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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Republic of Kairos
Republic of Kairos
Galaxy Eissentam
Quadrant Beta
Region Sea of Emurros
Capital system Temporary (TBD)
Capital planet (To Be Determined)
Founded by PelagiusK (PS4)
Federation member No
Platform PS4
Release Atlas Rises

The Republic of Kairos is a Civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Republic of Kairos stems from a long line of travellers know as the Trouvaille. At a young age of 17 they are sent to travel the galaxy and make a name for themselves.

The Republic was founded by PelagiusK during the Atlas Rises convention after his home planet Eunoia was decimated by the Great Reset, rendering him unable to return home. This event sparked in his mind a dedication to recreate this ancient civilization and restore it to its former glory.

He went on to found the Republic of Kairos in order to restore the Trouvaille to a new region and continue to instill the dedication to travel and discovery. He implored many expeditions in his time to gather his fellow Trouvaille from across the galaxies to start a glowing capital in the Sea of Emurros to bring the people back to their former glory and continue their reign amongst the stars.

Founder[edit | edit source]

After drifting through space, attempting to find a solid foundation for the new District Euonia, PelagiusK (PS4) stumbled upon a small island region known as the Sea of Emurros. After carefully mapping the region he decided that <> would make a sufficient premise to the new empire and the beginning of bringing the Trouvaille to prosperity once more.

Once the first wave of Trouvaille caught wind of the endeavor to regrow there community there was a massive flock from all across the universe. Many who were on fantastic adventures, expeditions and starting families packed up everything to have the opportunity to continue their lives as part of something bigger. They knew the cost at the beginning, and were willing to trek through galaxies to get to Emurros and start anew, rather, start again -- start stronger and be better.

Once the construction and expansion from <> extended into the surrounding regions PelagiusK was hailed "Pacemaker." He was never one for titles, and wanted to be a part of a team, rather than a man on a pedestal. The Trouvaille spoke it as "the man who sets the pace for the future," which he gladly accepted.

History[edit | edit source]

A True Trouvaille[edit | edit source]

The Republic of Kairos has a long and rich history of pride, perseverance and expansion. Long before we officially became the "Republic of Kairos" we were the "District Eunoia," better known as, "the district of beautiful thinking."

Each year a new generation of Trouvaille would load up their 23 slot fighters gifted to them by the district for Resfeber and claim new lands in the district honor. Some Trouvaille could be seen conquering ferocious fauna for units, some became galactic scientists dedicating to their lives to discovering flora, and a select few dedicated to their existence to it all. All being a True Trouvaille, having discovered and learned all of systems, planets, Flora, fauna, blueprints and sentinel hunting.

NOTE: Resfeber is a Trouvaille ceremony that takes place every year for growing Trouvaille to do what they were born to do. Embark on a journey of self and galactic discovery for the District.

Our true history begins with a True Trouvaille, the Traveller who stood up to Atlas, and founded our civilization as we know it. The dawn of the Republic of Kairos...

Atlas Rises[edit | edit source]

Thus begins the journey of our traveler, logged in his journal are entries past and present.

Welcome to WeatherEye[edit | edit source]

06 MAY 2117
I have a beautiful island planet, realm, I like to call it, considering I'm all alone out here. Adorned with beautifully broken slopes that were seeming of winter, but scorned with the pinks and blues of galactic space travel. Also, an endless supply of Rigogen as my home sits atop a bustling ocean with depth and supplies.

11 AUG 2117
Apparently, something terrible has progressed through the night, how I slept through it is unbeknownst to me. It has vaporized the ocean, incinerated the flora, and flattened the land before me. As I peer outside my window the pink and blue is now a ghastly orange and green, and I can barely see between the rolling clouds on what I assume can only be noxious gaseous clouds. Surely a remnant of what has progressed before me as I slept ever so peacefully. I suppose they should have sent a poet. Instead, I get an asteroid.

21 AUG 2117
As I peer above what used to be of my lovely planet. I have lived here for months... which make me feel terrible considering I haven't done much of anything. I got word via Korvax transmission that Eunoia was decimated. They got wind of a sentinel attack, and most of them evacuated, placing them in a refugee status.

