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This is a sub-section of TOG-Hub that only shows what work we have done or is under construction.

Construction chronicle[edit | edit source]

Finished content:

  • Tourist Information in all Game modes
  • all farms in normal mode
  • The Root's Club normal mode
  • pac-mania normal mode
  • TOGquest-001 all modes
  • Solanium farm all modes
  • Fungal farm all modes
  • the whole moon normal
  • the basement normal/creative

Actual work in progress[edit | edit source]

  • Starbulb farm survival/PD
  • 1 Up normal mode

Upcoming content[edit | edit source]

  • all farms in all modes
  • Root's Club all modes
  • pac-mania all modes
  • neox pop-art Gallery all modes
  • little Blue Bandit all modes
  • The (base)ment all modes
  • Gregorious Simulations all modes
  • The Heart of Tower one all modes
  • The Heart of Tower two all modes
  • The Heart of tower Three all modes
  • Jing all modes
  • jang all modes
  • TOG Headquarter all modes
  • [TOG]quest-??? { Adventure } ?mode
  • [TOG]quest-??? { secret of Galaxyballs } hidden crossover all modes