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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.

This is part of the Artifices_Caeli a community of modders present on both Reddit and discord.
The things present on this page come from members of the space community

Moon of Utapau (Onk-Jemal)
Star system Onk-Jemal
Region Exphin Adjunct
Galaxy Euclid
Biome Dead - Desolate
Weather Dust-Choked Winds
Resources Cactus Flesh, Salt, Pyrite, Emeril
Sentinels Low
Flora Ample
Fauna Abundant
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Release Visions

There are multiple pages using the name Tatooine.

Tatooine is a moon of a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Tatooine is a moon of Utapau in the star system Onk-Jemal in the No Man's Sky universe. The moon features relatively flat deserts and frequent floating islands.

It is currently occupied by the Artifices Caeli and is the home of a Project Facade collaboration build.

Alias names[edit | edit source]

PC Current: Tatooine (ArC)

It should be noted that the moon Tatooine of this page is not the planet linked in the box.

Waypoints[edit | edit source]

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
Tatooine.jpg Project Facade - Tatooine The second installation of Project Facade, featured with mostly modded components, Tatooine marks the ArC's dedication to interact with the wider community and to spread all over the place, the mods. It also acts as a submission to Project Hollywood 2.0 from Amino Hub. Constructed by ArC members and associates Ashfacta, Graslama, and WinderTP.

Construction is made possible by Base Builder plugin for Blender, Eucli-ea and Tesseraction.

Life[edit | edit source]

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Name Environment Gender Diet Height Weight Discovered by   Brief description

Flora[edit | edit source]

Name Color Discovered by   Brief description

Resources[edit | edit source]

The following resources can be found on this planet.

Portal Address[edit | edit source]

The Portal address of Tatooine is 31632220011E (31632220011E)

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

The name is inspired by the fictional planet Tatooine which first appeared in Star Wars.

Gallery[edit | edit source]