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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 22 November, 2018.
Disambig.png This article is about the Visions version of the Starship Catalogue for Haulers. For the Atlas Rises version, see Starship Catalogue - Hauler (Atlas).
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This page is an index page for Haulers discovered during the NEXT/Abyss/Visions era.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of various Hauler-Archetype starships discovered by different players.

(For a list of all ship types, refer to the Starship Catalogue)

Remember that even though all starships are available in all class grades, the maximum inventory size depends on the design of the ship itself. It is important to know which design is best suited to you when looking for a new starship.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ships in this class feature a shield absorb class bonus, and they also boast the highest possible inventory spaces. These ships are the largest out of all the other starships, and may or may not have wing features on them.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

The inventory ranges for Haulers are 25-31 for small, 32-39 for medium, and 40-48 for large.

Tags[edit | edit source]

Tag Meaning Description
[NL] NO location Starship recorded, but with no location or region to find it
[P] Portal Address System address offered for easy purchase

The list below is alphabetically sorted by documented regions and followed by an alphabetical order of ships. Only regions with a properly recorded coordinate or portal address - or those that have ship pages that do this - are considered not [NL] and get their seperate entry. Everything else can not be sought out and does not fulfill the catalogue's demand for quality. Ships that can not be found and bought only serve a historic purpose.

Large[edit | edit source]

Euclid[edit | edit source]

Agutissye Quadrant

Ardisa Band

Currun Mass


Eichsif Instability

Foalsh Conflux

Ebatus Fringe

Edkuba Instability

Kuyerav Terminus



Muyena Adjunct


Rerelpo Cloud

Sea of Vedulr

Spur of Anotoven

Syettlo Terminus

Tuaren Sector

Vahnel Nebula

Vezdarupp Expanse


Webergame Mass

Xurobson Anomaly

Yotail Sector

Yuguin Void

Zemlyadu Shallows

Hilbert Dimension[edit | edit source]


Gozhevs Conflux

Sea of Wipearcia

Calypso[edit | edit source]

Furtasburs Mass

Gekijik Boundary


Niperthym Spur


Hesperius Dimension[edit | edit source]

Kihemie Boundary

Hyades[edit | edit source]


Jemarchu Nebula

Ovgorim Fringe

Siyahusa Expanse

The Arm of Nurubal

Ickjamatew[edit | edit source]

Agommo Instability

Dulice Void

Nidbour Fringe


Sea of Ijungokhwa

Budullangr[edit | edit source]

Eapushj Boundary

Iktorsin Mass

Kikolgallr[edit | edit source]


Emglai Sector

Eubalia Cloud

Eltiensleen[edit | edit source]

Gethla Terminus

Eissentam[edit | edit source]


Undocumented region

Elkupalos[edit | edit source]

Afioneas Conflux

Rawololop Spur

Shnayik Void

Aptarkaba[edit | edit source]

Feharber Band

Ontiniangp[edit | edit source]

Egbarja Instability

Oohems Quadrant

Tikuape Cloud

Ogtialabi[edit | edit source]

Widraka Fringe

Medium[edit | edit source]

Euclid[edit | edit source]

Aptarkaba[edit | edit source]

Sea of Edvare

Small[edit | edit source]

Euclid[edit | edit source]

Agutissye Quadrant

Ardisa Band

Currun Mass





Rabirgi Boundary

Sea of Onhakitc

The Arm of Ockaea

Vahnel Nebula


Vezdarupp Expanse

Yukovani Mass

Ickjamatew[edit | edit source]

Kenape Sector

Budullangr[edit | edit source]

Rackhase Shallows

Kikolgallr[edit | edit source]

Eubalia Cloud

Aptarkaba[edit | edit source]

Sezpilish Nebula

Odiwagiri[edit | edit source]

Unruba Boundary

Ogtialabi[edit | edit source]

Ewoodr Expanse

Muhacksonto[edit | edit source]

Frogni Sector