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"A rare chance of having a flagpole which will point to a Portal." <- is this really true?

At release time, someone spread the truism that 'if you walk from a ruin in a straight line until you find a portal, then you find a portal.' (!) Is this a reference to this sarcastic joke, or is this now a new thing in 1.5?

And what's the main point of the sentence? Claiming all flag poles point to portals, but it is "a rare chance" to find a flag pole? Or are flag poles common, and it's "a rare chance" that it points to a portal?

There seems to be an inconsistency here. In this article we state, "Ruins cannot be located by using a Signal scanner." But in the article for the signal booster we claim that, "Scan for Artifacts - Locates an Plaque, Monolith or Ruin" Which is true? Steven Jay Wright (talk)8/22/2018

Added using a science frigate's artifact scanner as a means of locating a ruin. Steven Jay Wright (talk)8/22/2018