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There are multiple game-release versions of the Starship Catalogue - Freighter page.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of various Freighter-Archetype starships discovered by different players during the Beyond through current eras.

Remember that each starship is available in all class grades, so it is important to know which design is best suited to you when looking for a new starship.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ships of this type are considerably more expensive than any other type of starship. Freighter prices are based on slot count and multiplied by class.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Regular Freighters have 15-19 slots and a price range of 5M to 23M from C to S class. Capital Freighters have 24-34 slots and a price range of 26.15M to 178M from C to S class. Freighters contain an incredible amount of inventory space and can be used as a mobile base, including farming and other base-related functions.

Catalogues[edit | edit source]

The tables below are alphabetically sorted by subtype, galaxy, region, and ship name. If a ship lacks coordinates, enter them if possible. Ships that cannot be found and bought only serve a historic purpose.

Capital[edit | edit source]

Subtype Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Class Slots Tech
Battleship Euclid Asodaa Band 055B:007D:017E:012E SV-6 Nagilfal A 33 9
Battleship Euclid Edvard Band 0E86:0082:0A80:003A CV-9 Bungotos A 33 9
Battleship Euclid The Arm of Silundov MS-8 Hiharakas B 31
Battleship Ibtrevskip Zutund 0807:0080:0800:0095 DS-4 Merimari A 34 4
Battleship Ooibekuar Umkhuz 07FB:007E:07F8:017D DSE-8 Agajordam A 33 9
Dreadnought Budullangr Auwers Band 04A1:0083:01E3:005D DS-7 Bunkyota B 31 8
Dreadnought Eissentam Juttema Band 0663:007B:0E0E:0160 DSV-4 Toyoakeg A 34 9
Dreadnought Eissentam Lodhis Anomaly 0EBC:007E:0907:00A2 DSE-9 Kokutsuya S 34 9
Dreadnought Eissentam Tazybas Conflux 01B6:007F:0679:00D6 CS-5 Sumasuda A 32 4
Dreadnought Euclid Emtate 06CE:0085:0EC7:00E4 DSV-7 Yagaeona A 33 9
Dreadnought Euclid Guputamor 078B:007C:0EAA:00E9 DS-3 Oyoakeosi C 28 6
Dreadnought Euclid Piazud SHOTR:0ECD:007F:09B5:0182 DSE-1 Injoteub A 33 9
Dreadnought Euclid The Arm of Belerik 078B:007C:0EAB:0007 DS-2 Ruokameyam B 32 8
Dreadnought Euclid Urhias Void 0E72:0083:0557:00AF DSV-8 Konojosh B 33 9
Dreadnought Euclid Yihelli Quadrant 043D:0072:0D44:0078 MS-9 Nishimatas C 30 7
Dreadnought Hilbert Dimension Odharg Sector 09B6:007F:0E71:0009 DSV-8 Mobayamats A 34 9
Dreadnought Rewmanawa Meyeru Sector 0000:00DC:0FFE:0084 CV-3 Onjoshua A 34 9
Imperial Euclid Adegaw Sector 0EFD:0082:07B4:022B EV-7 Kotaruto A 32 8
Imperial Euclid Guputamor 078B:007C:0EAA:009B MV-1 Attermat B 32 8
Imperial Euclid Guputamor 078B:007C:0EAA:00C1 MV-9 Gujohnsoe C 24 5
Imperial Euclid Liwenum Conflux 0E86:0082:0A81:0201 DSE-8 Izawajim A 34 9
Imperial Euclid Omichc Terminus 027D:0089:0BD7:019E MV-7 Uitakaide S 34 9
Imperial Euclid Rizime Terminus 09E0:0087:0E89:0033 DSE-4 Tokubamai C 25 5
Imperial Euclid Yelgicl Instability 0DBD:007E:0C0B:01AD SV-9 Yawaritt A 34 9
Imperial Pasycihelwhee Lupisnic Nebula 0806:0082:0802:0090 CV-5 Kaketaga A 33 9
Resurgent Budullangr Odiomey Sector 0000:0000:0000:010D CV-4 Umotenbas A 33 9
