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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.

The Samone Archives are a data page.

Welcome to the Samone Archives[edit | edit source]

You have entered the Samone Archives, once owned and supported by the Samone Corporation, now under the management of LEVIATHAN and the Central Samone Intelligence. The purpose of the archives is to bring the public a database that provides useful information on universe matters. Some information may be unreadable. This is due to classified data that is only accessible to higher LEVIATHAN executives.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Some data is fiction and represents roleplay within the community.

Classification[edit | edit source]

The Corporation uses four classes to distinguish civilizations or various objects/people.

OC logo.jpg Safe Classified as safe and trustworthy. No threat detected.
AC logo.jpg Anonymous Not enough data recovered/classication unknown
YC logo.jpg Caution Mostly safe with minor threat detected. Mostly monitored.
BC logo.jpg Dangerous WARNING - AVOID AT ALL COSTS
Neutralized logo.jpg Neutralized No longer active

Data files[edit | edit source]

DATA FILE #001 - ATC[edit | edit source]

BC logo.jpg

The ATC (Anomaly Trading Company) is an alliance in the [CLASSFIED]. It is run by [CLASSIFIED] and primarily focuses on the main objective to destroy the United Federation of Travelers. The alliance consists of [CLASSIFIED] civilizations that remain independent outside of ATC missions. They are regarded as the most dangerous civilization in the [CLASSIFIED] and usually gets blacklisted by the Federation. Espionage has been tied to this group, major caution is advised. It is suggested by the Corporation to avoid all contact with this group unless absolutely necessary.

DATA FILE #002 - Diplos[edit | edit source]

YC logo.jpg

The Diplo is a tall creature that resides in many corners of the universe. It is distinguished by it's extended neck and graceful nature. Most are coloured green/blue/turquoise. They are most common on the Galactic Hub capital world New Lennon. It is usually harmless but has been known to attack if aggressively provoked. In this event it is recommended to exit the vicinity and await orders from safety patrols.

DATA FILE #003 - Solar Horizon[edit | edit source]

Neutralized logo.jpg

The Solar Horizon is a civilization created by [CLASSIFIED]. It was originally on a journey to join the [CLASSIFIED] but due to the [CLASSIFIED] it eventually backed out. The origins and purpose of this group has been under investigation through many ambassadors. It is thought that this group is in league with the [CLASSIFIED] but this has yet to be fully confirmed. Since the groups 'trial' it has remained silent.

DATA FILE #004 - United Federation of Travelers[edit | edit source]

OC logo.jpg

The United Federation of Travelers (also known as The Federation) is the primary alliances of civilizations within the universe. Members range from [CLASSIFIED] to the outer galaxies. The Galactic Hub is a member along with many more groups within the same quadrant and beyond. The highest authority members of each civilization are known as ambassadors. The Federation currently has [CLASSIFIED] members, with more joining over each passing week. There is no official leader but [CLASSIFIED] mostly has the most authority among other ambassadors. The Corporation is a member of this alliance.

DATA FILE #005 - ATLAS[edit | edit source]

AC logo.jpg

The Atlas is the alleged creator of the universe. It is known to have created all known matter and existence. It is commonly worshipped by the Korvax and Gek races. Other data [REDACTED] has been lost [REDACTED]...locating in process. SENTINEL ACTIVITY SPOTTED...

DATA FILE #006 - Sentinel[edit | edit source]

BC logo.jpg

The sentinel drones are protection and exploration units that serve [CLASSIFIED]. There are three ground types:

  • Drone - A small scan bot that provides daily patrols.
  • Hound - A stronger version also classed as the 'cavalry'.
  • Walker - A large destructive robot that uses a powerful laser during battle.

The sentinels also use space units during space combat. The danger factor changes through planets with some being passive and others being more aggressive. Either way it is recommended to avoid the sentinels.

DATA FILE #007 - CLASSIFIED[edit | edit source]

AC logo.jpg


DATA FILE #008 - Portals[edit | edit source]

OC logo.jpg

The portals are [CLASSIFIED] tunnels that provide instant travel throughout the galaxy. They required glyphs to work. Each portal has it's own glyph code. The glyphs must be charged before use. They are commonly found by locating a [CLASSIFIED] and handing it a specific artifact. Subjects that pass through portals find a mysterious interference that prevents travel outside the same system, resulting in the subject being forced to return back through the portal.

DATA FILE #009 - Whispering eggs[edit | edit source]

YC logo.jpg

The Whispering Egg is a small organic container found in abandoned areas. It is harmless at first but any contact will result in the arrival of a pack of abominations DATA FILE #009-A. These creatures are highly dangerous and will attack on sight. The SCA is currently sending response teams to contain and exterminate these threats.

DATA FILE #010 - REDACTED Planets[edit | edit source]

AC logo.jpg

These planets are mysterious and hold many secrets that even the best scientists in the universe can't uncover. The contents of a REDACTED planet usually involve a collection of floating shards that cover the whole landscape. These are also of unknown origins.

DATA FILE #011 - Terminus[edit | edit source]

OC logo.jpg

The Terminus is a small portal that is used to travel to different worlds. It is commonly found on space stations. It can also be constructed by travellers on bases. The user may only travel to places that they have already visited.

DATA FILE #012 - Samone Task Force[edit | edit source]

OC logo.jpg

The Samone Task Force is the secret military force created by [CLASSIFIED]. It is used for [CLASSIFIED] and trains at [CLASSIFIED]. More data is prohibited by order of the Samone Corporation.

