Retreat of Rimesh

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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
Retreat of Rimesh
Retreat of Rimesh
Galaxy Euclid
Region Oetzilleybi Void
Star system TWS-K-D6 Fujimandoa
Moon of Furnace of Ewijh
Weather Droughty
Resources SpadoniumEmerilIridium
Sentinels Passive
Flora Full
Fauna Uncommon
Discovered by gobbldygook (Anor the Wanderer)
Platform PC
Updated Pathfinder

Retreat of Rimesh is a moon.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Retreat of Rimesh is a habitable moon, located in [TWS-K-D6] Fujimandoa. It orbits Furnace of Ewijh, which can often be seen looming overhead or on the horizon. Waste of Gelotan can also be seen from some areas of the moon.

100% of fauna have been discovered.

Geography and Climate[edit | edit source]

Rimesh's geography largely consists of tall ridges with occasional sandy plains between - a Nomad is recommended for exploration, due to the dramatic changes in elevation. The climate is temperate during the day, although temperature drops significantly at night. Rimesh is not known to have storms.

Vegetation and Resources[edit | edit source]

While Rimesh is classified as a barren planet, it thrives with hardy plant life. Several varieties of cacti grow in its sandy plains and along the borders of cave areas, although the ridge-tops tend to be fairly empty of flora.

It is also awash with a variety of useful resources - Thamium9, Platinum, and Zinc all grow in relative abundance on the plains and ridges, and Antrium is plentiful in the cave systems.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Rimesh is home to the Lamitto Diplo, a small variety of diplo with large face and neck plates. It is relatively small, 2.5 meters tall on average, and prefers to wander the more barren ridges. The Lamitto Diplo has the distinction of being the first diplo species discovered in the Oetzilleybi Void. A much rarer and tinier diplo with cobra neck ridges has also been discovered.

Lodscob Outpost is a known location for the Impulse of Stmerrhaef, an Alien multi-tool. A Communications Station marks the entrance to the outpost. It is unknown whether or not this multi-tool appears elsewhere in the system.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Lamitto Exotica Diplo The Diplo Roars
K-D6 Lamitto a.jpg K-D6 Lamitto b.jpg
The Lamitto Diplo The Ofugow Diplo
K D6 Rimesh Diplos.jpg K D6 Rimesh Diplos Ofugow.png
A Glimpse of the Desert Impulse of Stmerrhaef
K D6 Rimesh 1.jpg K D6 MT Stmerrhaef.jpg
A Rimesh Night The Ruins of Rimesh
K D6 Rimesh 3.jpg K-D5 rimesh ruins.jpg

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