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The subject of this article is from the Living Ship update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 6 April, 2020.

This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

Samone Corporation
Samone Corporation
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Beta
Region Wicombol Cluster
HQ System Samone 2
Headquarters Midway
Founded by Botch1997
Specialisation Trade and weapons distribution
Services resources and weapons
Platform PS4
Updated Living Ship

Samone Corporation is a franchise.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This business is now a branch under RAIN

Samone Corporation is a trade and weapons distribution company founded by Botch1997. The company originally went out of business in December 2018. During January 2019 it was sold to thespyder97 (despite running Wild Space), though as of the end of 2019 it's ownership has been put under dispute and as a result the company has hit a state of inactivity. Bailey Jack has now declared the company Inactive, though by UCA records it still counts as a member under Wild Space classification.

By the time the Company went bankrupt, CEO BaileyJack would fall into a war with the USWC and lose most of the region. A nuclear war broke out and soon rendered the Samone Corporation void. The United Federation of Travelers and United Corporate Alliance would be forced to remove it from membership after it's disappearance. BaileyJack now exclusively runs his new company RAIN.

In 2020 Bailey Jack made a deal to reclaim the Samone Corporation.

Basic facts[edit | edit source]

Samone was a large organisation that controlled the Wicombol Cluster, plus other regions. Run CEO, BaileyJack, it was recognised as an official Franchise and a member of the United Federation of Travelers. The Corporation was mostly known for it's general inclusiveness and great galactic relations.

As an intergalactic business foundation, it provided the galaxy trade routes and resource distribution.

Full history and assets[edit | edit source]

For all the assets and majority of Samone history from it's founder, see Central Samone Intelligence.

United Federation of Travelers[edit | edit source]

Emblem of the Federation

During it's existence, Samone was a member of the United Federation of Travelers. It joined shortly after creation and became a popular member. The Corporation made deals with plenty of Federation civilisations and created plenty of business embassies across the galaxy.

United Corporate Alliance[edit | edit source]

Emblem of the UCA

The Samone Corporation was a founding member of the United Corporate Alliance, maintaining a high ranking seat on the Executive Committee once it rejoined.

History[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Myraakian Federation

The founder was once a lone traveller. BaileyJack searched for the center of the galaxy. After travelling for a couple of years, he found the center. Instead of entering however, he instead settled on in a distant system called Larden. There he stayed in a temporary exile on the frozen planet. Without contact outside, it was eventually the realisation of Hubs that brought BaileyJack out of hiding. He decided to travel to the Galactic Hub and there he found his purpose. The idea of creating his own Civilized Space was what he had been searching for the whole time. Using the island world of Myraak as a capital planet, the Galactic Myraakian Federation was born. The plan was to discover many worlds and create an armada that could conquer most of the galaxy. This was working for a while until tragedy struck. With the universe changing event hitting all Civilized Spaces, the Galactic Myraakian Federation was plagued with destruction and terror. Before it could truly establish itself a war begun with the Representatives of the Atlas.

Founding the Samone Corporation

Once the war was over BaileyJack ran to the Debadzi Anomaly. There he settled on Pandora (Planet) and founded the Samone Corporation. The idea was to end the old 'empire' ways and create a trade system throughout the galaxy. The rise of the Corporation would eventually spark it's presence to be officially seen as a Civilized Space. This was huge progress for the Corporation. BaileyJack would soon build monuments and settlements across the Debadzi Anomaly while exploring more worlds too. This would eventually lead to him losing time to manage the Corporation and thus a new position was delegated to one of his most trusted men.

VIP's Corporation

VIP led the main fleet during the days of the Galactic Myraakian Federation and served as the right hand man to BaileyJack. With the rise of the Samone Corporation causing more work for it's founder, VIP was passed on the position of HOB (Head of Business). With this new power he began to set up laws and created a council known as the Higher Office. These laws were harsh and presented a vision that was against the original future for the Corporation. Examples of these laws were the bans on species such as the Gek. All worlds were controlled through power and military. During this time, on August 4th 2018, the Samone Corporation was accepted into the United Federation of Travelers. VIP was against this idea due to the Corporation's 'independent' status being his preference. He was tasked with negotiations with other Hubs such as the Galactic Hub and the Galactic Empire of HOVA. The talks with the Galactic Hub failed however and threatened a conflict between the two Civilized Spaces. VIP then invaded the Gek world of Gekadia and attempted to make a military statement to the rest of the galaxy. Soon enough BaileyJack had had enough and grouped with a resistance to overthrow VIP and the Higher Office. The Civil War would end on the world Storm (Debadzi Anomaly) and with the arrest of VIP alongside his associates.