DATA FILE #013 - ZE###[REDACTED][edit | edit source]

BC logo.jpg

[REDACTED] is a member of the ATC. They are known as one of the most dangerous entities in the universe and has gained a reputation for being manipulative. They are known to use multiple identities to manipulate victims and was involved in an attack on the [CLASSIFIED]. No contact is advised, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Current status UNKNOWN. More data to follow.

DATA FILE #014 - Black Hole[edit | edit source]

YC logo.jpg

The anomaly known as Black holes are mysterious gateways to other corners of the galaxy. They are dark tunnels that absorb massive amounts of energy along with light itself. The destination for going through black holes is unknown so take caution. The power for going through black holes has been known to damage tech on starships.

DATA FILE #015 - Galactic Republic[edit | edit source]

Neutralized logo.jpg

The Galactic Republic is/was [CURRENT STATUS UNKNOWN] that was founded by [REDACTED]. It was promoted as a Star Wars themed civilization and gained popularity through SW fans. It was accepted into the Federation. Soon the word came out that it was actually run by [REDACTED] and served a true purpose of espionage and corruption. It was kicked out of the Federation and split up into two groups. One group became the Colonial Fleet, the other remained as a 'phantom' civilization. Currently the Galactic Republic has been bought out by the [CLASSIFIED] and is now officially classed as 'Neutralized'.

DATA FILE #016 - Mystery Man[edit | edit source]

YC logo.jpg

The Mystery Man is an entity that was found on [CLASSIFIED]. It has been described as a humanoid figure with a transparent form. The powers of this entity are still unknown. It is currently being contained at [CLASSIFIED].

DATA FILE #017 - The Harbingers[edit | edit source]

BC logo.jpg

Led by a force known as [CLASSIFIED], The Harbingers are an inter-dimensional race that is believed to come from another universe. They are described as tall and powerful, mostly with shock absorbing powers from their long tentacles. They were first discovered during [CLASSIFIED] and currently research is being conducted. They are thought to be led by a mysterious entity known as 'The Shadow'.

DATA FILE #018 - Galactic Agriculture Society[edit | edit source]

Neutralized logo.jpg

The Galactic Agriculture Society AKA, GAS was a space society built on farming and recreational production. It was founded by [REDACTED] and served as a minor hub for members and farming enthusiasts. It joined the Federation and was a long lasting member, often keeping to itself. During the coming weeks of NEXT, the GAS became more active, primarily in the outside regions. This caused tensions to rise within the Federation. Once [REDACTED] was appointed as ambassador, [REDACTED] of the [CLASSIFIED] began a war of words against them. Soon a galactic wide vendetta started and eventually prompted the GAS to disband altogether. The remaining regions were picked up by the [CLASSIFIED].

DATA FILE #019 - Blue Scale Empire/Gold Star Coalition[edit | edit source]

Neutralized logo.jpg

The Blue Scale Empire (BSE) is a large network of joined civilizations that have merged under the rule of [REDACTED]. It started off as The Alliance run by the Wolf Empire and officially set up a new location known as the Neutral Zone. The BSE is known to permit manipulative persuasion and blackmail in order to expand it's borders. It would enter a war with the Aviszar Cartel and ended up re-branding itself as the Gold Star Coalition. Once the leader announced their retirement the empire was mostly disbanded.

DATA FILE #020 - Anomaly research Base[edit | edit source]

Neutralized logo.jpg

The anomaly research base was an SAmone research facility located on [CLASSIFIED], built by JACK. It permitted the containment and protection of anomalies found in the region. The site was constructed on an abandoned base site surrounded by dangerous creatures. It used to be known as site 13 as a code name until it was later changed. In late 2018 it was destroyed. This site 13 is NOT associated with another site 13 and does not associate itself with that name, nor does it have any ownership over that name. This information is brought to you by JACK himself.

DATA FILE #021 - The Alliance[edit | edit source]

Neutralized logo.jpg

The Alliance was founded by [REDACTED] and served as a grouped society for non Federation members who didn't align with members of the Underworld. 11 known civs were part of The Alliance. It was officially disbanded when [REDACTED] formed the Blue Scale Empire.

DATA FILE #022 - The hole[edit | edit source]

YC logo.jpg

'The hole' is a dark entity that resembles a large crater. It was discovered on the planet [CLASSIFIED] by SCA research group [REDACTED]. It's properties are similar to that of a black hole except that it doesn't possess a gravitational pull. 'The hole' is currently sectioned off for further testing.

DATA FILE #023 - Black Hand[edit | edit source]

Neutralized logo.jpg

The Black Hand was a mercenary group founded by [REDACTED]. It's primary focus was to create chaos for the Federation and eventually allow the [CLASSIFIED] to take over the Galactic Hub. The only two members currently known are [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. It is currently disbanded.

DATA FILE #024 - Aviszar Cartel[edit | edit source]

YC logo.jpg

The Aviszar Cartel is an intergalactic Mafia that operates from [CLASSIFIED]. It is run by a mysterious boss known as the Godfather. It used to run as part of the Underworld before it announced it's independence. The Cartel soon became a more friendly nation among other civilizations, most notably working deals with Amino civs and the Samone Corporation. It is worth noting that despite their reformed nature, it is still a Mafia. Thus always keep on the Godfather's good side whenever possible.

DATA FILE #025 - UCA[edit | edit source]

OC logo.jpg

The United Corporate Alliance is a coalition of companies, much like the United Federation of Travelers is to societies. It is constantly being expanded. It is run by a monthly president.

Additional information[edit | edit source]