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Greetings from GRE[edit source]

Hey, Kairos, good to see ya, (is only I could see ya, heh heh). I'm just doin' a little housekeeping over on the Galactic Republic of Eissentam Page, and thought I'd stop by to say hi to my fellow Republic of Eissentam, (of which, since you in Eissentam, that makes you a Republic of Eissentam, get it?). Yep, just sayin' hi, also, if I were any closer, or The Galactic Republic of Eissentam's massive 28,640 lightyear spherical diameter range actually got anywhere near Delta Quadrant, I'd offer my one Resurgence-Class Cruiser fleet for assistance to any war efforts you may involve yourselves in, (as long as they don't involve fighting alongside HOVA, stupid synthgek). Yep, and if you ever need Warships, then The Galactic Republic of Eissentam's got you covered, via Kuat-Entralla, The Shipyards of the Republic. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for a one sided meeting with the Empire of the Rising Sun organization, around 30,000 lightyears away form me, on the subject of defined boundaries. You know, so they know where I'm at so they don't accidentally cross over into the wrong space claim. Anyways, glad to see you, and be on the lookout, I might have found somebody who can help me with my insignia. But, until then, Rockatoa, Brickticks out! Brickticks (talk) 04:39, 25 April 2018 (UTC)