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Space Anomaly Space View

A Space Anomaly is one of the various star system Points of Interest.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Space Anomaly currently houses Priest Entity Nada and Specialist Polo.

Nada is able to grant the player shortcuts to the center of the galaxy, aid them on their quest to find Atlas, or supply them with technology to aid their exploration. If the player selects the shortcut option, the location of a Black hole will be revealed to the player. If the player wishes to gain help finding the Atlas, the location of an Atlas Interface will be given, and if the player asks for aid in their own exploration, a random technology blueprint will be granted to the player.

Polo will provide the player an AtlasPass V1 blueprint on the first encounter, if the player does not possess it already. One then has the option to buy blueprints upon speaking with Polo again (while each attempt apart from the first one will cost 20 Carbon), In later encounters with Polo in other star systems, one may gain a blueprint in exchange for collected data upon speaking with them. Note that sometimes past Polo there is a multi-tool locker that will open on approach to reveal a purchasable multi-tool.

Since the release of Atlas Rises there is a room with a Korvax Simulation Terminal behind the left door of every Space Anomaly.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The secondary room of the Anomaly houses a Korvax subsimulation of an artificial star system, saved from the destruction of Korvax Prime by Nada.

In the storyline quest "The First Traveler", one can choose to either transfer Artemis' consciousness inside the subsimulation to restore their life or to not transfer it, instead allowing them to die and end their suffering. Nada and Polo support the Player regardless of their choice.

More Information[edit | edit source]

Leaving a space anomaly
  • The option to help Atlas cannot be used again after the creation of a new star or once the player stopped following the Atlas Path.
  • Reaching the Centre of the Galaxy does not reset the Atlas Path.
  • The Space Anomaly can spawn after the player has done at least 3 warps and 2 hours of playtime since the last time they spawned.

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