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The subject of this article is from the Synthesis update.
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Tarran Union - Background is a history page.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Tarran Union was founded in Coeperunt after the Great Land War.

The Beginning Of Expansion[edit | edit source]

The Tarran people had been divided into two primary ethnic groups; the earth Natives and the Martian frontiersmen. Both considered themselves independent of each other and as such, the two races of humanity began separately colonising nearby solar systems. At a date lost to time, the technology allowing galactic travel and humanity now became part of the galactic community of species, however the Natives (perhaps due to hubris in their racial superiority beliefs) fell into decline and the United Nations declared bankruptcy while colonisation was in full swing. While at first settlement was limited to small villages and small to medium sized 'capitol' towns (the first of which being on the planet Coeperunt), soon larger Martian cities were commissioned across the expanses of human territory. Humanity still was divided; while talk of a Political Union between the two nations was growing in popularity, Nationalists on both sides blocked any legislation progressing such a goal...for now.....

The First 'Old Union'[edit | edit source]

While Divisions between the two races still were present, eventually the two saw some reconciliation; at first a loose economic union in the form of the Tarran Trade Organisation was established and this paved the way for a customs union and open border policy allowing free travel for the first time since humanities colonisation of the home solar system. A joint government was soon founded; this 'Old Union' as it would come to be known was a far cry from the bureaucratic, convoluted regime of modern day. While most records were long lost, it is believed this early union was administrated by a Galactic wide Consilium as today (yet under its old name The Tarran Senate Or Pan-Tarran Council) and its head the Chair-Senator,. The Old Union led humanity through several conflicts during the supposed 'Second Silver Age' and subsequent 'War Of Silver Shards', however a conflict would soon begin that determined the fate of humanity and its presence in the Universe.

The 'Generation's War'[edit | edit source]

The Old Union experienced a centuries long period of prosperity after the War Of The Silver Shards the so-called Second Silver Age(referencing the abundant amount of silver and gold on the Unions core worlds) however the abundance of the supply of gold and silver led prices to plummet and the economy based heavily on the sale of these precious metals crashed and economic depression began, The Old Union already deep In the trappings of extreme bureaucracy could do little and just at this time the ethnic Nationalism that dominated politics before its founding began to resurface ethnic tensions soon began to rise and Martian-Earth divides became part of everyday life the unions states soon began to act as de-jure independent nations and soon joined their respective power blocks yet Chair-Senator Omadorov kept the union together until his death under suspicious circumstances, little is known about the ensuing war except its name the 'Genarations War' referencing the many generation's who were almost completely wiped out In the years of civil-war and humanity would never fully recover from the loss of life endured in this conflict.

Rise Of The Corporations[edit | edit source]

The Aftermath of the Generation's War saw the collapse of the 'Old Union' and establishment of a Military Government. The assassination of Chair Omadorov's successor while on a state visit ended hopes of a return to democratic rule. The new government was broke and could do little to repair the damage caused by the war and soon had to turn to the 'Tarran Twins', the three most powerful corporations in the Union to finance their reconstruction efforts. Weyland Solutions was the first corporation to offer a deal to the government. The 'temporary' government, the National Council For Governance (NKBU), was a majority military led organisation; its leader the Chancellor acted as both head of the council and supreme commander of Tarran High command. Riots were a daily occurrence for the new government though with the monetary backing of Agarami, Apex Corporation, and Weyland Solutions a century's long period of peace and relative stability followed. Eventually the corporations had so much influence In the government that they became a part of it. The Tarran Board Of Directors was founded to further the Union's commercial interests and legally are part of the Executive Branch of the Unions government. Corruption and corporate interests still prevented the years of democratic rule to continue; the time of stability wasn't to last.

