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The Storyline provides a basic framework for No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The main storyline of No Man's Sky, also known as the Artemis Path, was added as a part of the Atlas Rises update, and involves the Player character uncovering the mysteries of Artemis and the Fourth Race, as well as the true nature of the Atlas, the Portals, and the universe of the game as a whole.

The Waking Titan ARG was a prequel to the storyline.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Alone Amidst the Stars[edit | edit source]

This questline is triggered early in the game, once you have managed to fix your starting ship and leave your first planet.

While in space, you will receive a message from Artemis, asking for help. They will request you to build three Signal Boosters in different locations in order to triangulate your position. This will reveal the location of a Holo-Terminus where you can contact Artemis. Artemis will ask you to communicate with the local dominant race using a translator, but first you will need to learn four different words from that race to calibrate it. At this point you will also receive the recipe for Suspension Fluid.

Ghosts in the Machine[edit | edit source]

A Leap in the Dark[edit | edit source]

The First Traveler[edit | edit source]

Apollo will ask you to craft a Mind Arc to help Artemis. In order to do that, you will need to complete the Scientist quests to learn the recipes for Living Glass and Circuit Board. (Getting the recipes for Harvestable Plants from your Farmer NPC can help you get the required resources for this quest.) After using the Mind Arc on Artemis, you will be contacted by Polo while in space to come aboard the Space Anomaly. There, you will need to decide whether to upload Artemis' conscience to a subsimulation or to kill them as an act of mercy. If you choose to kill Artemis, they will thank you before disappearing and Nada and Polo will assure you that you did the right thing.

Patterns in Time[edit | edit source]

-null- will ask you to speak to a Mercenaries Guild representative in a Vy'keen system in order to learn more about the Atlas, the Sentinels and the Travelers. The guild rep will ask you to complete three guild missions before answering your question. After talking to them, you will need to travel to a Korvax system in order to talk to an Explorers Guild representative, and after that, to a Gek system to meet a Merchants Guild representative. Talking to the Merchants' rep will reveal the truth behind the end of the First Spawn Gek. You will be contacted by -null- to tell them what you learned.

16/16[edit | edit source]

After talking to -null-, Apollo will contact you in the same Holo-Terminus. They will say that they are in the same location as you, but can't see you. You will be asked to travel to a nearby crashed ship, which gives you a set of portal glyphs and reveal a portal location. After finding, activating and entering a portal, you will be teleported to outer space for a few seconds, and then to an Atlas Interface. The Atlas will tell you the truth: that the universe is a simulation and there are 16 minutes left before the Atlas is deactivated and dies. After some interactions, you will be teleported back to a space station, and your exosuit AI will say "Atlas Suit activated". A dialogue with your exosuit is triggered once you enter your spaceship.

The Purge[edit | edit source]

You tell Nada and Polo what you discovered in the Atlas Interface, and then you will activate a Holo-Terminus to comunicate with the other Travellers, but they won't respond. Then, the Atlas will ask you to travel to the center of the Galaxy. After warping to another system, Nada will contact you and warp the Space Anomaly to your system. You will need to warp to 16 different systems (note: the game will tell you to travel to the Center, but warping in any direction will count towards the quest). While travelling, you may receive messages from Apollo and -null-. Then, a Portal location will be revealed. Activating and entering the portal will take you to an Exotic planet and, after a 16 second countdown, you will be teleported to an Atlas Interface. The Atlas gives the choice to reboot the simulation.

You will also receive the recipe for Remembrance, regardless of your choice.

This is the end of the quest.

Faction Standing[edit | edit source]

As part of the storyline, you will end up talking to the local dominant race on a planet. To improve this experience, you will need to increase your "standing" with that race. In order to do that, you need to go to the nearest Space Station and go to the Mission hub area. When at the mission hub, you will be given a variety of missions. Some you may need to be of a higher rank to do. There are missions that will have the symbol of the local race and those are the missions you need to do. Complete four Missions to progress in the game.

Known Bugs and Workarounds[edit | edit source]

  • In the "Talk to the Guild Representative" quest in "Patterns in Time", if you deliver the guild missions in a different system from the one where you received the quest, your quest log will incorrectly state that you need to talk to the Mission Board NPC in the original system. In this case, you need to open the Galactic Map in the system where you delivered the required missions in order to properly see your next waypoint.
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