New beginning

The fall of the primary government caused a rift in the Corporation. With the fear of destruction looming once again, BaileyJack once again relocated to the Wicombol Cluster. Here he slowly began to build up the Corporation in a brand new image. This would include the open support for autism awareness and inclusion for all. They adopted the new motto 'Explore Discover Create' and used it to present their new image for all to see. Due to the negotiations with previous Civilized Spaces going wrong, the Corporation had to continue on their own for a while until new talks appeared with other Civilized Spaces. The new homeworld of Shoreside Vale was settled and continues to be built as the leading system for the Corporation.

The lost expedition

During an expedition, most of the crew went missing. BaileyJack sent the fleet to the ocean world of Sealand to investigate the missing crew. They explored a crashed freighter and discovered some notes that belonged to a fallen traveller. They spoke about 'The Great Fall' and about a race known as The Harbingers. These aliens are rumoured to be from another universe and possibly threaten other universes. It is thought that 'The Great Fall' is the end of the universe. It is to note that no bodies were found on the wreckage. It is also believed that The Harbingers are already here and that their first attack was on the lost freighter.

Project Resistance

The Corporation made the choice to upgrade the primary trade fleet into a multi-purpose defence fleet. This was dubbed Project Resistance. The corporation travelled to new worlds within the Wicombol Cluster and set up trade routes to help fund the project. This proved to be a huge success and soon the old freighter was replaced by a large Samone Star Cruiser. The fleet was named The Resistance and was planned to be used for multiple purposes.

Expansion to new regions

After the creation of The Resistance the Corporation proceeded to increase it's hold throughout the Wicombol Cluster. This soon sparked a huge expansion process that would lead the Corporation into new territories. Along with new allies being formed, the Corporation planned to expand it's borders to establish a firmer grip on outer regions. These regions include Rejkisere Anomaly and Oretek. Through the discoveries the Corporation managed to come into contact with the Hamestar, a strange species of Traveller native to the Wicombol Cluster. The Hamestar would go on to become representatives of the Corporation.

Relocating Capital

After expanding it's borders to a bigger size, the Corporation decided to relocate to the paradise planet Midway in the Samone 2 system. This proved to work greatly for the Corporation and since then the settlement Capitol De Samone was born. The old capital Shoreside Vale would be positioned as the new port system from that point.

The Galactic Republic Scandal

It was revealed that Federation member Galactic Republic was a spy created by Zecor. It was common knowledge that Zecor was a Federation hater that was intent on destroying it. The scam resulted in a huge backlash from major civ groups and prompted some members to take a temporary leave of absence. The Corporation initiated Protocol C (Crisis Defence) and closed it's major borders for outsiders. Alliances were also cut to new members (not including current alliances). A high alert warning was received on the Federation Subreddit and other groups were put on notice. It was notified that the Underworld groups along with the Federation openly banned Zecor from all owned space lanes. The investigation would continue as tensions rose.

Creation of the SCA

The Corporation took massive security measures in response to repeated crisis warnings and set to create a protection unit. The SCA was created and served as the primary archive protection and secure foundation for the Corporation. The Samone Archives are located and documented here. By personal order of BaileyJack a crisis response team known as the Samone Task Force was created. During this time the Corporation also visited the Galactic Hub and it's capital New Lennon for the first time. The SCA was soon given the new authority figure of KateKevins, the newly appointed ambassador for the Corporation. The Corporation set up a number of hidden sites dedicated to the research and data collection of specific files relating to the information found at the time of discovery. These sites were inaccessible to the public.

Project DreadNought

BaileyJack created a secret organisation under the code name Project DreadNought. The contents of this project have been left mostly classified.

Embassies and reformation

The CEO BaileyJack formed the Galactic Party of the Wicombol Cluster and became the Supreme Leader of the Samone Corporation. This created a new form of government in the region. This came after a political breakthrough in regional relations between the Samone Corporation and other Civilised Space's as the Corporation began it's embassy project. Soon the Republic was reorganised into the Nation of Samone. This brought about the Great war of Wicombol against the United Systems of the Wicombol Cluster. Eventually the Federation would change it's policies and officially have the Corporation classified as a Company.

