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Frigate types clockwise from top left: Support, Exploration, Combat, Trade, and Industrial.

Frigates are mid-sized starships.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of various Frigate-Archetype starships discovered by different players since their introduction in the NEXT era.

(For a list of all ship types, refer to the Starship Catalogue)

Description[edit | edit source]

Frigates are larger than a single-user starship, but smaller than a freighter. They can usually be found surrounding an NPC freighter.

Types[edit | edit source]

There are five types of frigates:

  • Combat
  • Exploration
  • Industrial
  • Trade
  • Support

Catalogues[edit | edit source]

The table below is alphabetically sorted by galaxy, region, and ship name.

Galaxy Region Ship Type Fuel Game release
Akvasanta Lepont Terminus CS-3 The Umanono Roamer Industrial Visions
Akvasanta Lepont Terminus CV-5 Inohess Exploration Visions
Euclid Cewhea Mass ES-1 Adventure Blazer Exploration Synthesis
Euclid Cewhea Mass ES-2 Seeker Exploration Synthesis
Euclid Cewhea Mass TS-1 Cel-Mitsubishi Trade Visions
Euclid Ehansh TSS Blazing Phoenix Combat Visions
Euclid Ehansh TSS Hornet's Nest Combat Visions
Euclid Ehansh TSS Underwood Support Visions
Euclid Fiquencha CS-1 Galactica Combat Visions
Euclid Fiquencha CS-2 Pegasus Combat Visions
Euclid Fiquencha CS-3 Enterprise Combat Synthesis
Euclid Fiquencha CS-4 Andromeda Combat Visions
Euclid Fiquencha CS-5 Excelsior Combat Synthesis
Euclid Fiquencha CS-6 Constellation Combat Visions
Euclid Fiquencha CS-7 Centaur Combat Visions
Euclid Fiquencha ES-1 Asoke Exploration Visions
Euclid Fiquencha ES-2 Sukhumvit Exploration Synthesis
Euclid Fiquencha ES-3 Jomtien Exploration Synthesis
Euclid Fiquencha ES-4 Essex Exploration Synthesis
Euclid Fiquencha ES-5 Rayong Exploration Synthesis
Euclid Fiquencha ES-6 Chantaburi Exploration Synthesis
Euclid Fiquencha ES-7 Trat Exploration Synthesis
Euclid Fiquencha IS-1 Nortel Industrial Visions
Euclid Fiquencha IS-2 Nokia Industrial Synthesis
Euclid Fiquencha IS-3 Ericsson Industrial Visions
Euclid Fiquencha IS-4 Alcatel Industrial Synthesis
Euclid Fiquencha IS-5 Siemens Industrial Synthesis
Euclid Fiquencha SS-1 Cheaper Industrial Visions
Euclid Fiquencha TS-1 Barterdeal Trade Visions
Euclid Fiquencha TS-2 Haggler Trade Visions
Euclid Fiquencha TS-3 Hammerdeal Trade Visions
Euclid Fiquencha TS-4 Shiftydeal Trade Visions
Euclid The Arm of Ockaea CS Omen of the Bibarazu Exploration NEXT
Euclid The Arm of Ockaea CS-9 The Ennan Explorer Exploration NEXT
Euclid The Arm of Ockaea DSV-5 The Awatag Peacemaker Support NEXT
Euclid The Arm of Ockaea SS The Forge of Beauty Industrial NEXT
Euclid The Arm of Ockaea SV-8 Kujim Combat NEXT