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Can HG stick to one system?![edit source]

So I tried to dissect the hazard levels versus the enviromental hazards. And it MOSTLY adds up. But it seems there are some "hidden" triggers for them. Once a planet is flagged extreme it seems to automatically go up two hazard levels for its current enviromental hazard. So while Rad 9.7 is normally hazard 3, once the planet is "extreme" that radiation suddenly does hazard 5 damage. Radiation would be easy to explain in lore between alpha or beta radiation... or gamma. But I don't see the point here. Why didn't they just use general margins. Why make the same condition just more deadly out of nowhere. Let's hope the "extreme" anomaly is the only one...Thamalandis (talk) 21:10, 4 October 2018 (UTC)