Resurgent Eissentam DSV-6 Natokino S 34 4
Resurgent Euclid MS-2 Eiyodait B 29 8
Resurgent Euclid Daquaesc Conflux 055F:0083:018D:0113 DSE-5 Anyokuma A 34 9
Resurgent Euclid Iurial 027E:007B:03C0:0110 DSV-9 Domayebayas S 34 9
Resurgent Euclid Micaures Spur 0247:007B:0553:00D3 MV-2 Kukihama S 34 4
Resurgent Euclid Thoslo Quadrant 0000:0000:0000:00F9 CS-2 Ureshiham B 32 8
Resurgent Euclid Wucetonis 0DED:007A:0B8C:000C EV-1 Dogatomi C 24-29 7
Resurgent Euclid Yibdiss Shallows 0589:007E:0E94:00DA CS-4 Kujinowa A 33 9
Resurgent Nuybeliaure Rocaert Cluster 0803:0080:0806:01D2 MV-5 Tokunish A 34 4
Resurgent Rerasmutul Kaqchi Band CS-2 Sahayase S 34 9
Resurgent Rerasmutul Tenhoe Nebula SS-4 Kihachit S 34 9
Sentinel Budullangr Eyleer Cluster 0DC4:007C:0498:00AF DSE-9 Unishimat B 31 8
Sentinel Budullangr Odiomey Sector 0000:0000:0000:00A0 CS-2 Ruokakeh A 33 9
Sentinel Euclid Abikov Anomaly 0CE8:007A:031D:0003 MS-2 Kukihama C 24 5
Sentinel Euclid Aehann 0E87:0084:0A80:018A CS-2 Aokamibo A 34 9
Sentinel Euclid Enisel Cluster 0A70:007C:024B:002C CS-2 Iizawatam A 32 8
Sentinel Euclid Guputamor 078B:007C:0EAA:0132 CS-3 Ujisakat A 33 9
Sentinel Euclid Guputamor 078B:007C:0EAA:00C7 DSC-8 Hiyoshimu A 33 9
Sentinel Euclid Guputamor 078B:007C:0EAA:0188 MS-5 Ochiyosend B 32 8
Sentinel Euclid Guputamor 078B:007C:0EAA:0088 SS-2 Guroishim B 30 7
Sentinel Euclid Hupales Nebula 0AB3:007B:01C1:013F DSV-7 Ebinowar A 34 4
Sentinel Euclid Osrasenh Expanse 055E:0083:018A:00B7 CS-3 Hiwanaiv A 34 9
Sentinel Euclid Rizime Terminus 09E0:0087:0E89:013A DS-5 Yonezaki A 34 9
Sentinel Euclid The Arm of Riksonia DSE-1 Akinabas A 33 9
Sentinel Euclid Vesubalzi Band 0761:008E:0765:017D SS-6 Hihirakaw A 34 4
Sentinel Evcickcandj Nagdalb Sector 0807:0080:07FC:0064 DSV-3 Oakeoscu A 34 9
Sentinel Gucuttarik Egleshc Adjunct 0805:0081:0804:0095 DS-9 Aurazuna A 33 9
Sentinel Hilbert Dimension Komunkun Quadrant 07F9:0081:07FA:00B8 SS-7 Hofunabe A 34 9
Sentinel Hilbert Dimension Rostejeter 07F7:0082:0800:0068 SS-2 Iroishin A 33 9
Sentinel Itlhotagra Tilenk Boundary 0801:0080:0807:007C SS-6 Sarazawa A 34 9
Sentinel Yevettiiqidcon Bemcdonye Boundary 0801:0080:0807:004C MS-4 Zurumagar S 34 9
Venator Budullangr Auwers Band 04A1:0083:01E3:0198 MV-3 Nanankoku A 34 9
Venator Budullangr Odiomey Sector 0000:0000:0000:01DD CS-2 Sagaokaz A 34 9
Venator Euclid Eodorn Mass 05A6:007A:017C:0047 DS-3 Tashimejic S 34 9
Venator Euclid Fairen Cloud 02F7:007C:0CBB:01A2 CV-8 Izawajim A 34 9
Venator Euclid Fallangk 055F:0083:018C:00F5 DSE-2 Isomatot A 34 9
Venator Euclid Guputamor 078B:007C:0EAA:012F DSE-5 Eppuscalf C 24 5
Venator Euclid Guputamor 078B:007C:0EAA:011D MS-9 Sanmutop B 29 7
Venator Euclid Jackwor Terminus 0CE5:0075:0C99:006C SV-5 Izuhothe A 34 9
Venator Euclid Lococove Cloud DS-2 Konagano A 32 9
Venator Euclid Okhoviita Conflux 0E88:0083:0A80:00BE DSV-5 Gawateba A 34 9
Venator Euclid Osnaka Cloud 07F8:007E:07FA:016E CS-3 Hiuranoy A 33 9
Venator Euclid Quvele Adjunct 0801:0086:07E2:017E SV-3 Zuokamats S 34 9
Venator Euclid Sea of Cuzame 0124:0080:06FC:0146 CV-1 Motsujis A 33 9
Venator Euclid Thoslo Quadrant 0000:0000:0000:0208 DS-6 Iotakeha
Venator Euclid Yiwrigp Terminus 07F8:007E:07FB:006D DSE-6 Tonosend A 34 9
Venator Reponudrle Apgarfs Fringe 07F7:0080:0800:01F7 DSE-1 Razunokut A 34 9