A great nation, forced to run and hide. The birthplace of many fearsome leaders against the sentinels. The people dedicated to exploration and discovery, and instilling that in the youth of tomorrow. The planet was attacked and in its wake the Great Reset took place. The transmission explained that it went from a blossoming metropolis to a fungus filled mess, and that most of the District leaders succumbed to fungal illnesses, or were forced out with the last of the survivors.

I barely have any units, the ship I got from the District, and what used to be a beautiful horizon is left with noxious gas. Time is not a strong suit for an intergalactic space man traveling by his lonesome, but I suppose now is as good a time as any to say farewell to what used to be, and start anew. In search of better things. Anything could be better than this copritestorm I woke up to 10 days ago.

23 AUG 2117
I was flying across the surface of a desolate planet, in search of water and supplies, desperately in need a refuel. It's been so long since I've truly travelled. I'm quite bad at it, honestly. For 2 days of travel, who am I kidding? Space traveller? Who knew? This massive rock somewhat jumped at me. Almost as if it were calling out to me. Strangely enough, it only seemed logical that I should stop by and at least try to make sense of what it is that I'm feeling.

24 AUG 2117
So, yea, portals, bad idea. I don't even know why I'm writing, all I know is that this is bonkers. I'm too young to deal with this. My home went to coprite, and now my ship is nowhere to be found. Going 1 step forward, and 2000 LYs back.

01 SEP 2117


If you don't know what this is, I'd stop reading for a while until you find out.

We did a flyover for him. He was a beautiful soul, who taught me a lot about being a Trouvaille. It's in my blood. It's who I am. I'm not JUST a man of opportunity. I can be someone with purpose. Enough with all this life, death and simulation madness. I will be.

16 Warps Later[edit | edit source]

16 SEP 2117
I stand at the door to my fate. Nothing seems real anymore. Who am I? This talk of 4th race, simulations, sentinels. I feel as though I've never truly seen myself ... ever, figuratively speaking of course. I feel as though I've gone insane. It's all too much to bear, and I don't have enough left to fight the inevitable. So, 16 warps and here I stand face to face with fate, with nowhere left to go but forward.

What'll it be?


23 SEP 2117

I've decided to settle down. Kind of. I'm sure you can see the date of this entry. It's been a week. I'm not sure what happened, honestly. Everything is still quite the blur. I met with the Atlas, and somehow managed to save the Galaxy from another Great Reset, so soon after the previous one. I don't know how... and I don't know at what cost. All I know, is I had to make a choice. I chose for the good of my people, and for the good of the civilization before me, and after me. I chose peace, prosperity, discovery, companionship and tranquility.

I just have to fix my ship first. Intergalactic travel isn't for the faint of heart, or vanilla ships.


Kairos and You[edit | edit source]

Navigating to and Living in the Republic[edit | edit source]

See Kairos Republic Digest - Guide to RoK for a quick and easy way on how to reach the Republic. Here you will also find, Trouvaille customs, how to contribute, rules and more.

Interloper Census[edit | edit source]

Once you have reached the Republic of Kairos, we ask that you immediately fill out the Interloper Census.

  • We ask this so that we have an accurate depiction of the number of interlopers as part of the Republic.
  • So that other interlopers get to experience the multiplayer aspect of NMS and visit a player base. (Feel free to omit, should you choose to opt out.)
  • When looking for a visit, an interloper will be able to easily know whether they are on the same platform in order to visit.

Mission Kairos[edit | edit source]

The Republic of Kairos has many opportunities for vocation.

There is no need to apply, just simply step into any of the roles below and do the job to the best of your ability. Once you meet the requirement to deem you as an officiant of that role, then you will be added to the census under that title.

  • Explorer
  • Galaxias Interceptor

Discoveries[edit | edit source]

All Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Republic of Kairos - Discoveries

Notable Systems[edit | edit source]

Houses a portal in the Uldrust Band on the left of the Sea of Emurros. This allows travellers to enter the Republic and become a part of its civilization much simpler than a lengthy journey. Although, the journey is the Trouvaille way.