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This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Beta
Region Acrumikil Cluster
HQ System Larden
Headquarters Larden (planet)
Founded by Botch1997
Branches 1
Specialisation Data collection/Asset ownership
Services Data/Assets
Federation member Yes
UCA member No
Platform PS4
Release Origins

RAIN is a company.

Summary[edit | edit source]

RAIN is a Company in No Man's Sky. It is a company created by Bailey Jack and serves as a data system for collection of data and assets. It was originally designed for CAI to use for creation and exploration until his departure from the company. Now Bailey Jack runs it as a private firm, operating as a recognised member of the United Federation of Travelers and while it existed, the Galactic Corporate Trust.

Mission[edit | edit source]

Explore. Acquire. Protect.

Background[edit | edit source]

RAIN is run by Bailey Jack and formerly CAI. It's original purpose was to research and explore the creations of the universe but has since been reformed to focus more on the collection and safeguarding of data and assets acquired and owned by Bailey Jack. This occurred after CAI's departure from the company, despite being the original owner. The company currently owns a vault that is housed on the home planet of Bailey Jack and contains the primary ownership of all assets created by him. This company also specialises in the support of others within the universe.

The Chairman[edit | edit source]

The owner of RAIN is Bailey Jack. He also founded many other Civilisations and Companies. As a player of No Man's Sky since it's launch in 2016, he spent the first two years travelling the Euclid Galaxy until he reached the center. There he remained on his new home planet until the NEXT update approached. Beforehand, he created the Galactic Myraakian Federation, though only for a short time. Since NEXT reset the universe, he decided to move to a different region and set up the Samone Corporation, a name he used from a joke at his real life job. He then joined the Federation and ran the Civilisation for many months until the end of 2018 where some conflict issues and miscommunication caused Bailey Jack to leave and temporarily retire.

Once he came back, the LEVIATHAN branch was opened due to the selling of the Samone Corporation to the United Corporate Alliance, a coalition that Bailey Jack helped found, though only briefly. LEVIATHAN rejoined the UCA until a series of controversy drove Bailey Jack to abandon it and once again go into hiding. He has remained a wanted man by the UCA lead council ever since.

In mid 2019 Bailey Jack resurfaced once more after being brought back by his friend CAI, who requested help starting a new Company. They founded RAIN and soon had it accepted into the Federation. Although CAI would eventually leave, Bailey Jack remained and continued to run it from a part time schedule.

On December 29, 2019 Bailey Jack made history for RAIN when he attended his first Unification Day as an ambassador.


  • Communications officers of the Federation
  • Executive for the GCT

departments/Branches[edit | edit source]

The company currently has two departments.

  • Alliances and Security department - This department runs the alliance system for RAIN and controls what companies are supported.
G logo.PNG
  • Ginger department - There is no context to this one, it helps the ginger community. This one was created as a favour for a friend and not to be taken seriously.

The company has one major branch.

Whitetail logo.PNG
RAIN samone.PNG
  • Samone Corporation

The company also controls the Government of Larden.

  • Larden
  • Larden Whitetails

Contact[edit | edit source]

Contact is made through Bailey Jack's reddit account NITRO-ASYLUM

HQ[edit | edit source]

Bailey Jack has the HQ located in his home base Stormchaser Estate on the galactic core planet Larden (planet).

Coordinates[edit | edit source]










Alliances[edit | edit source]

Emblem of the Federation
  • United Federation of Travelers
  • Galactic Corporate Trust

The Vault[edit | edit source]

RAIN owns all assets previously used by other civilisations/companies created by Bailey Jack

Discovered Systems[edit | edit source]


Wicombol Cluster (Samone Corporation)

Acrumikil Cluster (Galactic Myraakian Federation)

Creation Station[edit | edit source]