Regular[edit | edit source]

Subtype Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Class Slots TechSlots
Blade Euclid Egbalongx Sector 0D9B:0078:0BDF:018D SS-1 Oriyamat S 19 6
Blade Euclid The Arm of Silundov CV-9 Towasebon C 15
Cargo Euclid Abikov Anomaly 0CE8:007A:031D:0003 MV7-Riguchuor B 16 4
Enterprise Euclid Nofimoo Nebula 0DDC:007E:0B9A:0180 MS-7 Itsurumo S 19 6
Hammerhead Euclid Cewhea Mass 05E3:007A:0168:007A AGT CB-17 Miyako B 17 4
Hammerhead Euclid The Arm of Silundov SV-6 Kakodatey C
Revolver Euclid The Arm of Silundov DS-6 Betsubam B

Derelict / Undetermined[edit | edit source]

Subtype Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Class Slots TechSlots
Euclid Badiege Nebula 085C:007C:0E95:01B0 CV-8 Mutashibe A 34 9
Derelict Budullangr Guhambu Shallows MV Zuhot VI C
Derelict Calypso The Arm of Fususcho 07FA:007B:07F9:00C0 SV Sister of Gorigu S
Derelict Eissentam Alabiku 07FA:0081:0805:0124 SS Iwada XIII (Kraysto XVIII) S
Derelict Eissentam Alabiku 07FA:0081:0805:017A SS Iwada XIII (Onosus-Ihew XVI) S
Derelict Eissentam Alabiku 07FA:0081:0805:01D9 SS Iwada XIII S
Derelict Euclid Abikov Anomaly 0CE8:007A:031D:0003 MS Uedat XIX C
Derelict Euclid Rocedonn Shallows 045A:0085:0DD3:019B SV Star of Akyotome
Derelict Euclid Sackcan Anomaly 0EE7:007A:0767:0116 MV Ratsuy XVIII A
Derelict Euclid Xuantall 0D6E:0088:0B33:01E0 MS Emperor Iyoda S
Derelict Rerasmutul Irmiciach SV Bunkyo IV C

Release history[edit | edit source]

  • Since 1.3 freighter prices are based on their slot count and multiplied by class.
  • Prior to 1.5, due to the limitations of portal travel and the constant change of the homeplanet to call the ship, it was the only way a portal traveller could own a permanent base.

References[edit | edit source]