Sunny Shores

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Sunny Shores
Sunny Shores
Galaxy Euclid
Region Aizeta
Planetary coords -19.00 -63.00
Restricted Yes
Civilized space Cosmic Cooperative
Platform All
Mode Normal
Release Living Ship

Sunny Shores is a colony.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Sunny Shores is a colony, located on a desert planet.

The system that the colony has been established within will not be listed as the colony is private.

List of Bases[edit | edit source]

Thumbnail Base Name Builder Type Planetary Coordinates Platform Construction Status
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Underwater Wonderland UnluckyShuckle (Miku) Farm — Living Glass N/A PS4 Complete
Comments: Free Living Glass here! Feel free to stop by whenever you want!
Sandhut.jpeg sand hut jimmyd1750 Residential N/A Xbox done
Comments: its a small cosy cabin
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Shivallan Industries Cablecabe Industrial — Pyrite -> Ferrite Dust N/A PS4 Complete
Comments: None
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Beachy Bluffs shapekiwi101 (LooseSea6) Artistic N/A PS4 Complete
Comments: None
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Spidey Summer TruthSpiderX Residential N/A PC Mostly done, just needs to be uploaded
Comments: Best base in the colony ~Truth
Sunnyresort.jpeg Sunny Shores Resort and Pier M00n-C00k1ES (Moon Cookies) Residential & Farm — Poly Fibre -18.88, -63.50 PS4 Complete except for the pier
Comments: Pier is incomplete
Nmshacienda.jpeg NMS HACIENDA CapnStankBeard Other and Farm — NipNip Buds -18.90 -63.69 PS4 mostly finished
Comments: Exterior complete, interior needs to be worked out
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Marc's Other Base Marc Farm — Gravitino Orb -18.86 -62.83 PC Complete
Comments: None
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png House in the Desert Kazoobie Residential N/A PC Complete
Comments: None
Woodenwatchtower.jpeg Wooden Watchtower worldkiller91 (Bambino) Residential -18.92 -63.35 PS4 Complete
Comments: Garage and Spiral Staircase included!
Observatorybase.jpeg Observatory outpost Frightmare (Evanesce) Farm -18.66 -62.52 PC Complete
Comments: farm base at an observatory
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png La Laguna General Reform (Ray) Industrial -19.18, -64.10 Xbox Incomplete
Comments: None
Electricexplosives.jpeg Electric's Explosives ElectricCloud55 Farm — Liquid Explosive -18.63 -63.49 PS4 Complete
Comments: None
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Atlas Shrine Sweet Artistic N/A PS4 Complete
Comments: None
OentrFacilityView.jpeg Oentr Facility Talmek Other -18.92, -63.65 PC Complete
Comments: Same location as Wooden Watchtower but on PC
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Salt Refinery emazeicon Industrial (Salt) -19.25, -63.06 Xbox Complete
Comments: Grab some Salt and refine it to anything you need!
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Unnamed ATM RadiusSkittle_YT (Tobi) Unknown N/A PS4 Incomplete
Comments: None
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Monument AnKoRaR Artistic N/A PS4 Complete
Comments None
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Paradise Cove Caligmors Other -20.01, -64.08 Xbox Mostly Complete
Comments: Still being worked on

Additional information[edit | edit source]

The colony is exclusive to CC citizens who have applied to build in the colony.

The colony was built in a glitched area that has no storms or nights. (Hence the name, Sunny Shores). It is unknown whether this is a bug or it is just near one of the poles of the planet.

Gallery[edit | edit source]