Sebron Speedway

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Sebron Speedway
Sebron Speedway
Galaxy Euclid
Region Dadurgh
Star system HUB7-12B Nisepugg-Nochk XVII
Planet Sebron-Itun Bejoie
Coordinates 044B:0082:0D56:012B
Difficulty Nomad: Medium-Hard
Roamer: Hard
Booster needed Required
Constructed by G5457s
Game mode Normal
Updated Atlas Rises
Platform PC
Suitable for
Nomad Roamer Colossus
Yes Yes No

Sebron Speedway is a racetrack located on the planet Sebron-Itun Bejoie in a system with lots of nice pugs.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Sebron Speedway is a somewhat open-ended racetrack that takes racers through the planet's many fissures and Caves. Sharp turns, blind corners, deceptive jumps and poor in-cave visibility are the main challenges of this course, preceded by a "Qualifying Run" that consists of an uphill climb and a HUGE jump from the top of the mountain down to the cracked plains below. The real race starts past the river.

Platform and mode[edit | edit source]

You must be on PC and Normal Mode to challenge this course.

Recommended Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Nomad or Roamer. Exocraft acceleration module (EAM), EAM Sigma and EAM Tau are highly recommended.

Course records[edit | edit source]

Platform Username Reddit Username Vehicle Race Time
Ezegnegch (PC) g5457s Nomad 191.62 Seconds

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