Future of the Corporation

During 2019 the company was given to a traveller as a gift in order to keep it running after Bailey Jack left. This would result in a decline in the company, even despite it rejoining the UCA. As per rights to the original creator, Bailey Jack claimed the majority of the assets tied to the Corporation and now mostly keeps them in the RAIN vault.

The Company was reclaimed by Bailey Jack and reinstated as a branch to RAIN.

Regions of the Corporation[edit | edit source]

The following are the regions controlled by the Samone Corporation until the time of it's demise.

Wicombol Cluster - The capital region of the Corporation. All the prime trade routes came through here. The capital is also located here.

Rejkisere Anomaly - One of the outer regions. This zone was discovered while the Corporation was searching for new trade routes in order to fund The Resistance Project. It is recognised as the second most controlled region in Samone space.

Oretek - Also known as Wildspace. This zone was discovered through a combat expedition while the Corporation was helping a Vy'keen industrial ship pass through a pirate fleet. The sub name was given due to the unknown dangers and lack of security within this region.

Systems[edit | edit source]

The following systems have been discovered:

Wicombol Cluster

Rejkisere Anomaly


Accessing the Wicombol Cluster[edit | edit source]

Shoreside Vale Portal



The founder - BaileyJack[edit | edit source]

Bailey Jack aka Botch1997 is the founder and CEO of the Samone Corporation. He has been an explorer in the No Man's Sky universe since it's release back in 2016. He originally created the Galactic Myraakian Federation before founding the Samone Corporation. He would disappear for a while until returning to form LEVIATHAN and later RAIN.

Census[edit | edit source]

The final official census can be found here - Census - Samone Corporation.

DreadNought[edit | edit source]

Emblem of DreadNought

Once The Resistance had served it's prime purpose, DreadNought was created as a production branch.


Business[edit | edit source]

The DreadNought Type 1 Ballistic Missile

The Samone Corporation produced plenty of products, supporting a large trade system around the Wicombol Cluster and across the Euclid galaxy. The primary trade was weapons manufacturing, including a range of weapons and ballistic missiles. The research improved the product quality until the company shut down.

Samone Corporation Archives (SCA)[edit | edit source]

The Samone Archives is a collection of data that has been recovered and stored by the Corporation. This data is mostly corrupted to the general public due to confidential reasons. The database is accessible by the majority of the public as a means of discovering information relating to the regions or other civilisations.


Origin of name[edit | edit source]

The name 'Samone' originated from a spelling mistake. The word 'someone' was misspelled as 'Samone' (Sam-one) and has since become a favourite among BaileyJack and his associates. The name has now been adopted as the identity of the Samone Corporation.

Business partners and Companies[edit | edit source]

The Corporation had many business partners and allies during it's initial life. Below are all alliances the company formed.


Civilisation Status Emblem Embassy
The Colonial Fleet Contact Colonial Fleet Logo Decal Mod.png No
Cafe 42 Contact Cafe42 logo.png No
Galactic Hub Galactic Contact Galactic Hub Emblem.png Yes
Galactic Empire of HOVA Contact HOVA NEXT LOGO Crop.png No
Oxalis Galactic Contact Oxemblem.png Yes
Alliance of Galactic Travellers Galactic Contact AgtOfficialLogo.png Yes
Galactic Latino Empire Galactic Contact GLE.png Yes
New Aquarius Galactic Contact Aquarian-Logo.png Yes
NECO METUS EXITIUM Contact Emblem NME-2018-3.png No
Wastelanders Contact Wastelanders02.png No
The Galactic Frontier Galactic Contact GalacticFrontierLogo.png Yes
Galactic Vanguard Contact Vanguardemblem.png No
Empire of Jatriwil Galactic Contact Empire of Jatriwil Logo.png Yes
Empire of Pirates and Independent Cartels (EPIC) Galactic Contact GoodDay.png Yes
Dopelord Confederacy Contact 17951588 1476688309042028 7783885079866107655 n.png No




Name Business Partner Logo
Aviszar Cartel Yes 22733ff.png

Gallery[edit | edit source]