influence in the Euclid galaxy.

Known words[edit | edit source]

Na = To be

Nakila = Conquered land

Darga = Grand chief

Vari = Immortal

Koto = So is, too

Galov = People

Sùra = Grave

Curaghju = Brave

Haske = Light

Farko = First

Girma = Honor, honoring

Naming convention[edit | edit source]

We ask you to be creative in the naming. Try to invent words and tell us what it mean. In doing so, we will be able to invent a complete alphabet.

Planets: Free to name within the lore of the language

Systems: Have to be named "Qaluja Empire"