The 'Time Of Darkness'[edit | edit source]

Now over a century since the collapse of the 'Old Union', the NKBU had presided over a regime of relative peace and stability. However a new movement would threaten this order. The importance of religion in Tarran life cannot be understated. The secular 'Old Union' paled in comparison to the Atheist NKBU who had the support of a sizable portion of the Military. The new Religious Identatarianist movement was split; some wanted to return to the secular policy of the 'Old Union' while others wanted a grand theocratic regime to rule over Humanity. At first this radical movement saw little support.

A second economic depression brought on by government mismanagement granted the movement an influx of support, further increased by the government's own actions. A protest on Metropole turned violent after protesters threw acid on police. The government banned the organisation and declared its supporters terrorists and after a public execution of a high ranking member of the movement, the 'War Of Insanity' began. Several factions took advantage of the conflict; even the Vykeen took advantage of the chaos, invading and securing territory in the far reaches of Tarran territory. Not everyone was displeased with the current regime; some were happy with it while others wanted a return to Democratic rule. The Cult Of Mars waged a brutal war against the government to create their grand 'Pax Meros', civil-war within their ranks gave the period its name. Cult follows demanded the residents convert to Martiansim; those who refused were put to death. A great genocide of 'Unpure' peoples was commenced and burned on fire piles in the shape of the 'Arx Illud' the Martian Cross. Years of conflict ensued but after the devastating Generation's War there simply weren't enough Tarrans willing to relive the past. A peace conference was called in Metropole, but a terrorist attack on the conference threatened its failure. Fighting still continued during the months of deliberation that led to the document that created the Union today: the Declaration On The Foundation Of The Sovereign State Union Of The Tarran Federation.

De legibus de Terra[edit | edit source]

The De Legibus De Terra translating literally to ''Laws Of The Land'' is the official constitution of the union governing the nation and dictating the laws of the nation, its origins have been lost to time though scholars agree its drafting was likely commissioned at least 3000 years ago due to its use of language and its planned application to a comparatively miniscule to the current territory of the nation, The document is divided into several Capitulum's that focus on many aspects of governance, the original copy of the document is held in the lower vaults of the Consilio Praetorium building into Metropolis the unofficial capitol of the Unions Federal Government

The Peoples Of The Grand Union[edit | edit source]

The Union is made up of many different ethnic groups as well as many races. The capitol Metropole is home to a substantial Gek population, the Gek are the only alien species to hold legal rights in the Union due to the ancient De legibus de Terra dated back to the Era Of Expansion of humanity when life on other worlds, let alone other civilisations, was a foreign concept. Due to this all other species are classed as either tourists or illegal aliens and are brutally hunted down by the SSS(Secretariat For State Security) and deported to the infinite reaches of the universe. The largest population though is Tarran humans descended from the ancient humans who ventured from Earth and Mars into the vast reaches of the Universe. Both Martian and 'Native' humans of earth hold different features; Martians are generally much taller with tanned skin and natural athletic strength and survival skills while Earth humans are generally more scientifically gifted, leading to the name 'Frontiersman' given to their Martian counterparts.

European[edit | edit source]

The early settlers of Mars, Mercury, and Earth's other colonies were majority European, particularly western European's such as English, French, and Americans. The Martian State and its Government was founded by English, Canadian, and American settlers

Asian[edit | edit source]

The Asian population exploded shortly before colonisation continued so much so that Asian became the second largest ethnic group of humanity with European being the first. By the end of the 21st century almost every city in Western Europe had a substantial Chinese, Japanese, or other population.

Africa[edit | edit source]

The African population grew steadily over the 21st century only slightly interrupted by the Erone virus outbreak that spread across the continent and the Middle-East. Mars (The Martian Capitol, not the planet) has a large African population and the first CEO of the Apex Corporation was Idi Muragmi, a Ugandan miner turned business magnate.

Important People[edit | edit source]

  • Demetris Dzhomadalla
  • Chair Omadorov

The Role Of Religion[edit | edit source]

The Union is host to several recognised religious organisations and thousands of unrecognised Cult groups, the primary religious and state sponsored organisation is the Cult Of Mars ruled by its chief religious leader the Impiritor