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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
Alien base structure for engineers to study

Specialist is a player option.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Instead of being a general explorer, some players may choose to become specialists in a specific area of exploration. This will allow them to use their real-life expertise to excel in this area of game play.

The Discovery Coalition community provides official documents and tracking logs for many of these specialties.

Agriculturalist[edit | edit source]

There are a number of tradeables that can be farmed hydroponically in a base location or on a freighter. These items can then be harvested and sold on the marketplace. A player following this specialty would study and then document the requirements to grow each crop, how long a harvest takes, and the yields and products to be expected from each variety.

Anthropologist[edit | edit source]

Studying the details of a specific sentient race or faction, such as the Gek or the Korvax.

Archeologist[edit | edit source]

Players may choose to use this discipline to study ruins and artifacts of other civilizations. A player would focus on learning about / talking to / learning the language of a specific race (see Linguist below), or just to show alliance with that race.

Engineer[edit | edit source]

A player may choose to document active buildings and their purposes, or how and where they are constructed. An aeronautics/starship engineer would specialize in the study of the various spaceships that are an integral part of the game.

Exobiologist[edit | edit source]

Studying life forms or categories on discovered planets. For example, a player may choose to follow a specific animal or animal type across a planet, documenting exactly what the creature does. They may also choose a specific type of animal (i.e. Rangifae) and document that type of creature, noting the differences between similar species. This role can be broken down into additional sub-specialties:

  • Exobotanist - Focus on scanning flora
  • Exozoologist - Focus on scanning fauna. See the CFO Zoologists branch of the Convergence Field Operators for more information on this specialty.
  • Marine Exobiologist/botanist/zoologist - Same as the above, but with a focus on the aquatic versions.

Hunter[edit | edit source]

Some players may choose the role of hunter, whether it driving back the Sentinel hordes (particularly when allied with the Vy'keen), destroying pirate vessels, trophy hunting planet wildlife, or attacking freighters.

Linguist[edit | edit source]

Becoming proficient in as many foreign languages as possible is a role that some players may adopt. This would involve searching out the language monoliths, both large and small, that will be scattered throughout the galaxy. Interaction with sentient species would also be part of this role, and is a technique that anthropologists would make use of in their studies.

Xenophotographer[edit | edit source]

Focus on taking and posting pictures / screenshots of the many environments of the game. Screenshots of specific game mechanics and technology are especially useful in this wiki to provide a visual addition to the descriptive text.