Image Description
Myraakian logo.jpg First logo Bailey Jack created, used by the Galactic Myraakian Federation.
Samone1.png The first Samone logo created. This was more or less a prototype.
Samone02.png The second Samone logo was to represent a more friendlier Corporation and the new direction it was going in.
Samone03.png The third Samone logo was know as The Hexagon Emblem. It was most common during the embassy creations and the creation of the Samone Archives.
NOS.gif This was the first version of the Samone Flag logo. It was designed after a custom flag JACK made and uses outside NMS.
SCA 2.png This is the second version of the Samone Flag Logo, notable for the absence of lettering. This was the last official logo used during JACKs ownership.
LEVIATHAN (png).png This is the logo used by LEVIATHAN. This came in different colours.
Euclid's Fall.png Used by the cult known as Euclid's Fall.
USWC.png Used by the United System's of the Wicombol Cluster.
UCA.png The logo of the UCA, created by Bailey Jack.
DN.png The original logo of DreadNought.
GMF logo.png New logo for the Galactic Myraakian Federation created by RAIN Studios as part of the GMF project.
CAI logo.png Original prototype RAIN logo representing CAI (Visions).
RAIN logo beyond.png RAIN logo used during Beyond up until CAI's retirement.
RAIN logo 3.JPG Was used until GCT involvement.
RAIN circle.png Abandoned like all the rest.
Image Description
Emblem.jpg Original Samone flag
SCA Flag.jpg Updated Samone flag (V1)
Supreme Flag.jpg Samone (V2) flag with the hexagon logo
Nation of Samone Flag.jpg Last Samone flag, modelled after JACKs personal flag
Euclid's Fall Flag.jpg Flag used by the Euclid's Fall cult.
Galactic Myraakian Federation.jpg Flag used by the Galactic Myraakian Federation

Controversy (Historical retention)[edit | edit source]

The Samone Corporation was the first official civilisation Bailey Jack created. He originally used it as a joke company in other games such as The Sims 4 until bringing it to No Man's Sky after he abandoned the Galactic Myraakian Federation. It joined the Federation in mid 2018 and remained until December. After a successful run, Bailey Jack found himself tied in diplomatic controversy after he assisted a traveller called Tempest (going under a different name) in creating the UCA. This caused him to shut off from the galaxy for a while and leave the Federation.

During January 2019, Bailey Jack put up the Samone Corporation for offer to anybody who could keep it going in his absense (Note: he was not planning on returning at the time). A traveller called The Spyder took the offer and claimed the company. When Bailey Jack eventually returned, the Samone Corporation was a member of the UCA once more, though it was barely used by it's owner, who instead mostly ran Wild Space. Creating LEVIATHAN as a replacement, Bailey Jack worked with the UCA, even attempting to claim back the Corporation due to it's inactivity, this request was denied.

When the Trailblazer Firm was wrongly kicked out of the UCA after a power struggle, LEVIATHAN pulled out due to a breach in confidentiality during talks with the Federation. This resulted in a massive vendetta against Bailey Jack by the leading UCA members, including the Samone Corporation.

Knowing he wouldn't be able to claim it back that way, Bailey Jack chose to lock down the assets that he created for the firm. This by chance would be most of the history for the firm, not including anything The Spyder did (which was nothing). By rights this would include the name since Bailey Jack created that too, though this has created a stale mate in ownership since the actual firm is owned by Bailey Jack, but he'd be unable to use it while The Spyder has control. Despite this, Bailey Jack still claims ownership over the firm regardless of ownership disputes.


Trivia[edit | edit source]

This trivia represents all assets of Bailey Jack

  • The name 'RAIN' is in bold letters, yet each letter represents no word individually.
  • The name CAI stands for 'Computerised Artificial Intelligence'.
  • Bailey Jack helped found the UCA with a traveller called Tempest after an offer while he was still in the Federation.
  • 'RAIN' is the fourth major civilisation/company Bailey Jack has created.
  • The Samone Corporation was the first major civilisation/company to join the Federation and the UCA. It also became the first company that joined the UCA after it's creation, exception being MegaCorp as the founder.
  • None of Bailey Jack's companies participated in Unification Day until RAIN attended in 2019.
  • 'Myraak' is a play on the name 'Miraak', a character in the Elder Scrolls series.
  • 'LEVIATHAN' was named after a mythical creature of the same name.
  • Under Bailey Jack's rule, the Samone Corporation once had the most alliances and embassies within the Federation for it's time.
  • Bailey Jack was once wanted by the UCA lead council but has since negotiated peace.
  • The current logo was loosely inspired by the SAW franchise.
  • The Whitetail name was inspired by a region from the Ubisoft game Far Cry 5.

Gallery[edit | edit source]